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Posted in: What is the best way to resolve the Futenma base relocation problem? See in context

Keep the plan as it is.

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Posted in: Now hear this See in context

"What, no big black bus this time? I too find it hard to believe that these fools would expect that the "Japan of today" can even read their message in Kanji since most are barely able to read a daily newspaper. Now write those right winger messages in 'text chat' format and they'll be understood but most likely not agreed with unless it's a 2ch nutjob."

What do you know about the japan of today???

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Posted in: Which of your favorite TV shows would you like to see a movie version of? See in context


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Posted in: Jetstar's 3rd anniversary See in context

The two in the back just wonder what the hell they are doing there I am pretty sure they did not understand most of the things which were going on.

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Posted in: Man, 19, arrested for beating girlfriend's 2-yr-old son to death See in context

"The three had begun living together since last July. The mother worked at night and told police she was unaware of what was going on in her absence. "

This is a lie. She never noticed the conditions of her son body (bruises, etc...)???? She is responsible as much as the 19 years old guy.... This is just wrong....

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Posted in: Japan comes out big winner at U.N. conservation meeting See in context

NuckinFutz at 08:40 AM JST - 26th March

Oh, by the way Japan, you might have been the "big winner" in this round but sometime in the future you'll be the crying loser when there just aren't any more tuna!

They can still clone tunas in the future and put them in the sea! The research will find something

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Posted in: Mother arrested for killing daughter wrote of child's death on blog See in context

Holly cow. I hope this is not true.. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Anger and defiance in Taiji after 'Cove' wins Oscar See in context

Must be a good documentary, but again this is from only one side. I wonder if this documentary was made with an objective view on both side?

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Posted in: Japan exports jump in January on Asian demand See in context

Hope this will continue. It will make life easier for all of us leaving in Japan

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Posted in: Toyoda grilling See in context

He did great. The picture did not really express how it went.

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

Laptop7 "I wish I could put that criminal in a plastic bag and beat the crap out of him or her and put that garbage in a freezer alive." This will make you as a criminal.

There is no proof it is a crime yet. It might be that the two children died and the mother being poor could not afford a proper burial, or the fact that the family lives illegally and so in Japan.....

But indeed it is very sad to hear everyday children dying that way.

may they rest in Peace

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Posted in: Are there any sports that you think should be dropped from the Winter Olympics for whatever reason? See in context

Curling is boring and in fact is not a sport for me. Also I think to attract more countries, they should put indoor games such as Basket ball since those sports are mostly played during the winter season no?

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Posted in: Bronze man See in context

Congrats. Lets see tonight how long they will be spending on him on the news. Anyway Congrats Daisuke, and Gambatte Nippon

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Posted in: Man arrested after embracing female employee in hotel See in context

He forced her??? She did not report it right away? Why it took so long??

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Posted in: Winter Olympic Medals Table See in context

Go France, better than I expected

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Posted in: Grammy winner Taylor Swift arrives on 1st visit to Japan See in context

She is gorgeous, and I LOVE HER MUSIC

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Posted in: China wins East Asian Championship title after Japan falls to South Korea See in context

This team sucks. Playing like this home. japan truly has no chances in Africa..

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Posted in: High stakes for Japan-S Korea World Cup warmup See in context

Both teams sucks!

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Posted in: Japan soccer chief concerned over lack of goals See in context

Ganbare Nippon!

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Posted in: 1 million World Cup tickets available, FIFA says See in context

I would go but South Africa is truly too far from Japan

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Posted in: 16 security cameras installed on Akihabara streets See in context

bamboohat, if the cameras were there, help would have come much faster and some lives could have been saved

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Posted in: Survivor describes Nazi camp at Demjanjuk trial See in context

ALl of this is the fault of Hitler. He created the all thing. This person Demjanjuk guilty or not, and all the people who experienced this war (from both side) will have not been into it if it was not because of Hitler. I am still sad due to the fact that this coward killed himself. I wish he could have face the victims

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Posted in: Miyagi woman arrested for selling porn DVD of 14-year-old daughter See in context


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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing younger brother in Aichi See in context

This guy has a serious problem. Hope he will get proper care

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Posted in: Junior high school girls arrested for marijuana possession in Kobe See in context

The biggest question for me, is why a 16 year old girl is working in an adult entertainment business? Did her parents allow this? How is that an appropriate part time job for a young girl? The smoking pot, never good, but is it really that big of a deal? Stupid yes, but criminal enough to warrant headlines?

She must be behind the counter thats it

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Posted in: Susan Boyle arrives in Japan See in context

Who is Susan Boyle?

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Posted in: Japanese whalers clash with Sea Shepherd activists in Antarctic sea See in context

There should be other ways to stop the killing. To be honest they do not need to hunt the whales. There is enough food in Japan, and there is no reasons to kill them for science.

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Posted in: Exile to create official Samurai Blue song for Japan's soccer team See in context

Exile, I love their TV show yesterday. As mentioned they will for sure make a great song for the Japanese team.

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Posted in: How much more can airlines do to improve security measures against terrorist plots? See in context

Each passenger and their families should confin in one block with no access to other people onboard of the plane Which means that each block should have its own bathroom, food, etc...

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Posted in: James Cameron attends Japan premiere of 'Avatar' See in context

"Those local celebrities don't seem like the A-list"

Maybe, but they are being paid to go see a movie with Cameron and his wife.

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