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Posted in: Tesla recalls over 2 million vehicles to fix defective system that monitors drivers using Autopilot See in context

What a misleading title is that?

With that description we should call "recall" every time a company sends a patch to an operating system. People will think then that they will need to bring in their computers to some store for a physical check and service.

Most of the other car companies cannot upgrade their cars over the internet and even if it is something that can be fixed with a software upgrade it will require the clients to bring in the cars to a service store, that is a recall.

Although Tesla will just send an upgrade version which will be updated by just log in online. This is not a recall, stop misleading people. Call it how it is.

The title should be "Tesla will send an update over the net to over 2 million vehicles to fix defective system that monitors drivers using Autopilot".

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Posted in: Coronavirus origins still a mystery 3 years into pandemic See in context

The Department of Truth (1984) strikes again, deciding on a "new truth". We are now fighting China. Tomorrow it could be India, depends if they start advancing more than we want them, who knows..

Oh and please delete all entries of the "previous truth" that we released around 2020. It is easier these days and very sustainable (trendy nowadays) as we dont have to rewrite all the books, just edit some online posts. If something is left as record anyway we just call it misinformation.

What? On 2020 the story of virus coming from China labs (funded by US) was misinformation. Oh you are just left behind that was the "previous misinformation".

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to boost child-rearing budget to 4% of GDP See in context

Please I don't want any more money from the government. Money that will take 3x more from extra taxes the will introduce to support the cost.

Just provide real free education. You can start by providing the uniforms, school bags, ALL books or free and then continue with public school that is free and competitive to the private ones.

Then force by law to stop overworking people by providing them an actual wage that they can survive on the basic salary. So they dont have to pretend that they work for another 40 hours per week in order to receive a salary comparable to other advanced countries.

Just take these simple measurements and please DO NOT gives more cash money that would be just an invitation for new taxes.

That will convince people to have more kids not cash money. People need safety and stability not inflated money.

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Posted in: Monetary tightening not suitable at all: BOJ chief Kuroda See in context

I was just watching the new apple event WWDC and though oh great new products, so I head over to their site thinking of a new MacBook.

Guess what, the preciously same MacBook Air (last years model) has gone up from 115000JPY to 135000jpy. That's a 15% increase people. Off course the new 15%+ prices came to all the NEW products starting prices.

Every single company from US/Europe see these and I am sure are on their way to increase similarly the prices.

So yeah inside Japan we may have not seen yet extreme inflation (and this is only yet) but we have an instant depression of purchase power of at least 15%.

Weakening yen just makes 15%+ inflation to all imported products.

Everyone should push for at least 15% increase in wages. I have zero expectations from most opinion less Japanese people.

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Posted in: Verstappen wins 1st F1 title with last lap pass of Hamilton See in context

Hamilton had TWO chances also to change tires.

They could have easily put him also soft tires on last lap and prove he can win it.

He will start behind Verstappen but would be equal and with his faster car and driving abilities he could have won. But No They did not want to take the risk. So noone to blame.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek nearly 3 years jail for Ghosn escape accomplices See in context

They should never release them until they pay a fine or by equal work at least two times the amount they received.

Stay in prison for as long as the law justifies so hopefully they will learn their lesson of not do it again.

Every person who is in favor of these criminals that have already confessed is actually encouraging disorder and disobey of our society rules. Their believes should be noted as they could potentially do sometjing illegal.

I would not hire them for example.

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Posted in: Americans apologize to Tokyo court for role in Ghosn escape See in context

Japan should request the arrest of Ms Ghosn. She is obsiously the mastermind behind this.

If she thought her husband was not treated right she should fight in court like everyone else and not commiting a crime. Even if it was for a good purpose, we still dont know if Ghosn was innocence or not, she made an illegal act.

Bring her to justice and lets see if her coward husband will betray her also.

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Posted in: Japanese soccer star Kumi Yokoyama comes out as transgender man See in context

Everyone should understand that sexual preference has NOTHING to do with gender. Everyone is free and should be to have any sexual preference they want.

