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Posted in: Greek PM accuses Germany of using legal tricks to avoid WW2 reparations See in context

@Kevin Davis Where exactly you learned all this informations about the greek people? You read them on some newspaper or site? Have you ever been a single day in Greece and talked with the people there? Please post me facts of your saying otherwise you cannot talk about any nation without proofs. Why dont you also tell us from which great country you came from and if everyone in your country is paying all their taxes?

Greece had corrupted governments thats is true. Though the debt is not all part of that and definitely not because manage to "steal" money from EU. You cannot fool someone for so many year and such a great amount of money without noticing unless his is total ignorant. I don't believe EU was ignorant for 10 years, something else happening here and its not definitely fault of the people of a nation.

Germany made a world war destroyed the whole europe (Greece included) and when the reunited they came to an agreement to delete all the compensations and debt they had to the other countries, we are talking about huge amount of money. Greece also helped them, an ex-enemy and now that Greece is in trouble and also supposedly a partner country of Germany they are pushing them to the limits.

Greece is 5 years in crisis and has lost 25% of the GDP because of the austerity measurements. To compare that Ukraine that is in war for one whole year has lost only 8% of the GDP. Something is not working on this program obviously and thats is exactly what Greece is saying now. Find another way, no more austerity.

Greece was following the program for the last 4 years and these are the results. Don't tell me they were not, because otherwise the EU would have stop giving money as they are threatening now. Its not one year its 5 years now already.

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Posted in: No war See in context

Yes Japan needs an army but not for the reasons their are trying to create it for. This army should never be used for all the wars that USA constantly gets involved. Which are all covered by the NATO mask.

Also by the time the army will be reformed and be ready I would love to see all and I mean every single USA base move away from japanese land, since they wont be needed any more. Something that will never happen because we all know that its not that USA protecting an ally as they say but it uses the occupied land for their own games.

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Posted in: Miss Colombia crowned Miss Universe; Miss USA runner-up See in context

Miss Universe Inc.

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Posted in: South Korean to drop Sony film in North by balloon See in context

Imaging if some country has made a movie that assassinates the president of America and that movie was of course criticized by America. Then that country would drop the movie in America with balloons.. Instant war the next day. But now its all about the evil North Korea. Hypocrites.

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Posted in: Internet giants wage war on pop-up ad blockers See in context

Maybe if the advertisements were not as intrusive as they are becoming recently people wont use this ad block programs.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context

@bjohnson23 First of all fyi I am not japanese, but I have served the army in my country.

US doesn't have allies it only has partners that actually are threaten to follow what they want. They are not and they will not protect any over country if it is not to their interest. Which it makes sense, all the countries are like that, lets face it, as you said nothing is free. They proved that recently with Ukraine when they first messed it and then let it on their own just to play their political games with Russia. Ukraine may not was official "ally" to "protect" it but they did "protect" other countries not "allies" also in the middle east when they wanted, by invading them again of course.

What happened with Japan in the war is past now. Either admit that you are using the country that you conquered and keep the bases or go away and leave them alone to do whatever they want and stop this nonsense about protection and allies.

Also China that was not taken over by US and was even attacked by Japanese is now stronger than Japan without any US help. So this "its commerce, and strength came from the US, the protection umbrella.." is another tale they want you to believe.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context

@hokkaidoguy The U.S. military bases in Okinawa cover over 20 percent of Okinawa's total land area and 40 percent of the island's arable soil. I believe is really poor performance a 5% to economy of the island. At the same time is the #1 reason for criminality, pollution and noise.

And people come on, US is NOT protecting Japan, is occupying Japan. Whoever disagrees, let him has his country land taken over from US for protection. Its obvious and I am not even japanese.

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Posted in: Pacific bluefin tuna edges toward extinction See in context


Off course the TPP will flood the market with a unsafe, full of toxin and chemicals cheap beef and the Japanese will turn into obesity nation like on the other side of the ocean. Just because something is cheap it doesnt mean its good for you to eat.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context


I wish it was like that. The truth is that US is still occupying Japan with these bases. Also after the war they forced the conquered Japan to vote laws so the bases are "legal" to be there and at the same time its on Japan's expenses.

