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Posted in: Yakiniku sauce poured into post boxes See in context

pissed off cos he didn't get any cards? XD

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

if you like anime methinks it's pretty much the only thing worth watching in Japan. The 7 Deadly Sins, Your Lie in April and Parasyte are my current recommendations.

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Posted in: Chaos as Tokyo Station celebrates centenary See in context

only in Japan XD as an Italian, I am still utterly fascinated with the love of queueing (for some limited edition of something, but not only) in this country.

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Posted in: Sex is going public, but decorum is fighting a losing battle See in context

if you do you don't want to see people kissing just turn the other way. Lovemakes the world go 'round.

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Posted in: Airlift to ease Japan french fry shortage See in context

they don't have fries? give'em chips!

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Posted in: Japan is looking to increase the number of annual tourists to 20 million by 2020. What suggestions do you have for this to happen? See in context

definitely signing in the stations needs bettering, even native or near native Japanese get lost in Ikebukuro or other big stations because the signing is totally demented [like you find the right sign that sends you in one direction then suddenly no other sign tells you where to go halfway, and you have to ask a human.] for some reason I do have very low expectations though (Y_Y)

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Posted in: How do you feel when you speak fluent or reasonably good Japanese to a Japanese person and they insist on answering you in English? See in context

it doesn't generally happen to me but in those rare cases it's generally some ojisan who obviously wants to speak English so I'll let him do it but I keep speaking Japanese. if he's really bad I tell him to speak Japanese but since I'm Italian it doesn't really bother me that much on the emotional side (bad English doesn't offend my national pride, so to speak XD)

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Posted in: Fans brace for Beaujolais Nouveau See in context

I suggest to shift the market to Italian novello!

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Posted in: Nengajo numbers falling, but smartphone apps offer an easier solution See in context

it's not "unique". mixi has been doing that since line wasn't even conceived.

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Posted in: Media not doing their job on covering political fund use See in context

yeah, just wait until December and we'll see even less of that stuff. Japanese media never really wore the 'watchdog' hat, and now they'll have a good reason not to.

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Posted in: Solo wedding service for single women who want to be brides for a day See in context

Japan is way too obsessed with getting married and having a family; not surprised there are so many hikikomori and wagamama girls who don't want to follow society rules. as far as man-woman relationships, equality etc. Japan should really get out of the 1950s - Showa is cool, OK, but being retro doesn't mean being retrograde.

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Posted in: Award-winning Japanese actor seeks complete art See in context

Educator60, I think it's your phone, I see the right photos in all my devices.

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Posted in: Award-winning Japanese actor seeks complete art See in context

I don't really like Sometani that much, I think that Masahiro Higashide is a much better actor for what I've seen so far. Hope Parasyte will change my opinion [but I doubt it].

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Posted in: Bringing Britain to life for Japanese visitors See in context

they have spooky walks around and underground London too. it's the right time of the year as well XD

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Posted in: New Chitose Airport to host international animation festival See in context

I just wish they did it when it's a bit warmer... (T_T)

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Posted in: Broadband Tower begins to build 1.2MW solar plant in Gunma See in context

finally some good news. more, please.

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Posted in: Pensioner arrested for dumping 200 kgs of porn in park See in context

a lot of junior/high school students in the neighborhood are going to be gutted at the news XD

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Posted in: Japan's volcanoes made more jittery by 2011 quake, expert says See in context

I place like Japan with a shortage of volcanologists doesn't sound very good, aye.

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Posted in: The 10 best anime of the fall season, according to Japanese otaku See in context

Wolf Girl & Black Prince, Gugure! Kokkuri-san are pretty interesting, good old silly fun. For core otaku Electric Town's Bookstore (Denki-gai no Honya-san] is pretty silly "deep" entertainment. pretty surprised not to see Psycho-Pass 2 in the top ten.

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Posted in: Typhoon slams into Japan; 68 injured See in context

we're probably, literally going to sleep over it in tokyo since it's apparently coming at night and leaving around dawn. but I tell you, I'm not planning to go out in the next 48 hours (^o^)

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Posted in: Swimmer Tomita gets 18-month ban for stealing camera See in context

since he committed a crime he even confessed to I don't see why he doesn't go to jail like everyone else - or at least get a suspended sentence, but get incriminated at least. are swimmers above the law...? (O_O)

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Posted in: Disgraced Japanese swimmer 'lost his mind,' says JOC See in context

it was the voices! the voices in my head!

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Posted in: Architectural history in tiny Tokyo capsules See in context

looks cool but I wouldn't like to live anywhere asbestos if possible.

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Posted in: Diet rocked by dispute over justice minister's red scarf See in context

this is so kudaranai (Y_Y)

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Posted in: Oklahoma worker beheads colleague after being sacked See in context


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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

Kimigayo is very peaceful though solemn and very dignified. I'd say it represents Japan and its spirit pretty well. I just press the ignore button when I read certain rubbish statements from people who don' know better (^o^)

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Posted in: Director Takashi Miike to get Rome film award See in context

The Mole Song [Mogura no Uta] was so well made and entertaining! Very manga-like. I really like Miike's manga adaptations, he's one of the very few directors who can adapt a comic without betraying the original like others do. Looking forward for his next bloody and crazy flick!

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Posted in: Gender equality chief makes light of sexist jeering in Tokyo assembly See in context


I vote for making Ms Ayaka Shiomura Gender Equality Chief. methinks it makes more sense to have a 30-something woman represent gender equality in Japan than a 65 year old right-wing oyaji who wants to know why we don't get married. [maybe cos we don't want a father-in-law like you?].

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Posted in: Japan's centenarian population hits record high See in context

I am not questioning the findings but are we sure they are all really still alive? it's apparently not unusual that relatives do not register deaths to scavenge off elder citizens' pensions (Y_Y)

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Posted in: Japanese love their comfort zone, and the cuter, the better See in context


welcome to peter pan country! if you don't like it, that's the door.

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