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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University chooses 1st woman president after sexism scandal See in context

Jenna, I have to disagree with you. I have work in Japan for many, many years and as Japan promotes a lot based on seniority, males are often place in positions of discussion making without any skill and/or knowledge of their industry. One clear example is me training my boss. Because of his age he was placed as Bucho with no knowledge of the industry.

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Posted in: Feeling your pain: Presidents tread tricky disaster politics See in context

People seem to be focusing on a year old disaster and ignoring all the good Trump is doing has done from Florence. In addition, let's not criticize overseas recovery until you have perfected your own at home (in Japan)

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Posted in: How to prepare for Japanese drinking culture at work See in context

As a recovered alcoholic, which I made my boss well aware of, I was still forced to go out drinking. This I didn't mind but my boss getting angry at me for drink tea and cokes was a bit for me. End result, After all the bullying I could take, I quit and started my own company. So in a way, I have to thank him for his ignorance.

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Posted in: Japan conducts first submarine drill in disputed South China Sea See in context

GanbareJapan; Peace not war. If war breaks out, will you be on the front line?

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Posted in: 'Sukajan' — A look into the history of Japan's souvenir jacket See in context

I still have my 1981 West Pac US Navy fully customized from my time at CFAY in the 80s. Wear it in the states sometimes. Turns heads and always asked where I got it. Problem is both my daughters want it. Gotta get back down to Yokosuka and have a replica made.

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Posted in: Operation Tsukiji: Tokyo battles rats as iconic market prepares to shut See in context

They are just now telling us about the "tens of thousands" of rats that have been running around the food that we've been eating for so many years!!! Yuk!! Wonder what else they haven't told us or worse yet what haven't they told us about the new place?

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Posted in: Police officer loses loaded gun while guarding Abe's motorcade See in context

I believe most carry a 38

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Posted in: Quake reveals Japan woefully unprepared to help foreigners in disasters See in context

Mike Wyckoff; Up to a point I agree with you, however, how do you expect them to do so when there is a blackout? Another problem here is that Japanese are reluctant to be flexible and veer outside the manuals they are trained to follow. Japanese need to be more flexible and go with the situation at hand. The manuals they religiously are instructed to follow, do not cover every situation.

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Posted in: Quake reveals Japan woefully unprepared to help foreigners in disasters See in context

smithinjapan; been here for almost 4 decades. Your post is spot on.

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Posted in: 3 random joys of Japanese highway travel See in context

vistula, yup, Kanto. However as I run my own company, I take the pleasure of taking off on weekdays to the mountains and camping places as well as everything else are practically empty. Loving it. We as well will never travel on weekends and holidays. I also ride a motorcycle and the mountains are absolutely great on weekdays. My mate and I love it!!

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Posted in: 3 random joys of Japanese highway travel See in context

The story forgets to mention the high cost of gasoline, toll roads, parking and not to mention the heavy traffic on expressways and bus loads of tourists at expressway service areas and other places of interests.

As a daily drive here in Japan for the past 37 years, driving out of the city to enjoy my days off hiking and camping is the only pleasure left as trains, hotels, and other tourist places have become too expensive and crowded due to the increase in tourists. Lets leave something for Japanese to enjoy their days off. I have on too many occasions come across tourist drivers that have no idea what they are doing on the roads, illegally parking and blocking traffic without a care in the world.

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Posted in: Death toll from Hokkaido quake hits 44; gov't sees no rolling blackouts despite power shortage See in context

KnowBetter; Because geothermal plants don't fill the pockets of .... well you know who, enough.

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Posted in: Japan resilient, but climate change making disasters worse: experts See in context

This raises the question: Why would anyone live at the bottom of a mountain in such a seismically active country?

Actually I believe "This raises the question:" Why would anyone restart Nuclear Power Plants knowing all this disaster is happening?

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Posted in: Cleaning up Tokyo's beaches: An Olympic task See in context

Don't just clean it for the Olympics, clean it because it's the right thing to do. The thing to do for the people who pay your salary. For the children of Japan who enjoy the swimming areas for the common decency of all kind.