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Posted in: Cheaper tomorrow? BOJ battles entrenched 'deflation mindset' See in context

@Strangerland I strongly agree with you. Unless we had something like 10% deflation and more no one is gonna put off a purchase for that reason. 2% of inflation also want push me to buy something sooner, but it may scare me not to buy it all. I have lived in a country that used to have inflation of 18% and yes no one was saving money but also no one had any savings. Whatever you were earning was running out and it was only on the basics stuff.

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Posted in: Tokyo to consider public smoking restrictions in preparation for 2020 Olympics See in context

Most of the restaurants I see in japan are smoke free, not to mention all the department, malls, dining areas. I seriously don't understand what are you people talking about. If you go to a 2x2 yakitori in a small alley that its there more than 100 years and its not smoke free, then just don't go there again if you don't like it.

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Posted in: Putin unveils Ukraine peace plan ahead of NATO summit See in context

While USA does not care about expanding tis borders just the resources stolen from the other countries its fine.

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Posted in: Celebrity hack puts focus on Internet 'cloud' See in context

Passwords was not stolen, they were guessed because the owners were using so week passwords. Its not apple's security problem. But some people believe whatever they serve them and reproduce it also.

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Posted in: Chinese brewer Tsingtao relying on Japanese investment See in context

Unfortunately Tsingtao is so watery that only Bud can compete it.

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Posted in: Japan's economy stalls as incomes, spending languish See in context

You want consumers to spent more? Its so easy, INCREASE the salaries.

Motivate the companies to increase the salaries by cutting corporate taxes IF and only if they provenly increase the salaries. Giving more money to the rich people by just helping the companies it wont make people spent more money.

By increasing the salaries in low and middle class people will spent more and most probably they will spent a little bit more than the increase they received.

People just want to be safe, no one is saving money because of deflation. Who really cares about buying something 0.5-1% cheaper after one year. But I do care if everything costs 3% more and actually it went up 5% or more in some cases.

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Posted in: Russia to block US agricultural imports See in context

"So you think US sanctions are unilateral and not done in consultation with the EU? I think that's very naïve on your part. The fact is that heavier US sanctions are fine with EU countries because the US doesn't have as much economic ties with Russia. Look at the article: US agriculture exports to Russia $1.3 vs. EU $15.8 billion."

Thats right the EU has much more to lose from these sanctions, but still it was forced to follow the USA indications otherwise their gonna spoil the "friendship". As USA says "if you are not with us you are against us". Great friendship from someone who has recently been revealed it was a big spy also, but lets forget that too. Well I don't expect much from a country that is spying its own citizen all day and at the same time has managed to convince them its for their own good. I just wished that EU had the balls to say NO like Russia and some other countries.

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Posted in: Apple sets Sept 9 iPhone event See in context

"Thanks for the clarification. I'm really suprised by this. I never noticed that everyone paying by ID was not using an iphone. I actually use my phone and NFC to enter my building and access the elevators. I don't know how secure it is but it sure is convenient."

If you leave the door open its damn good convenient..I don't know about security but who cares.

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Posted in: Russia to block US agricultural imports See in context

Good news for Russians. Especially kids that they wont have to eat the chemical-bloated genetical altered food products comes from America. As for Europe I guess its a pity. If someone thinks I'm exaggerating I dare him/her for a test. Just run to your local japanese supermarket and grab one american lemon and one from Hiroshima. Leave them outside the fridge for as long as you can. I bet you that the american one will last for at least double period, or maybe forever!

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Posted in: Japan must hike sales taxes again to conquer debt: IMF See in context

IMF has destroyed many countries in the past with their "suggestions" which were proven wrong, not to say intentional. If Japan wants to follow the blame its them. On the other hand maybe they just can not do either way cause they are gonna be threaten from the 3 big credit rating agencies. Which its just happens to be all USA companies...

