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Posted in: Thin line between neglect and independence for Japanese kids See in context

My number one question is Why did she consult with a teacher (school) instead of the parents? I don't believe it is a school matter. The parents should sit-down together and work things out in the utmost positive way.

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Posted in: Former Nissan exec Kelly released on bail; being examined in Ibaraki hospital See in context

Any Japanese executives been arrested and/or detained? Can't believe that these two non-Japanese are the only ones involved in this case.

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Posted in: In a Tokyo neighborhood's last sushi restaurant, a sense of loss See in context

They may be old and dingy however they don't scream Showa Era to me. 37 years here and I still prefer these places. They offer the real Japanese experience, and down to earth and personal service. I love my old local Mom and Pop places for a meal.

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Posted in: Signs of progress and challenges as more patients survive cancer See in context

Great news but here in Japan it's not the cancer treatment that determines survival, it's which hospital you go to. Speaking from first hand experience.

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Posted in: Families of detained Yasukuni Shrine protesters seek China's help See in context

@Akie, setting a fire is NOT freedom of "speech", it's arson! End of story!

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Posted in: Families of detained Yasukuni Shrine protesters seek China's help See in context

dbsaiya: And how would the Chinese police react if someone started a fire in Tiananmen Square?

Run over by a tank, maybe?

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Posted in: Families of detained Yasukuni Shrine protesters seek China's help See in context

Anyone, whether Japanese or non-Japanese starts a fire anywhere will be arrested. You just can't set fires! They got busted, deal with it!

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Posted in: Penalties for drivers using cell phones to be toughened with jail terms See in context

Speaking from experience, the police departments would make a whole lot of revenue if they monitor the expressways 24/7. On average, I see 2-3 people texting or doing something (not speaking) on their cellphone within a 20-30km stretch on expressways. That's me passing them (I guess they don't realize they are doing 20-30kph under the limit) or them passing me. (I guess they don't realize they are doing 20-30kph or more over the limit)

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Posted in: Japan to make alcohol tests mandatory for pilots See in context

It really saddens me that people in these kinds of professions need to be babysat. Why can't people just have a sense of responsibility and do what is right. And of course airlines will not be paying for these checks, we the travelers will. I guess you can say it is better to pay from the pocket than from life.

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Posted in: Flu shots tied to lower risk of premature death with heart failure See in context

Say anything to make a sale.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy hit, killed by bus; driver arrested See in context

My deepest sympathy to the child and parents. Not to place blame anywhere but don't parents teach their kids to look both ways before crossing anymore? I can't even count the number of times kids just dart out of the local parks without even checking for traffic. All the skid marks from (luckily) near misses.

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Posted in: 65% against Diet passage of foreign worker bill: poll See in context

Said it before and I'll say it again, 1,035 people do NOT represent 65% for the voters.

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Posted in: 80% of cancer, heart patients in Japan continued working while in hospital: survey See in context

And thanks to the heartless employer of my brother-in-law his cancer has returned and will most likely will not reach his 50th birthday. Hats off to you corporate Japan!!!!

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Posted in: Panel proposes mass evacuation of coastal areas if mega quake hits See in context

thepersoniamnow; if you think that's harsh, they have been say within 30 years for at least 15 years.

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Posted in: 2 shots fired at house in Toyama See in context

Is something missing form the story? Strange to close all schools due to two bullets being shot at a house. Now, if several buildings were shot at I would understand.

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Posted in: Ghosn says he does not want to make false confession: sources See in context

@Goodlucktoyou: I've been living in Japan for 37 years. Though I've had a couple traffic violations, and stop and check riding my bicycle, have never been arrested or detained. It's very simple, corporate with the police and show them some respect and most of all follow the laws of the land and you'll never have any problems. If one can't do that, then I recommend leaving Japan.

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Posted in: Police arrest 11 Chinese for working without visas; 47 others missing See in context

Interesting how the company that did not properly ensure immigration paperwork was up to date was not named in this article. Speaking from experience in the Eikaiwa Industry, is the sole responsibility of the employer to ensure its employee's visas are up to date. It's all part of the contracting procedure.

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested for stealing a roll of toilet paper from hospital toilet See in context

Seriously??? A roll of toilet paper? A fine of 200,000JPY?? Why did the staff even report this? I'm sure he had his reasons. Just can't believe that Japanese can not show any compassion and sympathy for an old man that may be in need. It's just a roll of toilet paper!!!!

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Posted in: Children to be given priority for iodine tablets against radiation See in context

I'm confused. (sarcasm) Didn't we just see an English video giving a tour for the world to see regarding how safe it is? Contradiction after Contradiction. When will people wake up and see the reality of this man made disaster and the misinformation to the public?

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Posted in: Woman puts best foot forward in Japan's farming culture See in context

Great to see a positive story. God Speed Durrants.

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Posted in: Japan to simplify banquets to celebrate new emperor's ascension See in context

The committee also decided to procure a new convertible car with enhanced safety features and fuel economy for a parade slated for Oct. 22 next year to introduce the new emperor to the public.

Perfect timing to divert everyone's attention away from the tax hike.

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Posted in: Going solo: 'Ohitorisama' or the Japanese art of doing it alone See in context

Bintaro, If we can't learn to live with others what will become of our society. Whether I like it or not, I do things with others. To see a smile on other's faces is priceless and helps us live on harmony. We must all learn to give and take.

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Posted in: Jimmy Page looks back at 50 years of Led Zeppelin See in context

I still have my original vinyl records bought back in the 70s. The greatest band of all time. I still listen to them on my recorder player. Nothing beats the sound of an original LP.

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Posted in: 10,000 or 1,0000? Japanese schools are starting to move commas on big numbers, but why? See in context

First it's not "like English". It's like the rest of the world. Second, If you have time to "count the hairs on your cat" you have too much time on your hands. Get a job. Third, Loan words in Japan are already confusing and incorrect, why add fuel to the fire. Finally, Japan is a country that conducts business internationally. Why confuse the rest of the world?

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Posted in: Ex-Kobe assemblyman found guilty over public funds fraud See in context

former member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party

So this means he got away with it while an LDP member. Guess he is wishing he stayed an LDP member. Does he have to pay it back.......to the people?

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Posted in: Who is to blame for America's toxic environment? See in context

Internet and one sided media spreading the hate. Things started getting really crazy since the start of the internet. The internet, too often, doesn't show the full story of many things that have happened. Stop believing everything you see on the net!!

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

Bring them on I say. They'll me in business until I can retire.

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Posted in: Agriculture ministry employee arrested for assaulting bar employee See in context

Police said Minami has denied the charged and quoted him as saying he was drunk and can’t remember anything.

Is Japan the only country that tries to (not sure if it is accepted) use this as a defense? Imagine if government employees could use that in the states.

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Posted in: Murakami says writing is what he can do for disaster sufferers See in context

socrateos; How do you know he does not do that already?

If he does, I am most positive that it would have been included in the article.

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Posted in: Tokyo to 'screen off' bacteria for Olympic swimming in bay See in context

From my understanding the screens would keep the algae/bacteria at the bottom therefore showing the surface clean and below levels but wouldn't all the algae/bacteria be stirred up when the athletics start swimming through the water?

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