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Posted in: Tokyo riot police officer dies after apparently shooting himself See in context

Some of my co-workers also doubt this and we're trying to get to the bottom of this ourselves because it makes no sense.

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Posted in: Tokyo riot police officer dies after apparently shooting himself See in context

I work in Criminal Forensics

This makes no sense and it seems like a lazy attempt to wrap up the case without properly looking into different scenarios. An ambush from the back where the attacker(s) pulled out his gun from behind him? This was not a suicide. I highly doubt he would plan to commit suicide "after work"! If someone wanted to commit suicide, they just do it.

"Meh, I'll commit suicide after work!" said nobody.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old daughter alone for week to die See in context

This makes me wanna leave work and go to my 5 year old's kindergarten just to hug him. I can't even leave my kid in the car while I go into the combini let alone leave him for 8 DAYS to go on a sex romp many prefectures away? They should do the same to her in prison.

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested for shoplifting to pay for bowling See in context

He is accused of stealing two action figures and 10 comic books 

“I wanted to exchange the shoplifted items for money to pay for the bowling.”

Exactly how much did he think he'd get if he resold those comic books to a store? I'll tell you, not enough to finance his "bowling" expeditions. He'd be lucky if he gets ¥500 because they buy them back at ¥0.10~ per manga.

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Posted in: Local police chief in Fukui ticketed for off-duty driving gaffe See in context

Okay , he paid the fine but was his license endorsed and did he have to take the one day reeducation lecture ?

Took the comment right from my mind! My crime was a rolling stop before I merged unto a busy road. There were no cars for at least 600m and some cops pulled out from the bushes and had to be driving at least 90km (on a 50km road) to catch up to me. ¥27,000 and 4 hours in a room with many other people and further humiliated by having to stand outside holding a flag about driving while on your phone.

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Posted in: Japanese rapper Kan a.k.a. GAMI arrested for marijuana possession See in context

Marijuana is a seriously addictive, dangerous drug. 97% of marijuana users go on to use heroin, meth or cocaine.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (inhales) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

What? Where did you hear this? From a Nixon advisor? Let's look at Snoop Dog. He's been blazing' since the lat 80s-early 90s. Willie Nelson been smoking since dinosaurs were up and around and NEVER has anyone of them "went on to use heroin, meth or cocaine".

Don't these people in Japan know that there's an equation to it all:

Hip hop = Weed

Rock = Cocaine/heroine

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Posted in: Names of 18 and 19-year-old criminals to no longer be concealed from 2022 See in context

What took them so long to do this? You can't have a kid kill someone or commit a dangerous crime against someone and then just release them back into the public without anyone know who he or she is! I am reminded of that crime where these younger kids beat up this other 14 year old, forced him to strip and swim in a river where they slit his throat. Nobody would want to be siting next to or be associated with those kids involved in that crime because they're weren't seriously punished "because they were under the age"! Probably thrown in juvie, apologized and back out in public without any proper psychiatric evaluation or follow up which could lead to them committing the same or similar crime. So kids, don't do the crime if you can't do the time!

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Posted in: In Tokyo, a temple offers pandemic-hit Vietnamese workers a safe haven See in context

"We do everything. We take care of people from when they're inside the womb to when they're inside an urn,"

Wow! Now if that isn't STELLAR customer service, I don't know what else is!

"The current government's coronavirus policy is focused on helping the Japanese first," Yoshimizu said.

This Yoshimizu person sounds WOKE and is EXACTLY what Japanese people need to be like! Take example, Japan!

Many Vietnamese workers arrive in Japan as students or trainees, making them dependent on their employers and therefore vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Not only Vietnamese people, foreigners in general.

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Posted in: New support center opens in Tokyo for foreign residents in Japan See in context

How about Housing? Getting a credit card? Applying for residency on your own?

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Posted in: Woman found strangled to death in Saitama apartment See in context

Geez, here we go again. Sad news. The 58 year old man's body may also be found hanging elsewhere.

Let's hope so. But not before its established that he actually did it.

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Posted in: Road rage driver threatens commuter with a sickle as incidents increase across Japan See in context

He is suspected to have repeatedly flashed his lights and cut in front of her. While both were stopped, he took out the sickle from his car.

Given his age and the blatant disregard for the new law, I'd like to see how Japan plays this first case since the new law!

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Posted in: Man abandons mother’s body in apartment; tries to get money from her bank account See in context

Police said Fujihara claims to have discovered his mother dead when he visited her. He was quoted by police as saying he was shocked and didn’t know what to do and left.

I was going to be sympathetic with him because the sight of a dead parent can have a paralyzing affect on people. But......

 Fujihira asked a female neighbor to impersonate his mother so he could withdraw cash from Masako’s bank account.

....lock him up. I mean, we haven't heard his side of the story. Perhaps he was trying to use her money to give her a proper burial, but.....he should've reported her death immediately given the fact that she died from a heatstroke. And he involved an innocent person in his selfish ploy to get/steal money from his dead mother. The funny part is after the dust had settled, her money would've become his through relationship (next of kin) if he had just waited a bit. Greed can be a hell of a thing.

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Posted in: Japanese man detained by China released See in context

I'd LOVE to hear his story!

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Posted in: 83-year-old man arrested over sexual assault of caregiver See in context

Guess he was trying to re-live his glory days when he was some kinda manager with a lot of employees and he used to perv out. They should throw his @$$ in jail with 500 men (inmates) taking care of him!