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Posted in: Ukraine rebels hand over MH17 black boxes, call ceasefire See in context

"you know, when they loaded the already dead bodies on the plane (as separatist leader claims)."

I'm not supporting conspiracy theories and I'm not saying 100% the Russian speaking people didn't do it. Lets not come with conclusions or hypotheses without having evidences.

Its just strange that from the very first moments official states started openly pointing to Russia and the whole world created that image. Including you obviously. This is how the manage to manipulate thinking people.

In Syria they were talking about chemical gas attack from the government. Again some states rushed to accuse the government and it turned out it was not true but the whole world believe it and probably many still do. Once the image is created its difficult to change, even after you were shown the evidences that turns it down.

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Posted in: Ukraine rebels hand over MH17 black boxes, call ceasefire See in context

"No doubt they've been thoroughly checked for any incriminating evidence and nothing was found, else there's no way they'd be handed over."

Everyone knows that the black boxes cannot be opened without notice. So it would be foolish to do so, cause it would just kind of prove the guilt. Plus the Russian speaking people doesnt have the technology not even to view the data even more alert them.

But again everyone is rushing to come with conclusions. Its pathetic.

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Posted in: Investigators struggle to reach MH17 crash site in Ukraine See in context

"Putin didn't order the shoot down. But he is supporting, training, and funding a group of people who are there to create chaos, and if you think you can somehow control people like that then you're just naive. If it wasn't this tragedy, it would be another. Hopefully people will see how these people operate and shut them down."

But when americans, westeners call them whatever you want, support and arm rebels in Syria, Libya, Kosovo its fine and they are helping them liberate...

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Posted in: Int'l probe demanded after Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine See in context

After reading all the comments up to here, I see that the people already decided who is the one to blame. The evil Russia. Without having any evidences yet. That kind of makes me think that who ever did it succeed on his goal.

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Posted in: M6.8 quake hits Japan, triggering small tsunami See in context

I'm always wondering how do they distinct a normal wave and a tsunami of 20cm .

Can someone tell me a good warning app for the android? Is it network dependent?

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Posted in: I want you See in context

I come from a country the army is obligatory and I can assure you that it is not just another arubaito job as they seem to advertising it. I also don't understand what the word peace has to do with it.

This is not a joke and they should not try to convince people to join the army with lies and especially people dreaming of AKB48 girls.

What they should do is to advertise how tough, organized, professional and technological advanced army they will provide you (or they should) so the people that are really interested in should join. The others should better stay away, they wont make it and in the end they are not needed anyway.

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Posted in: Costa Rica beat Greece 5-3 on penalties See in context

Well if you cannot win a team with a less player for more than 40min its better to go home. There is no reason to continue.

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Posted in: Car stolen with two young children in back seat See in context

"Well yeah, if they had not left their children alone in the car, this would not have happened!"

And maybe the car was still missing!

Lucky people inside their bad luck. The amateur thief will probably give up from now on. Better get a job, its easier.

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Posted in: SoftBank to cut smartphone charges in Japan See in context


You are right, I forgot the phone was Docomo which they unlock every phone with that amount.

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Posted in: SoftBank to cut smartphone charges in Japan See in context

I've got a 2 years old smartphone of someone's that got new with his contract. I went to Softbank and they unlocked it for me for 3000yen. Then get the cheapest 980yen white plan. I can get phone calls from everyone and I can call and text free (1am-9pm) to softbank users. I also have a WIMAX (around 3200yen/month) in the house for internet and take it with me when I go out so I always have unlimited data package with me.

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Posted in: Gov't announces 'zero stray dogs and cats' action plan See in context

Pets are animals and not products. They probably never wanted to be pets from the begging its us humans who decided so. The chip system I think its enough for the stray pets problem. Whoever thinks that all the pets sold should be neutered before sold is crazy.

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