Though the gender they were born does not change and ww should accept just because someone prefers or wants to be called something else that we should do it. You cannot do what you prefer just because you want to. I prefer to be called Sir or King or whatever else i come up, does that means i will force the whole society to follow my request? If everyone can decide at some point to change how wants to be called and we accept that then why not me not be allowed to be called King?

People can do whatver surgery they wish and change their body but that does not change their gender. If i have an accident and lose my geneticals will that make me change gender?

This whole think has gone so wrong. The gender is what it is by the chromosome and stays this way. What anyone does with their sexuality is their own business and actually we dont really want to know. You can inform people that are potential interest and thats it.

She can keep playing at womens club because SHE is a woman. Thank you for informing us about your sexual preference and good luck. You have no right to demand to be called as YOU want. You can ask your potential partner to call however you want but society will call you as register.

Any criticism welcome.

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Posted in: Little-known fees help Japan's trust banks dominate profitable niche market See in context

Punish the "big" japanese banks by STOP using them.

There are ways to do almost everything with no fees, like its on the rest of the world.

Switch to an online bank. Rakuten bank, Sumishin SBI Net Bank or Sony bank are some examples. They all provide some free deposits per month (depending on your amount you keep on your account) from almost all convenient stores. No need to search for your bank's ATM next to you. There is always a conbini around. No need to check what time it is.

You can get free transfers. Again the number depends on your account size, but its possible. You can even use multiple online banks to take advantage of each one of them.

They all use apps so you get instant updates and mobile banking.

As mentioned, use (Transfer)Wise for international transfers.

You only need to search a little bit and you will never have to pay any of their ridiculous fees.

Ever since I have changed I have never missed any service from the traditional banks and I am smiling inside everytime I pass in frond of real bank that I dont need to enter there again.

I am sure that most japanese will not search/change, but I have seen many young people recently changing.

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Posted in: Unemployed foreign tech interns in Japan to be allowed to switch jobs See in context

They are happily and on their own will coming to Japan to work. That makes them no more slaves than anyone else working at a job for money. These are the jobs that are needed and that is why they invited to come IF they want. Knowning this in advance.

Its not like some other great countries that kidnapped people and sail them to the land of dreams to find out that they will need to work for ever to pay back for their freedom if it ever would come.

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Posted in: Take cover - but where? Japanese helpless over N Korean threat See in context

@OssanAmericaSep. 17  11:21 am JST

Tel us over what country the US is firing ballistic missiles.

The last one was Syria on 7/4/2017

Before that it was Libya, Afghanistan, Irak, and Yugoslavia. These are all in the period where I am sure you where alive to witness.

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Posted in: Take cover - but where? Japanese helpless over N Korean threat See in context


Then according to your theory USA is holding the whole world a hostage. I dont want to hear that USA is not firing missiles above countries...because you know its a lie. We all know many cases and very recent also that USA fired missiles not above other countries but on other countries. Not to mention how may wars has USA started on other countries that was later even proven that it could not even justify their own reasoning.

USA, Japan and the whole world should just start talking with NK by first telling them we are stopping the sanctions and the drills around your borders. Then we are starting business and trading with NK and there will be no more missiles fired.

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Posted in: Japan marks 70th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing See in context

Americans (USA) is the nation that has killed the most people in their short period of existence. Actually I don't think that there was a single period that they where not at war with someone.

As impressive is all the unification of the population in USA and all the remarkable things they have done as disgusting are all their leaders.

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Posted in: Japanese butter on the table in Pacific trade talks See in context


I am from Europe. Where I lived you could buy a bag full of oranges for 100 yen. Same with apples. They will give you one or two for free just to try them.

You can imaging my shock coming here and see these prices. But still I don't want those cheap american fruits that we all know how they are produced and how much they care about the peoples health. Its all about money for their corps.

Ever wonder why they don't bring many fruits from Europe here since its as cheap as americans? Its all about deals.

