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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Lookin good. Of course it'll take some getting use to but I'll manage. BTW I noticed there isn't a box to check to keep me logged in. Or am I missing something. Anyway, the change looks better and navigation seems easy so far. Thanks for your hard work. Now we just need more details in the articles.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce English road signs ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

They fell short of stating the cost to Tax Payers

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Posted in: At least 47,000 evacuees still in temporary housing 1 year after Kumamoto quakes See in context

kohakuebisu, well said. People also need to understand the time it takes to rebuild infrastructure. It does take an average of 6 months to build a home and even more for those living in condos or apartments. But construction can't start until the government appointed geologists have deemed the land safe. And can't start building until the infrastructure has been completed. Private property and public property lines need to be redrawn. There are several more aspects to the delays for moving back into a home. One thing that is always missing from the news is what progress has been made. AND to Sensei258; you either don't live in Japan or are a government official. Either way, do some research before putting down so many that have had their lives flipped upside down in less than 5 minute's time. Believe me, I cannot believe the people Kumamoto & Fukushima want to live in the conditions they are living.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl in Chiba See in context

Arrested was a 46 year old man who is(was) the Chairperson head of the PTA of the school. He also has a son and a daughter. (Source: Japanese TV News) This is one sick guy and if convicted, I hope those inside will take proper care of him.

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Posted in: Kyoto 'Silence Taxi' service prohibits drivers from instigating small talk See in context

Don't see while socializing is such a bad thing. Some many different people have interesting lives and experiences. Chat with me anytime. I love hearing people's stories. What is wrong with being friendly??

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Posted in: Tokyo IT firm is looking for 'Beer Interns' willing to drink while on the job See in context

Lets promote alcoholism while we are at it!

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Posted in: Over 10 construction firms raided over suspected bid rigging See in context

Interesting timing. Just as a construction company is suing to receive 400 mil. in over due payments for Moritomo Gakuen.

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Posted in: Ruling parties to start debate on conspiracy bill Thursday See in context

jpntdytmrow; I see your point and totally agree. I am proud to have paid my taxes, contributed to the pension funds and community activity and at times I even forget that I am a Gaijin but the fact of the matter is, when I go to the ward office, they see a Gaijin, when I walk down the street, everyone sees a Gaijin when police look at me they see a gaijin. They have no knowledge of how long I've lived here and have no idea that their parents/grandparents are living off my contributions to Japanese society. I'm not complaining just stating the true fact that I don't see changing at time in my life time. I just accept it, live a happy life. I was an MP in my younger days and know the BS police have to go through with who don't want to take 2 minutes to should their gaijin card.

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Posted in: Ruling parties to start debate on conspiracy bill Thursday See in context

To the foreigners. Ensure you always carry ID. This is a free pass for the J-Cop to do racial profiling. Which is not difficult as Japan is a one race country. And please don't give them a hard time. Many other foreigners have to live in Japan too. They ask for ID, give it to them with a smile and you're off to where you were going in no time. It works for me and it'll work for you. Remember this is Japan and you are seen as a visitor. I've lived here for over 35 years and to this day still accept that fact.

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Posted in: Kyoto police set up system to predict when and where crimes will happen See in context

Common sense does the same at a cheaper cost to tax payers. I can tell you where crimes could be committed as well. I'll do it for free if a cop would just listen.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy dies after being hit by truck; driver arrested See in context

Why in the h*** was a 3 (THREE) year old riding a bicycle in an area where vehicles drive fast enough to not stop in time.

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Posted in: Nintendo files suit against go-kart company MariCar See in context

Thunderbird, your stretching! As long as you are not doing it for financial gain, no they won't sue you. Common knowledge.

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Posted in: Two men stab themselves to get out of going to work See in context

I guess 'No Overtime Wednesdays' and ' Premium Fridays' are working out so good. Perhaps they need to add 'Mama Mondays' and 'Tosan Tuesdays' and 'Thirsty Thursdays'. Or just make Saturdays and Sundays official National Holidays.

