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Hi All,

First off, the author clearly points out the "industrial diamond" aspect as "before" the gem cutter extracted the current gem. Secondly, the transience of all three of these subjects is what the story is about. Not much is really said about value. Finally, the stone is clearly special as such specialized experts are called in etc. Every time an author writes, I suppose even the most juvenile of them expect or pre-suppose the ability of others to read. With this in mind I paste an excerpt from a gemological article of a type.

"Not all diamond imperfections have a negative impact on its market value. Diamonds can also create eye catching and pleasing flaws within its character. Minerals that were trapped during the natural processes of the diamond formation can cause imperfections. These various minerals or crystals can give the diamond a hue of yellow to brown, green, and pink, or blue like in the case of the infamous Hope Diamond.

In rare instances, another precious gemstone can be found inside the diamond, and is not seen or graded as an imperfection flaw. Diamonds have been recovered that had another valuable carbon based gemstone embedded inside of the diamond. In which case, the diamond would take on an extremely rare characteristic and would be graded highly by the jeweler in respect to market value."

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