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Posted in: Hokkaido quake disrupts business activities, hospitals See in context

jcapan; thank you for the info. Much appreciated.

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Posted in: Hokkaido quake disrupts business activities, hospitals See in context

Been following the news on almost every channel and have yet to hear about foreigners in the area. Is there foreigner's support in an event like this? Or are they left to fend for themselves. I even watched NHK World this morning and no mention of the non-native Japanese community. Kinda makes me worried.

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Posted in: Secret to Japanese couple's 80 years of marriage: wife's patience See in context

Great to see some heartwarming news. Congrats and Respect to the both of you.

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Posted in: Aso says initial budget requests for fiscal 2019 likely to reach record high ¥102 tril See in context

How about decrease military budget and increase disaster recovery budget. Just saying.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll reaches 11; thousands being transported from Kansai airport See in context

My heart goes out to all those made an effort to stay safe during this terrible typhoon. However, watching the news this morning and I can not imagine why those truck drivers thought they had the need to cross the bridges knowing how bad the typhoon was. And people walking around right smack in the middle to debris flying around them. People, stay home or inside buildings. Even though the weather agencies gave continued updates, people still felt they had the need to go outside to convenience stores and so on. Why Japanese people, why?

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Posted in: Abe vows further efforts to attract 40 mil foreign visitors by 2020 See in context

Be careful what you wish for. It won't be long before people go back to their home country and tell people not to go to Japan. Japanese may not mind waiting in line for 2 hours for a bowl of ramen or 3 hours to wait in line for a ride at Disneyland or overcrowded onsen etc. but I am sure tourist won't want to spend their vacations waiting in lines for hours.

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear reboot gathers pace; set to curtail LNG demand See in context

Ganbare Japan, what makes you think they will reduce electricity prices?

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Posted in: Japan holds nationwide disaster drills See in context

How about dealing with the disasters that have already happened!! People need your help. Not just a handshake for a photo op!

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Posted in: Japan protests after reporter blocked from covering meeting in China See in context

Ganbare Japan!, I am really angry about this. What happened to absolute Freedom of Press.

If you believe in what you wrote, why is it that so much Japanese political news is not reported to the taxpaying citizens of Japan by the Japanese media?

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Posted in: Teen biker mistaken for fugitive killed in crash after police chase See in context

Cricky, did you read the article. 17 year old youth, on a stolen bike, no license, eluding police, running through red lights....... Bosozuka written all over this one.

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context

Reformedbasher; You are correct, the child did nothing wrong. But how do you feel about adults having a child only to use the unknowing child as an object thinking that child will keep the parent in another country illegally. This happens too too many times. So, yes the parents did do this to the child not the government

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context

ReformedBasher, Strangely enough, .... True however she knowingly broke the law before having a child. SHE did this to her child, not the government.

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context

I know I'll most likely get many down marks for this but the law is the law. You want to stay in a country other than your native country, follow the law and do it right. The government is not separating families. Those who do not follow proper procedures are. 37 years legally in Japan and ' have never had a worry in the world of being separated from my daughters. I follow the laws and keep up my legal status, pay taxes, pension, insurances, contribute to my local community and so on. I'm not pro government but people need to stop blaming the government for doing their job. As far as I'm concerned that is 47 less people that mine and every other tax payer's hard earned taxes needs to pay for. Imagine the chaos if all boarders were open worldwide. So my final message to all the people entering a country other than your own; Do your kids/family and favor and do your paperwork before becoming illegal in another country!

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Posted in: Scorching heat continues for much of Japan See in context

Ahhh no thank you.

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Posted in: Japanese supermarket’s recruitment ad is so stringent, it’s probably looking for a robot See in context

Wonder what the government is doing about this supermarket. They clearly admit to violating so many Labor Standard Laws. They should be investing this company.

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Posted in: Typhoon hazard map helping people predict strong wind See in context

 the map in Japanese is available

Would be nice if "tourist friendly" Japan, make one in English as well.

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