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Hahaha, "' the job is like an Aladdin's Cave"..! Guess it would be after the girls have made several films..

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@BurakuminDes - put your rage away, to be fair to him, he still lives in his own regular apartment just around the corner from me, he's not in a 5-star hotel.

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Proper Brits would have done it naked..

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Sorry Heda, had been out on a training ride already this morning, brain wasn't engaged! Thanks very much for your support!

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"But with Hola not only are you caching the content, you're making it available to other peers. Wouldn't that fall foul of the new copyright laws anyway? I mean they could do you for using that as much as for using BitTorrent"

Holaunblocker is not a filesharing service.. it's something that changes your ip address to allow access online as if you were in that country.

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Google Chrome has an extension called holaunblocker which once you have installed it, allows you access to BBC iPlayer and USA Netflix and doesn't require any log in, registration etc. You'll still have to register for Netflix, but holaunblocker is a totally free way of getting to the sites.

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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

@Victoria Maude.

Thank you for giving a very personal insight on what these people may have been going through. In my original post, I was going to add that surely there was someone who could help a 16yr old, someone she could turn to... teenagers generally have little or no life experience and I guess it can be difficult to see how things can get better in the future if they feel there is no way out right now... I guess they maybe don't even realise that there may be someone who can help.

With all due respect to the 30yr old, while any suicide is tragic, I'm sure that he would have been more aware of other options, people who could have helped if he wanted them to, so maybe from his point of view, he made a more rational decision to end his life.. but from my point of view, for a teenager with their whole life ahead of them to commit suicide is the most tragic of all.

I don't know if anything similar exists in Japan, but in the UK a phone line called 'Child Line' was set up years ago, a free-phone service where kids could call up with any problems they had and someone would try to help them.. some of the 'problems' may have seemed trivial to adults, such as a break-up or falling out with a best friend, but when you're 16, I guess this can be very traumatic in the grand scheme of things. If something like that does exist here, then great, I hope they are making themselves known, (I'm fairly new to Japan, don't watch much TV and don't understand Kanji yet, so I wouldn't know!), but I'd be amazed if anything similar wasn't in place.

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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

What kind of country am I living in? Only 1 or 2 posters make any reference to the fact that one of the suicides was a 16yr old girl.. most people are more concerned with whether their evenings were disrupted and who should pay.

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