Do you know that in that TPP pack they have the right to force the government to import the fruit without checking them? Supposedly for not disrupting their sales by staling the products. Why would they scared of something like that if they were safe?

The are going to do the same in Europe too, with their next economical pack between EU and US.

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Posted in: Japanese butter on the table in Pacific trade talks See in context

Hey people its not about the taste of the fruits or the rice that people don't want the imported one. Which is basically American or Chinese. Its about if it is safe to eat. The Chinese quality fruits which was probably washed with factory waste water and the American DNA alternated products who noone knows what kind of side effects they have. I am not paying any money, even a much cheaper price to kill myself.

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Posted in: YouTube sees accelerating growth despite strong competition See in context

Seriously if I did not have an ad block software I could not stand watch a single video on youtube. Its ok to put an ad of 5-10 sec but those 3+ min ads which you cannot even skip are a huge turn off.

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Posted in: Universities asked to raise flag, sing national anthem at ceremonies See in context

The article is offensive and dangerous. Here is Japan it the Japanese flag should be at the unis and the Japanese anthem should be played. Its not something strange, its happening all over the world in all the countries. I don't understand where is the problem. They never said it should be done in unis of other countries. In USA even the rocks have attached the USA flag. You will probably hear the national anthem at least once a day if you go to any sports event, open the tv, listen to radio or any other activity with more than one person.

This freedom of speech thing has went too far. They use it for everything. You are free to say anything you want and you are more than encouraged to say it so openly that the government will always listen to it, store it, file it and use it against you if they ever decide so.

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Posted in: Marubeni sets up 28MW solar plant in tsunami-hit area See in context

They should build solar and any other possible renewal energy producing construction in all the restricted area. After all it wont be able to use it for the next 30-40 years.

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Posted in: Constitutional questions grow over Abe's military plans See in context

This is not Abe's decision, he is just the method to be passed. He is just been a good dog to USA.

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Posted in: FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft seen over U.S. cities See in context

Americans people (and the rest of the world unfortunately) just face it. Your government is spying on you on every single way and is collection ALL of your possible data. They want to know every single detail. Nowadays with the smartphones and the social media most of you (and us not americans) are giving them served.

Off course they use these data many times to catch criminals and it does make it much more easier. The problem is that they catch only who ever they want. They also let away, while they can easily catch, many people who decide they should not be caught for their own reasons (rats, lobbies etc). The other problem is that they use these data whenever they want against people if they are on their way. They use these data to be always one step in frond on whatever their plans are to keep on ruling your country (and other countries). Many people in other countries get upset about that, but there are not many thing to do.

Americans though have the power to revolt and send them away. So its either you like it as it is. With such a powerful government that is capable for the good and for the bad. But please don't believe that you have freedom and also don't even dare to tell other countries that they are not democratic enough. Or you don't like it and fight to change it and become a little bit more democratic.

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Posted in: Russia stages WW2 victory parade as Ukraine bristles See in context

@paulinusa Because you are allowed to vote freely the two biggest political parties controlled by the lobbies which they are gonna follow their orders, doesn't means you live in the most democratic countries.

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Posted in: Japan's plan to buy 17 V-22 Osprey aircraft moves forward See in context

It seems that USA can still occupy Japan by selling "protection" and at the same time force Japan to buy only USA made weapons for their protection. Its a win-win situation. The next step is the fooled young japanese that will join the self defense army die at some strange war against "terrorism" that USA will create. Because we are allies..

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Posted in: Japan's population falls for 4th straight year See in context

Yeah bring all the poor immigrants so we can use them like slaves with low salaries of part time jobs that dont have any insurance. Then they will just collect all the money they can get and send it back to their country, no spending anything here but the basics. I dont see how these people will help support the growing pensioners. At the same time one of the only clean countries of the world is gonna start having higher and higher crime rates.

