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Posted in: 4 dead, more than 300 injured after M6.1 quake hits northern Osaka region See in context

@garypen it's probably the surrounding schools wall that fell down not a wall supporting the swimming pool My childrens school has its swimming pool close up to the wall actually the pool area itself is built into the wall that runs beside the main roads public pavement

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Posted in: Behind bitcoin boom, Japanese retail investors pile in See in context

Bitcoin along with litecoin and ethereum and the three major coins. They are the currency bases that you buy to trade altcoins, these three major coins will be around as long as traders trade alts like penny stocks but their values worth over time will be the question

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Posted in: Japanese high school student repeatedly kicks his teacher while class is in session See in context

Wheres the update that the school called a parents meeting and all them said the teacher should have handled it better and that the school said that they will retrain the teacher?

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Posted in: Sick pay in Japan: What you need to know See in context

There was an tv show on the other day about the new employees who joined the world of work this April, in Japan, and I thought these types of things would come up but no it was the typical I want to stay in bed comments that new graduates have from around the world.

Everything else that is expected here is not raised as an issue and the only comment that stood out for was the orientation these new employees have also included how to be told off, act, by your boss lessons. Really? They need a lesson on how to grovel to the boss when they did something wrong!!

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Posted in: Japanese women list top 10 romantic scenarios by which they’d like to meet new boyfriend See in context

The word "suteki" got irritating as I continued to read......

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for groping woman on train See in context

He should've run down the train track to get away.

was going to say that and with the news of such cases that have happend within a week this police officer would have had a clue

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Posted in: Japanese tourists in flu masks frighten British supermarket shoppers See in context

Nice read of the comments. The comments that caught my eye where the overreaction the brits had to the mask. Well if you lived in Japan you would also get this comment from Japanese when trying to explain something different that you would experience in Japan. Anyone know what that is? Yes, and it is “this is Japan”. Wouldn’t you thought the same for the UK as well?

Face masks here are a culture thing and I’ve been pushed with a mask when I go to the doctor and even the chemist when I’ve had a bit of a cold. How do I feel about masks, well I too don’t like them as they make me feel worse when I’m actually sick and in most recent years mask have become a fashion icon with loads being sold with cute little characters on them. People using the surgical masks as an excuse to push the idea that warring mask is ok don’t seem to understand that surgical masks are different grades.

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Posted in: Insults fly back and forth online over baby carriages See in context

Wow you make sound like taking care of children is easy! I was going to agree with on the point that if there is no room then forcing yourself and buggy onto the train is a no no but with the attitude you have I’m more than happy to take your ankles out with the wheels if there is space.

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Posted in: Insults fly back and forth online over baby carriages See in context

what if the she has to work like you and uses her companies daycare center but doesnt open until 8:00am? If she leaves earlier, like 6:00am as most lickely the train is not so busy but takes a good 30-40mins to get to her location, what does she do for the remaining few hours? everyone has the right to be on the train/bus/plane/boat as you do unless you prucahse VIP tickets then you can have a whole section to yourself.

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Posted in: Insults fly back and forth online over baby carriages See in context

HA! Yes leaving 30 mins early by yourself is easy.............. so much wrong in this world where everyone thinks about themselves. As much as I hate how Japanese use buggies/shopping trolleys I do hate inconsiderate people more!

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Posted in: Trump's visit to UK still on as online petition opposing it tops 1.5 million signatures See in context

misleading headline the patition is for not allow Trump to visit the UK as a state visit which means if the patition is upheld he cant visit the queen but still can come into the UK and see the PM

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Posted in: How Japan prepares its children for independence See in context

I would like to twist this to a point that perhaps the teachers didn’t tell the parents, which I really don’t believe, so monster parents didn’t turn up at the park and get in the teachers and children’s faces.

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Posted in: What is the best solution for reducing overtime work? See in context

Time Management Stop calling random meeting after work when its time to go home. If you work in a shift rotation system make sure the shift that takes over comes on time and the handover is done correctly. Say no to staff that ask for your help at the last minute. If you have a family and other staffs are jealous that you go home to them whilst they go home to an empty house tough love, don’t stay if they have no social life. Go home and stop worrying about late workers or even if your boss can’t mange his/her own time and needs to say late.

