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Posted in: Okinawa urges U.S. to do more to stop virus outbreak at bases See in context

Spot on once again Yubaru!

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Posted in: Japan’s first 100% non-alcoholic and vegan bar to open in Tokyo’s Roppongi district See in context

You all keep eating all that healthy food. I’ll continue with my life of happiness and keep my immune system strong. Almost 60 and have never had the flu, cold or cough. Never sick. Yeah I do have a mild case of COPD but that’s cause of my wild and crazy life I had. A life of lots of fun. And still very active, running, camping, hiking, and so on and Just having lots of fun.

The only kickback to it was I had to lie to take a day off.

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Posted in: Okinawa urges U.S. to do more to stop virus outbreak at bases See in context

How about J-Gov do more to stop the spread of COVID-19 in red light district areas. The base reports 130 for 2020. Where as Tokyo is reporting above this number daily. But for some reason the base is the big news.

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Posted in: Tokyo enlists nightclub workers for Q&A-style videos to fight coronavirus See in context

just can’t understand the importance of having to go to these places. Why can’t these delusional guys just take a break from going? Maybe the time off will give them time to realize that those places are nothing more than a waste of money. Maybe they’ll get a real girlfriend. Others may actually reconnect with their wife and kids.

A final note; I would like to personally thank all those guys and girls for their contributions to adding to the delay in getting Japan on track to opening. Thanks to you arrogant people, I as well as many of my friends And others have to continue to drain their bank accounts to put food on the table and pay bills. Looks like most of us will be bankrupt by 2021 thanks to your need to sit and drink and chat with a girl that’s doesn’t even care about you. Only your money!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo lifts coronavirus alert to highest level; 165 new cases reported Wednesday See in context

Or just stop testing. As critical cases are only 1%, perhaps we can not all just get it and have it done with. Image if everyone was tested for a common cold or the flu? I bet the numbers would be higher.

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Posted in: Tokyo lifts coronavirus alert to highest level; 165 new cases reported Wednesday See in context

Shutdown Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Shibuya nightly entertainment districts from 6pm and BOOOM, problem solved.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing his boss at pub See in context

I guess my question would be why are people still going to Izakayas?

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Posted in: ACCJ urges Japan to end 'double standard' re-entry rules See in context


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Posted in: Gov't considers asking nightlife businesses to close to stem virus surge See in context

To all you oyajis; Those 18 year old girls in the hostess clubs don't like you. They like your money. Stop going! And to all the companies who control their staff, demand that staff not go to bars and pubs and other establishment serving alcohol. If everyone does their part and not go to the entertainment district areas, the places will close. Do your part. Stay home. June 20th we were down to 684 active cases nation wide. Now back to over 3,000. People Stage One opening is STAGE ONE! NOT STAGE THREE!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 119 new coronavirus cases; 1st time below 200 in 5 days See in context

If only the Government demands to Hostess bars and other bars and schools in Tokyo were are strong as the ones to the bases in Okinawa.

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Posted in: Is that hand strap clean? Tokyo Metro sprays silver to fend off coronavirus See in context

Let's just hope that we don't read a report 10 years later stating that the silver spray is the reason for an increase in lung diseases.

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay nightclubs to close as virus cases surge See in context

ExJournoToday  07:51 am JST


You answered your own question in your comment.

I don't know what you mean. Don't be so oblique. Your time would be better spent adding your own original thoughts, rather than non-commenting on mine!

You "It is controlled by the Yakuza, ...". And as we all know Abe always takes care of his friends first. ....... My apologies for not clearly spelling it out. Does it now make sense to you?

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay nightclubs to close as virus cases surge See in context

ExJournoToday  06:57 am JST

Why is the Government going to give free money - our taxes - to this incidious industry?! It is controlled by the Yakuza, criminals who are a scourge on this nation. Shut down this satanic industry and drive the Yakuza out permanently! I'll pay for that.

You answered your own question in your comment.

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay nightclubs to close as virus cases surge See in context

They need to also stop high schools from sports practices. Was out jogging yesterday to see the river side fields filled with baseball and rugby high school players out practicing as though there was no worries in the world. And they if believe it is so safe that the ojisan coaches stayed on the side lines far from the players.

