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Posted in: Iwate assemblyman who compared hospital to prison on blog found dead in apparent suicide See in context

A blog about frustration at hospital killed him.

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Posted in: JR East offering one couple chance to get married on Yamanote line See in context

The bridegroom and his bride might be hated if their wedding starts in rush hour ! In this case nobody will not celebrate them, Sorry.

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Posted in: Two Japanese youths arrested for placing exploding bag of dog poop in police box See in context

The youths would never fear anyone, Boys be ambitious! lol

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Posted in: Comedian Egashira 2:50 in trouble for dropping his pants at event See in context

This happening just made me laugh.

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Posted in: Wada says Mari Yaguchi should apologize over illicit affair See in context

A good advice that person is thinking of may drive to the wall someone occasionally. Especially celebrities should be careful for your voice. You should know your voice is influencial.

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Posted in: Abe's wife says she is anti-nuclear See in context

I hope her self-assertiveness becomes a good advice for Prime.

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies aged 116 See in context

His descendants are 60 persons. What a wonderful life he lived !

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Posted in: Young workers in Japan - candidates for clinical depression See in context

The anxiety of living cost is increasing constantly in this country. The concern of your company is getting bigger and bigger and your family members would say, " Why your salary is so little? " These misery factors would crush your mental. Depression is one of the social phenominon, I think so.

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Posted in: Horie cooking up dozens of ventures See in context

Watch him crank Japan up !

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Posted in: To help foster Japanese capable of successfully competing globally, the education ministry plans to designate about 100 high schools across the country that will teach some science and math in English See in context

I am concerned about comprehension of science and math by being teached in English, actually some of teachers and students would be bothered if the plan carry out.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being hit by father's car See in context

Tears, tears.

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Posted in: Mother, child apparently starve to death in Osaka apartment See in context

I feel painful. I don't want to read such a news any more.

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Posted in: New style of temple: The monks bar See in context

I can hardly accept the monks, but I can accept them as the new version of a bar without religion.

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Posted in: 97 faucets stolen from four sites in Saitama See in context

Prolonged recession induced this incident.

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Posted in: Man kills girlfriend, then commits suicide in front of emergency service workers See in context

Keeping your courage for living today is more worthful than choosing death. Keeping your mind at any time for yourself and your precious others. It was difficult for him. Why? so sad.

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Posted in: Dog days See in context

Toy poodles are one of the best pets of dog breeds.

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Posted in: Farmers resume planting rice near crippled Fukushima site See in context

I hope Fukushima revival eagerly. But I won't consume the rice that will be shipped to markets. I am sorry, but it's reality.

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Posted in: Hundreds of Miyagi residents seek equal compensation as Fukushima See in context

How many 0 are there in the compensation? I tried to count, but I couldn't. High high electricity money exists for each of Japanese people.

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Posted in: Man arrested after taking Lexus for test drive to grandmother’s house 180 km away See in context

Do the Lexus consume gasoline a lot? This incident made a little bad image for Tyota's car. It is not a brilliant idea for Toyota.

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Posted in: 2 elderly people perish in Chiba house fire See in context

This news makes me feel solitude of silence.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says comfort women system necessary for wartime troops See in context

This ridiculous remarks would spotlight him in many ways. He himself knows that his opinion is ridiculous. So he is just a conglomeration of the honor greed. Clever people should ignore his low brain opinions.

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Posted in: Looking for love? Break the ice at BBQ joint famous for turning patrons into couples See in context

It is a good place to meet at single persons. In the joyful atmosphere, it is a natural thing for people to become friendly with others. Who is your favorites for tonight?

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Posted in: Japan gets tough on law-evading hallucinogenic herbs See in context

This cat and mouse game would continue forever. What it would be like in the future? Which is smart, cat or mouse?

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Posted in: What do you think about parents who give their children names like Pikachu, Bakudan (bomb), Messiah and so on? See in context

That is egoistic idea of guardians. The children who have strange name would be worried about their names until they die. Can you take a responsibility for them?

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Posted in: The past, present and future of maid cafes See in context

I just want to order curry and rice without additional fee. The most important is the taste of dishes. Needless to say, I don't need the cute maids during eating. What is the cultual significance of Maid cafe? I can't understand entirely, sorry.

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Posted in: Which are more loved in Japan: Cats or dogs? See in context

When I look at dogs that act to obey their owners, I truly think that dogs are lovable. Needless to say I prefer dogs than cats. Cats are a little self-centered.

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Posted in: Women use smartphone games to lure men into paying for their food expenses See in context

She is playing the interactive games for satisfying her stimulation, not for fulfilling her appetite. I think that it is dangerous to earn easy money. Be carefull.

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Posted in: Depressing suicide prevention posters cause controversy in Kobe See in context

The number of Japanese who committed suicide is most numerous in the world. One of my friends also committed suicide. She was her 30's. She had a younger brother with intellectual disability and she also was mental patient of depression. When people considers that to live is more painful than to die, they would want to kill themselves. These posters are just reflecting the darkness of negative thoughts so they are all meaningless for people who wants to die.

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Posted in: Golden Week holiday exodus begins See in context

I got tired of the annual event during consecutive holidays. Wherever I go, there are lots of people and cars. For example, public parks, department stores, amusement parks, sightseeing areas, and additional fee. I am not willing to go out during vacation

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Posted in: Baby gorilla born at Tokyo zoo See in context

Congratulations Momoko ! You are so happy, aren't you?

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