But number one rule; common sense!

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Posted in: The art of parenting See in context

I would have to agree with Yubaru as these courses are offered as mandatory in hospitals and I had to attend all four of mine with my wife as it was part of the agreement to give birth in the hospital. Even though it wasn’t mandatory for the fathers to go there were a lot of fathers at each of the courses when I went.

I read the whole of the article and was all for it until the last sentence about potential fathers taking the course just to put of their dating resume. What ever happened to going on a date and seeing if that click or not? Now do we needed to hand over rusumes to our dates to see if we tick everything off?

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend force her daughter to eat 30 pet goldfish See in context

Hitting children has been a big thing in Japan for a long time and those that have lived here for a long time must remember the times when fathers would "beat up" their high school children for failing in School. I remember a few times this type of punishment was aired on TV and none of the talanto or presenters battered an eyelid in terms of it being wrong.

Also a lot of Japanese have the "eye-for-an-eye" mentality when it comes to punishment. I have heard and seen parents stripping down children as young as three to their pants or nickers to be placed on the balcony for hours on end, this they think is punishment. Sadly there is a young family that sticks their young boy out on the balcony very late at night and sometimes in the rain. He screams the whole road down and no one gives a care in the world.

There are times that I have to stepped in when my wife disciplines our children, and the stories she has told me of what her father did to her can only add to why they think its ok to do to their own.

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 girls for assault filmed and posted on YouTube See in context

Webiste for things about Japan, not a website about the only good things in Japan...... when commenting on something that is happening in Japan do we always need to at the PC "It happens abroad as well"?

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Posted in: Man sues solar panel plant over glare, heat from reflection See in context

This is old news as I watched the report on TV a while ago, can’t remember when it was aired but must have been a time when it was still hot.

The man’s house was right next to the field and it was one of many lined up against the solar farms edge. They had a reporter in the house and the reflective glare lit up the whole room. The only good point is that the man didn’t need to turn on any lights on the second floor but the reporter had a thermostat that read a 50+ degrees when they tested it...... it also reported that the power plant erected some kind of net like the ones you see around baseball fields and he said it was put up to stop the glare.

I hope he wins but 3 million is a not much compared to how much he must of paid for his house and I don’t think 3 million would last long to pay for the aircon fees for the next few years.

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Posted in: McDonald's to let parents, kids cook burgers at its stores See in context

I have to agree with Sensato on the parenting issue..... I can is in my mind’s eye all the parents standing back and letting their little darlings run about like headless chickens with a majority of parents talking with other parents or just smiling as they expect the staff to take care of their kids. But as soon as a child gets hurt then its "monster parent" gang attack to why the staff didnt stop their little darlings from climbing on the fryers or even sticking their hands in the chip-fryer! Seen it all before at sports days, day-cares, and even just sitting down and trying to eat my own lunch at (fill in blank) restaurant.

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Posted in: Hero lady apparently saves guy from groping accusations by posing as girlfriend See in context

This is BS on so man levels but what gets me is when the guys and girls say they will take you to the police station. Is their any law in Japan that make you follow any ordinary person if requested to go somewhere? I mean even station staff do they have the right by law to arrest you? If some men demanded I go to the station I would just walk off and if they touched me I would brush him off and exit the station asp...... I know that fighting the guy can lead you to more trouble but most of the time the wannabe-hero would back down no?

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Posted in: Murray beats Nadal to win Madrid Open See in context

But but Nadal was saving himself for his next match! ;)

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Posted in: New service connects expats with English-speaking doctors and wellness specialists See in context

it was nice until i checked the price

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Posted in: Justice minister undone by cheap paper fan See in context

If the fan didnt have a handle then it would have been classed as a flyer of sort but as teh fan had a handle it is classed as a gift! (try and work that out). But these are the rules setup in Japan and what I was trying to get at was that all she resigned ffrom was her Abe job not the job that she missunderstood the gift giving campaign.... whats the point of quiting from a minster role but will continue the job that they are highlighting. My personal opinion is she should have stayed with Abe if she aint going to leave her district area!