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Posted in: Hillary Clinton launches presidential campaign See in context

Who cares. She will also be a puppet. Its just that the show will have a new presenter that they will advertise as "The first woman president of USA", Hallelujah, God bless America, the land of freedom.

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Posted in: Jump in my car See in context

Motorcycles are much less safer than this and I see so many people riding. You cannot compare with a car of course but if your are thinking like that you should get a Hammer to make sure you are always safe against others.

I think its great. Its weather proof and much more stable on driving than a motorcycle. Its ideal for all those people going to work and a use a whole car (sometimes SUV) just to move one person, creating huge traffic and pollution problem.

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Posted in: Attack in western Mexico kills 15 police officers See in context

Send the army and wipe them out until no one is left.

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Posted in: Exclusive low-cost carrier terminal to open at Narita on Wednesday See in context


You can still do that if you want, you know. You can work like a dog actually and spend all your money for an A-Class seat if you want..

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Posted in: Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same sex marriage See in context

I don't understand why gays want to marry its over anyway.

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Posted in: Greek PM accuses Germany of using legal tricks to avoid WW2 reparations See in context

@Kevin Davis I acknowledge my confusion between Denver and Detroit. It seems you got my point though. If you read my messages you will see that I am not the one that throws hate. After all it was you went on talking about "Greek people are we talking about the same greek people who don't pay taxes and retire at the age of i sixty and basically milked their governments social security program".

I do agree with many that said that either Greece should let leave eurozone and thats the only way to be able to deal with such a huge debt or EU take responsibility and find a good solution that doesn't include bring all population to starvation limit in order to pay back the debt.

As for austerities that someone else mentioned. Off course in Greece all these years the taxes raised and the salaries when down and even in the public employees some benefits where cut off. That lead to almost 30% of unemployment rate and people with no jobs can not pay any taxes, moreover higher taxes. As for the rich people and big companies they always get way, and this is not happening only in Greece. You said something about americans paying their taxes and maybe its true for the people up to middle class. Do you think that Apple lets say is paying their taxes in USA? Why they have moved to the tax heaven of Ireland then?

I would also love to see to cut off more spendings by reducing the public employees but lower the taxes to the people and give motivation to start new business by lower corp taxes for companies who are hiring. I never said also that the new government is doing great or that I agree on everything they are doing. I said that the situation does not going any further under this program and it has proven, but EU (Germany) demands unrealistic budgets of 5+% .

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Posted in: Greek PM accuses Germany of using legal tricks to avoid WW2 reparations See in context

Its all about Germany because Germany is the one who decides in EU. They may keep on doing all these meetings for the show but after all its what Germany says that its going to be decided in EU.

Do you have any idea how big is the USA debt? Do you think that USA will ever going to pay it back? If one day they decided just to print it in real money their land is not enough to lay a single dollar on it. These are just numbers in the modern economy.

Do you know how much is the debt of Japan and how much bigger it is in % of GDP compared to Greece? Why Japan doesn't have any problem borrowing from the markets?

Do you know that when the crisis started the debt of Greece was 125% of GDP and that their new goal after all the program finish in around 2025 is it to bring it back to 125% and then they are gonna consider it is manageable?

Do you know that the IMF has already admitted that they miscalculated the numbers of the program and its not viable?

We know that the Greek politicians where corrupted and in favor of all the rich Greek people that avoided paying the taxes. We know that Greece has to reform. We know that Germany or EU its not the reason that Greece come up with the economical crisis in the beginning but we know that whatever program they came up after 4-5 years doesn't work and things are just getting worse. So they have to do something else. The previous governments where following the directions of the EU and the debt is raising instead of lowering. All I am saying is that its ridiculous to hear all the recently created stereotypes that the greeks are lazy and stealing money from EU. There is a economical crisis in an EU member country and EU has to solve it not make it worse. Its also obviously that by putting more austerity measurements it doesn't work.

In USA the Denver state declared bankruptcy but they didn't cut off the roads, electricity or blame the people of being lazy because of that. Its still a USA state and they are going to help it recover.

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