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Kudos to Abenomics. What a brilliant way to solve the pension payment problem by systematically eradicating the oldies who are liviing on their pensions. Let the unemployed commit suicides. Let the single mothers and their infants die of hunger. And bravo to the LDP to have created such a clever system in their 50 years of almost unbroken rule. No wonder they refused again and again to implement structural reforms despite public outcry for reforms for the last 20 over years.

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Politicians never change their spots. Their suits might change but deep down they are all the same. Noda, the Japanese people know that LDP is responsible for the debts, since it is the only government in post-war Japan except for a short period when Hosokawa reigned. So there is no need to play the blame game. Furthermore if it is not LDP who caused such debts with its incompetency, DPJ will not be ruling Japan today. You were given the mandate of power to clean up LDP mess, and you promised you can do it without causing pain to the public. But today, when the people believed and handed you the power, you tell us to be realistic? Why can't you be honest and tell us to be realistic before you were elected? Why all the lies? The last thing we need is a liar as a our leader, but it seems all politicians are the same. I think Ishihara might be the only politician today that can tell the truth even though his honesty and directness always get him into trouble. But at least he don't lie. (his controversial remark on the Nanking masacre is not construed as a lie, it is merely his opinion)

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A million US dollars and five minute speech. Yes, Japanese government was naive enough to believe it will work and have paid 10 times the amount again and again, and almost every new prime minister had given some sort of apology speeches which lasted more than 5 minutes. So, sikdjgugu, it is not so hard but it does NOT solve the problem either. Blackmailers will never give up demanding again and again if their demands are met every time.

And flowers, I guess by your definition of sincerity, all Japanese should either commit harakiri and disappear from the face of this earth or hand over the sovereignty of the nation to China and be one of its colony. Or would you prefer all Japanese women today to be mandated to prostitute themselves to the Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese and other claimants of comfort women?

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This President Ma is basically a politician bankrupt of ideas. The issue of war atrocities had been resolved immediately after the war, and if any war reparations or retribution is to be made, General Macarthur and the War Crime Tribunals had seen to it. Japanese government has been magnanimous enough (or gutless) to have repeatedly apologized and made additional compensations even though it is not obliged to. I don't see Britain politicians asking the German government to apologize or make compensation for Hitler's war atrocities year after year, again and again. Even a common criminal cannot be punished again and again for the same crime. So, I wonder what is it with the Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean politicians> Are children of these races born with this hatred for Japanese or are they just tools of government propaganda? If these people hate Japan so much, why do I see so many of them queuing at the immigration office everyday trying to live in Japan, or for the matter, thousands of them want to be Japanese nationals? Is it their culture to say one thing but do another thing? Is it their culture to profiteer by any means with no regards to moral? I just hope that the Easterners can learn from the Westerners to be gentleman, forgive and move forward. Let what had happened in the past as history to be remembered as lessons not to be repeated instead of propaganda instrument to instill hatred in the future generations.

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