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Posted in: Justice minister undone by cheap paper fan See in context

Those saying that its ridicules for her to resign over a fan seem to misunderstand that it’s against the law for any politician to hand out stuff during an election. She broke the law, got found out (which is the problem) and is paying for it but the shocker is she will not be made to resign from her post in Tokyo.

They are all as bad as each other and it has nothing to do with bashing women or men. I bet each and every civil-servant has their hand in something and the J public could care less!

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Posted in: Video showing convenience store workers being forced to kowtow to thugs leads to one arrest See in context

These customers are nuts! I have stories coming out of my ears with my own business here and one that I still remember very well was with a customer who ripped my wife a new one, and by her right my wife refused to serve this woman anymore. So, I took over the face-to-face service with this women, explained to her that my wife wouldn’t deal with her anymore due to her attitude and the first thing this women said was "hurry up and learn how to write Japanese better because your wife is a bi3%h!! My jar dropped, and all I could do was laugh. I then sighed and booted her out! But, the worst part was she didn’t understand what she did wrong that warranted her being kicked out!

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Posted in: Japanese people reflect on examples of excess customer service See in context

Customer Service or The Customer is King is what is driving me up the wall with my own business.

I’m kind and friendly when it comes to dealing with customers, but when they go on mad ones because I won’t give them what they want is just nuts!!!

I’ve been called a foreign pig, dirty, and had my Japanese ability shredded because one customer refused to talk to me because I was not Japanese.

My most recent issue was with one customer who demanded I say open well after operating hours so he could pay his fee. When I said that we are closed from so and so and no one qil be here he said that if I was Japanese I would stay open. I’ve had customers screaming for hours at me and my wife over nonsense that isn’t even relevant to their complaint.....

I think the reason a lot of customer service is out of the ordinary is because if they do any different the customer will complain and so on.

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Posted in: Japan teen murder accused 'kept cat's head in fridge' See in context

I think a lot of you need to watch the news or read a Japanese newspaper as the information here and on most English website is missing a lot of detail.

Firstly, what I picked up on the news was that the new wife took the daughter to get help more than the father did. And the reason why she sent her to live by herself was from the advice from friends and people living in the father’s neighborhood.

When the wife took the daughter to the local shrink it was to admit her for only a day, but the center was full.

When they called the local child services an employee told them to call back when the center is operating in business hours.

I don’t remember reading or hearing about a psychiatrist advising the family to let the girl live along. It was done to save face and the father/wife reputation in their area. But, my Japanese is not all that good so I could be wrong, so please do correct me is I’m wrong.

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Posted in: 5 ways to nap at the office See in context

99% of Japanese "act" tired to show that they really work hard. Fact.

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Posted in: Germany inflict historic 7-1 defeat on Brazil See in context

When I watched the game on NHK ETelebi this morning the commentary was all about Neymar, Neymar, Neymar, and when Germany sank the 7th goal the Japanese guy was really unhappy. He was tuting and really displeased, and refused to comment, at times I thought it was only one guy doing the commentary!!!

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Posted in: Japan slowly begins to openly discuss crossdressing men in heterosexual relationships See in context

What I herd on TV this morning was that a Japanese man said he thinks wearing a bra and knickers makes him calm and collected, and function more in society. When he puts on these women things he changes from the snobby nob to a calm and collected person. This is what I find strange, it’s going back to the people who want to wear masks 24/7 because they don’t want to show their faces!

A bra and knickers being worn by a man does not make you change from an everyday man on the trains to a calm and collected normal person. Anger management might help with that one.

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Posted in: 'Frozen' on track to become 3rd-highest-grossing film in Japan See in context

I have to agree HonestDictator, they are really milking the theme song! Its on every chanel and program, and sometimes the song doesnt even fit what is being aired!

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