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Posted in: Koike urged to take lead in raising women representation in politics See in context

Totally agree but please, please remember that the best way to make way on this, is to ensure the women are qualified to do the job. Don’t just appoint someone because they are a female......... like Abe did.

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Posted in: European Parliament urges Japan to revamp child custody rules See in context

Good Luck with that one.

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Posted in: 870,000 urged to evacuate after torrential rain lashes southwestern and central Japan See in context

Very sad to see. Hope the people there can recover quickly. Been to Kumamoto, really nice place and very kind people.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

China: Takes over Islands not theirs and builds a military island

China; Exports Cornavirus worldwide which shuts down economies

China; Aggressively trying to control the people of Hong Kong

China: Taking land away from India

China: Trying to take over Senkagu Island

China: Spying on the world through apps

Just to name a few.

China, you have a good thing. Countries around the world trusted you to manufacture their products. But you continuously give everyone a reason to not trust you. If any country goes against you, it is yours and only your fault. So suck it up or start to be internationally friendly.

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Posted in: 308 Japanese companies affected by U.S. work visa halt: survey See in context

Brian William MeissnerToday  10:08 am JST

As an America and a conservative living in japan I am against this move by the president. In fact it’s a good reason why I now will not vote for him.

I'm also a conservative and understand and respect your point, however, what is wrong with putting legal Americans (tax payers) before an person who is not American first? Doesn't Japan and other countries do the same?

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Posted in: 308 Japanese companies affected by U.S. work visa halt: survey See in context

And how about the number of Americans who have a family and business in Japan are not allowed back in Japan because they hold a US Passport?

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Posted in: Opposition regrets failure to build united force against Koike See in context

The people spoke. Apparently the "Opposition" didn't have any clear agenda to help the people of Tokyo.

She was up against a comedian and a person who says if elected he'll save Tokyo with a plan to eradicate COVID 19 and fix the economy. If he really has such a great plan, why keep it secret and allow Tokyo people to become infected and die and lose their businesses? Tell us your plan now and save us with your great plan. Perhaps he would have gotten elected had he told us his master plan!

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Posted in: Pilots on trial in Turkey over Ghosn escape released from jail See in context

Does anyone really care anymore?

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Posted in: University student consulted with police before being killed by acquaintance See in context

Kokoro7; you forgot ‘Does it interfere with your profile cyclist, stop, ID, spend 30 minutes to check to see if it is actually yours. If yes, decline.’

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Posted in: 84-year-old woman arrested over murder of 59-year-old son See in context

@moonwatcher; the difference here is that the kids expect the parents to take care of them, mentally, physically, and financially. Everyone I know in the states living with parents is to take care of the parent(s), not the other way around.

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Posted in: Trump rally highlights vulnerabilities heading into election See in context

The only way Dems will win the election is if they CONTINUE to cheat. Sure they can falsely reserve all the tickets they want but in the end Trump will come out on top, AGAIN

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Posted in: Abe finally takes a day off after 148-day work streak See in context

Looking at how much that has been accomplished by him, I would be embarrassed to admit that. The only people that have benefited so far are his corporate friends. The only relief I have received to date is two Abe no masks.

So please take a long vacation. Perhaps less of my taxes will go into the pockets of his corporate friends..

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Posted in: Trump urged Abe to mediate U.S.-Iran standoff, knowing it would fail: Bolton See in context

Simon FostonToday  11:59 am JST

I know this might be a hard concept for diehard Trump-lovers to grasp but dishing out the dirt on a leader you think is criminally incompetent and committing acts that you know will damage your country are not exactly the same thing.

The only damage being done to America is being done by Democratic lovers.

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Posted in: Trump urged Abe to mediate U.S.-Iran standoff, knowing it would fail: Bolton See in context

And of course we are to believe everything Bolton, a traitor to America, has to say.

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Posted in: Gov't seeks more inclusion in education for foreign children in Japan See in context

Let's hope that they also train the teachers not to bully the kids. Hopefully, if my grandchildren are born with the same beautiful, wavy brown hair that my daughter was born with will not be forced to dye their hair black and get a straight perm.

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Posted in: Automakers see untapped market as Japanese 'paper drivers' ease onto roads See in context

So with you on that Yubaru!!

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