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Posted in: Ami Suzuki rocks Shibuya with 27th birthday party See in context

the parts that glittered!!! THAT'S what makes it news! don't you know ANYTHING??? lol

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Posted in: 7 Pounds See in context

oh will! SPLURT!!!

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Posted in: Asashoryu in trouble again for pumping his fist after victory See in context

man, people sure have their dander up... gotta say, this whole "sumo's dead" biz is off-target, as well as the notion that the sumo association shouldn't bite the hand that feeds it or that somehow, because asashoryu's a foreigner, he's cut less slack. to the contrary, the sumo association has bent over backwards to accommodate asa--no doubt in large part for those very reasons (his "heel" role and winning ways have paid the bills and maybe, as a foreigner, he doesn't always "get" the bigger cultural picture. i actually was keen on seeing him go 15-0 and take the yuusho in a big comeback, while my wife's sympathies were with hakuho and all the rikishi who work so hard only to see some guy apparently cut corners in training and "just win, baby"... still, i do NOT have any great sympathy for a "champion" who's a sore winner any more than i care for sore losers. he seems to think that, as long as he gets the results, he scores carte blanche. incidentally, can't help but think that there are a lot of people posting who know little or nothing about sumo. fine and dandy, but not the best position from which to cast stones... and WWF??? more like WTF!!!???!!!

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Posted in: Obama lookalike comedian Nocchi hones his routine See in context

that's a lookalike? as in "they all look alike"? coz if nocchi resembles obama (physically: maybe his "mono-mane" skills are in fact excellent), then i want to get some work as a taro aso lookalike!

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Posted in: Do you think the Olympic Games will be a success? See in context

NO! They're already a failure, and I can't really place the blame solely on China. The IOC--and all the businesses that stand to profit in the short term and, more so, in the long term (hey! 1.2 billion potential new customers!)--have turned a laughably blind eye to China's government policies and prevailing mentality viz. freedom of expression, the environment, etcetera. They've pissed on the so-called "Olympic spirit" and ideals, and payback's a bitch. If China can get the Olympics, then I suggest North Korea, Iran, and Sudan get the next three. I love how we take China's promises at face value. Sure, they'll clean up the environment in the runup to the Games. LOL And freedom of the press? Sure, we'll give the press what WE deem "sufficient"... BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I've never prayed for or looked forward to an Olympic failure, but this year looks to break the trend. Hope a few lessons get learned...

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