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Posted in: Japan's first Premium Friday shows mixed results See in context

What Trevorpeace said. I live in Tokyo and have been asking every Japanese worker I know, what time they went home on Friday. EVERY reply was between the hours of 8 and 11pm. The time of this plan is so bad. February and March are the busiest months of the year for companies. Fiscal year end, transfers, moving home, school years ending, new school years preps, just to name a few. And don't forget about the well know 'after 72 days we all forget' saying in Japan. Now had he started it in May or June, then perhaps it would have had more meaning. Also, what ever happened to "No overtime Wednesdays"?

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Posted in: 'Scorpion' robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted See in context

6 years on and still investigating damage. But they want the world to believe all is safe and people can return to their homes. Even CNN has a nice ad explaining that all is well. Sad, so sad.

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Posted in: Japan took in 28 refugees in 2016, despite record applications See in context

Just a user; I gotta agree with you. Living in Japan for 35+ years and seeing all the problems in the states with immigration, I gotta agree with Japan's policies here. Imagine this now safe and peaceful Japan allowing 5,000 to 10,000 immigrates in the country per year. For those of you who do not live/have not lived in Japan, please refrain from posting to this article.

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Posted in: Japan approves $100 million loan for Iraq See in context

Aaaaaaaaand more of my hard earn taxes going over seas and away from the needy here in Japan.

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Posted in: Opposition calls on Abe to oppose Trump's refugee ban See in context

Really? How can she dictate something like that when Japan has a 99% ban on Refugees. Even non-refugees have difficulties immigrating to Japan! However, Japan does have room for 40 million tourist and room for thousand "Home-stay" for take care of its farms. This helps Japan and only Japan. Go to Japan, work, spend money then leave is the policy here.

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Posted in: Artist says latest sticker graffiti aimed at Trump See in context

Strangerland, I'll meet you half way. There was an area under train tracks in Yokohama a while back where people were permitted to express their artistic talents. So here I will agree as it was a designated area. It has been banned though and from what I heard, one reason was due to some people using it for political statements, and profanity, another being traffic accidents. The wall has since been cleaned up, at the taxpayer's expenses. And BTW continues to be cleaned up at the taxpayer's expense as well as so many other areas around the country. So I do 100% agree with this form of art as long as the artist has permission to do so.

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Posted in: Artist says latest sticker graffiti aimed at Trump See in context

Strangerland, is it still art when it's your property and/or neighborhood being 'vandalized'? Is this what we want to teach our children? Sorry but I don't think so.

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Posted in: Man attacks woman, steals her underwear as she walks home See in context

Perfect name for that town Wa(c)ko, Saitama.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in 2016 drops below 22,000 for first time since 1995 See in context

Wow! That averages to 60 per day!!! Surprised they didn't list overwork as one of the "most likely" reasons.

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Posted in: APA hotel chain under fire over book denying Rape of Nanking See in context

“Japan guarantees freedom of speech, and no one-sided pressure should be allowed to cause a retraction of a statement.” Really? Freedom of speech?? I wonder what the media thinks of this statement.

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Posted in: Fukushima 'voluntary' evacuees to lose housing support See in context

Seems my link didn't show on last post. Should have read Check (Evacuate Fukushima) site on Facebook

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Posted in: Fukushima 'voluntary' evacuees to lose housing support See in context

For more information about this perhaps you can try on Facebook

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Posted in: Woman arrested for assault after shoving man to sidewalk, leaving him in coma See in context

Well, if she claims he interrupted her Pokemon Go Game, she'll get a suspended sentence.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for setting fire to friend's house in Chiba See in context

And yet another thing kids of today need to learn about us older generations, True meaning of friendship!!

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for attempting to kill father by setting fire to house See in context

What is it with Japanese kids killing their parents?

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Posted in: Hair today, hungover tomorrow as young Japanese come of age See in context

First: January 9 (10) does not make you an adult and of legal age to drink and smoke. Your 20th birthday does. Second: To all the kids out there that are stating "I can finally go out clubbing and drinking", we parents are not stupid. Though laws in Japan don't 'PERMIT' you to drink and smoke before your 20th birthday, the way the laws are enforced, allow you to do so. and we parents know you do it. So get off your high horse, move out of your parent's house or pay room and board, cook your own meals, clean your own room, and wash your own clothes and work on paying back the millions your parents slaved for for your education. Welcome to a real responsible adult life.

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Posted in: Man held on stalking charge after leaving doll with needle in woman's photo on it outside her home See in context

Don't know which scares me more, what he did or the job he has.

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