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Posted in: Tokyo bar only lets you in if you come alone – No bringing your friends allowed See in context

What's so new and unique about this? It sounds to me like a singles bar.

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Posted in: Japan Atomic Power to get ¥350 bil to reboot plant See in context

Considering J-Gov. has 51% control shares of TEPCO, wonder how much will come from tax payers.

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

Saw the video. Not taking sides but I did notice that the Japanese ship was continuously spraying the bridge windows which could have restricted visibility. But then again, why turn towards the spray? I would have turned away from it.

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Posted in: Sleep next to railroad tracks at closest hotel to a train station platform in Japan See in context

So interesting how a writer can make a really bad thing sound and look so good. No thanks! Can't imagine a peaceful sleep. In addition all the people so close to the window of my room????

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Posted in: 7 crew missing after North Korean fishing boat capsizes See in context

In response to the Article title; Why?

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Posted in: Abe promises action after 2 homeless men denied typhoon refuge See in context

Abe, apologizing for someone following a rule book written by his government? Actually, I kinda of feel sorry for the person who refused the homeless. (however outraged). If he/she ignored the rule book (written by the government) and allowed the person in, and many people complained about it, that person(s) would most likely have been scrutinized. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't moment.

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Posted in: Scotland referred to disputes committee over Japan match comments See in context

Actually it was almost 24 hours after the typhoon not a few hours. However, I am happy that the game was played and the better team moved onto the quarter finals.

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Posted in: N Korea demands Japan pay compensation for sinking fishing boat See in context

Oh come on guys, how much can a few pieces of scrap wood really set you back?

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall on Izu Peninsula; one dead, at least 50 injured See in context

No Business; The overreaction is ridiculous, even by Japanese standards.

Still think people overreacted? Mine and wife's "overreaction" helped save our home and pets.

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall on Izu Peninsula; one dead, at least 50 injured See in context

No Business; The overreaction is ridiculous, even by Japanese standards.

Pretty insensitive thing to say at such a time. I live directly across the street from Tama River have seen it reach close to the top 2 years ago. This one is expected to be worse. People prepared well, we get comments like yours, people don't prepared well enough and something happens, we get negative comments about that!! Yes, we are well prepared. Enough food, water and shelter for a couple weeks. If the levees hold, well then we don't need to go food shopping for a couple weeks. Win Win.

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Posted in: Women's office fashion: 4 tips for 'wearing it right' at a Japanese workplace See in context

How about equality. If men have to wear a suit, so should women. If women can wear casual so should men. I'm all for equality.

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Posted in: Parade rehearsal held for emperor's enthronement ceremony See in context

To all the negative comments. How about showing some respect for another country's culture and traditions.

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Posted in: Kyushu Electric to halt 2 reactors due to delay in anti-terrorism step See in context

kurisupisuToday  06:56 am JST

Where are the measures to introduce solar panels on office buildings?

Because it is NOT profitable for shareholders and top executives.

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Posted in: Japan to pardon 600,000 to mark emperor's enthronement: media See in context

Wonder if any foreigners will be getting out of detention for petty crimes.

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Posted in: Business mood in Japan sours to six-year low as trade war bites See in context

Business mood has gone sour because everyone did their big product shopping before the tax hike. Business will be slow for a while. Let's not be so quick to blame another country.

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Posted in: Prosecutors appeal TEPCO acquittal in Fukushima case See in context

Why do they keep saying only "TEPCO" when the government has 51% control of the final discussion making process?

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname after marriage rule See in context

Guess I've been breaking the law for 30 years. I (non-Japanese) and my wife (Japanese) have legally been using our own surnames. My kids use their mother's surname as it is easier for them do live in Japan being recolonized as a Japanese not foreigner. Sad but true.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

I guess being bullied most of my life gave me a higher level of tolerance. And tolerated verbal abuse for so many years working and marriage in Japan. I’m still alive and leading a happy and healthy life. Words never killed me. Just made me stronger.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

Rob990: So many commenting about "the good old days"...

What, you mean the days when people are free from any responsibility after discriminating against others? The days when you can drive someone over the edge, hurting them with your toxic, malicious words and yet somehow others would just laugh it off and ridicule the victim? Those days?

Gosh, you'd think people would get wiser as they grow older, not get stuck in some irresponsible teenage way of thought.

In the good old days we could take a joke or criticism and move on with life. Never heard in my days "he hurt my feels. I need a support animal to coop with the anxiety of someone calling me a name."

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

@extanker: Gotta agree with you on this too. It is what comedians do. They poke fun at people and everyday life situations. Watch the old Dean Martin Roasts on youtube. I guess we were able to handle the remarks and move on with life in the past. Feelings are hurt too easily these days.

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Posted in: High court rejects residents' appeal to halt nuclear reactors See in context

Would love to know where the District Court is getting their information to make such a determination. I really doubt that they have the qualifications to make such a decision.

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Posted in: What to do if you are stopped by the police in Japan See in context

Been living in Japan for over 38 years. I've been stopped once. Produced my Resident card and on my why in 5 minutes. I didn't ask why and he didn't say why he stopped me. Who cares? He was polite to me and I to him. People these days make trouble for themselves. Too many Google lawyers out there.

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Posted in: Prosecutors set April date for Ghosn hearings See in context

Love how they use old, well dressed and healthy looking photos. How about a more recent one showing the true look of him these days. Reality.

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Posted in: Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis See in context

51% owned by the government. Did anyone really expect a different verdict?

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Posted in: South Korea drops Japan from 'white list' in trade row See in context

the latest move in a bitter row stemming from Tokyo's use of forced labour during World War II

GET OVER IT!!! WWII is long over! Apologies have been made and money has been given to the SK government. ..... Many times over! When are you (SK) going to move forward! Don't start another war for something that happened almost 100 years ago.

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Posted in: ANA to utilize new self-service baggage drop at Narita airport See in context

Oh and one more point. Being that I have to do everything myself to get on a plane, how about reducing and/or eliminating airport tax.

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Posted in: ANA to utilize new self-service baggage drop at Narita airport See in context

Sorry all but gotta disagree with this. Based on experience, these machines have actually slowed the process down. Why? Two of the biggest problems that had me running to my gate: Machines malfunctioning and people who don't know how to use them and waiting for staff to be available to assist them. I prefer the personal touch of being checked in by a human.

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Posted in: Typhoon-hit Chiba asks for volunteers' help amid prolonged power cut See in context

Abe, on September 1st was in uniform for annual disaster drills. Living proof that it was nothing but a photo op!!! Abe san, stand up and be a true leader and put that uniform back on and help the people of Chiba.

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Posted in: Some cities in Chiba Pref to remain without power for two more weeks See in context

It's time for Japan to be a bit more flexible with the rules. Why can't utility companies from neighboring prefectures be driven in to help? In the states hundreds of utility trucks from other states are already in place before a hurricane strikes.

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Posted in: Manners of inconsiderate auto campers called into question See in context

Interesting article. First off, I don’t go camping “to live like a homeless person”! I’ve been camping around Japan for over 20 years. In the last 10, at least once a month. I personally have never seen any of the problems listed. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but doubt it’s a major problem. But then again, we only camp on weekdays as we both work weekends. As for the lights out deal. At one place, which I no longer go to, the staff came to our sight at 8pm and told my wife and I that we had to put out the fire, turn off the lights and go to bed! Last time I was told to go to bed was in the mid 70s. No, we weren’t making any noise. Just quietly chatting. It’s camping!! The camp fire and chat into the night is the best part of camping! If I want to go to bed at 8pm, I’ll stay home! Anyway, camping is the greatest way to get away from it all. I recommend it to anyone.

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