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Posted in: Japan formally asks U.S. to extradite men accused of helping Ghosn flee See in context

Their lawyers have argued that they have not been charged in Japan with an offense for which extradition is possible under the U.S-Japan treaty.

Now let's just sit back and wait for the blatant making up of an offense Japan will come up with in an attempt to "save face". As far as I know it, those 2 men broke no laws in Japan as there are no known/written punishments for "skipping bail" here. The dude is long Ghosn (gone)! Just move on, man!

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Posted in: University student consulted with police before being killed by acquaintance See in context

Numazu police said Yamada consulted them in January about being stalked online but did not reveal if Yamada was referring to Hori. Police said they gave her guidance on anti-crime prevention measures and did not hear back from her again.

This is what I don't get about the cozzers here! She went to the police for them to do their job (PROTECT HER), but just gave her some advice!?

Thats like going to the police in an emergency

Victim : Theres a man with a gun chasing me!

Police : Well......maybe you should run from him in that direction!

Victim : .................................

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Posted in: Worker at facility for disabled accused of assaulting patient See in context

The incident came to light after it was captured on surveillance camera footage and revealed in several interviews at the facility. 

If it were captured on camera, you KNOW its a done deal! So why is he still "accused"?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill common-law wife See in context

Meanwhile, local media reported Tuesday that the woman had consulted police in April about suffering domestic abuse at the hands of Okada.

The police knew about this abusive man already, but did nothing to protect the woman? I know she could just leave, but sometimes its just not that easy.

I hope he gets put away for sometime and she takes that time to disappear without him being able to find her! Because maybe next time, he won't stop!

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Posted in: 84-year-old woman arrested over murder of 59-year-old son See in context

She said they quarreled a lot and she couldn't cope with it anymore.

Here's an idea! I mean call me crazy, but a 59 year old should have money saved up to take care of himself so.......kick him the blankety blank out!

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Posted in: Infant left at entrance to Japanese Red Cross nursery in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Police said the baby was born two or three days ago and that his health was good. They said the mother faces a charge of parental neglect.

How is leaving the baby at a Red Cross facility seen as "neglect", yet they have places called "baby hatches" where you can do exactly what she did, but that is ok? I know the baby hatches are set up specifically for this, but perhaps she couldn't make it to a baby hatch.

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Posted in: Traffic law to punish tailgating to go into effect Tuesday See in context

So with my rear camera, can I take the recordings to the police showing the tailgater's license plates and such? Also, if I can't use my horn, and I see someone reversing into my car, what am I to do? Send smoke signals?

I also think the traffic police should set new guidelines as to how far you are to be behind the car in front of you. I ALWAYS do 1 car length distance, but other idiots see it as a space snd roar in the space thus closing the safety gap between cars.

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Posted in: U.S. downgrades rating of Japan's efforts against human trafficking See in context

The US : The United States has downgraded its assessment of Japan's efforts to meet minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking, citing concerns over the abuse of labor migrants working in the country.

Me (while holding up historic books about stealing Africans from their home, making them slaves to work in America under harsh treatments, no pay, unfair treatment and many other things) : Seriously? You wanna talk about Japan not doing much to stop human trafficking?

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking pregnant woman in Sapporo See in context

“I kicked her because she mouthed off to me.”

Here's how karma will get back to him! He will be sent to prison where if he "mouths off" to the prison officers, he would get in trouble. Clearly this rumphole is still living in the 1950s where a woman can't defend herself. If I were her husband and he did that to my lot would be reading about me on this site today.

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Posted in: Gov't seeks more inclusion in education for foreign children in Japan See in context

A survey conducted last year by the education ministry yielded an estimate that more than 19,000 elementary or junior high school-age children of foreign nationalities in Japan do not attend school at all, including international schools.

One reason : Discrimination!

My son is 5 and in kindergarten. He has no friends because kids call him "gorilla otoko", "gaikokujin" and others. I saw a kid one time punch and kick my son as I washout to pick him up. I asked "Why are you doing that?" and he started bawling down the place like he was the victim. My son LITERALLY drags himself together to get ready for school. He hates school. He always plays alone and kids target him and bully him. Teachers say they'll talk to the kids, but what do you expect from a 5 year old bully?

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Posted in: Hundreds of venomous fire ants discovered in Tokyo; queen yet to be found See in context

queen yet to be found

Be careful out there, people! I heard she's a "Killer Queen" (ant) and she's guaranteed to blow your mind...anytime!

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Posted in: Glitches force gov't to temporarily shut down virus contact-tracing app See in context

I'm just waiting to hear that people's personal information was leaked through the use of this app and they don't know who did it.

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Posted in: Man clinging to moving car hits utility pole, dies; driver arrested See in context

Police said Toyoda has denied the charge and quoted him as saying he didn't know that Shigeta was hanging onto the car door.

A fly or small insect on the car door? Sure! Why not! I mean nobody notices them really because of their size.

A human on your car door? Perhaps Stevie Wonder won't notice it because he's blind. The passenger door in 100% in your view even if you're looking straight ahead. You're gonna need a better excuse than that one!

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Posted in: Japan's virus contact-tracing app gets 2.7 mil downloads in 3 days See in context

2.7 million downloads in 3 days

The Government now know where 2.7 million people are now.

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Posted in: Kimono maker creates face mask for hostesses See in context this a real thing? Why not just tie a towel around your face and call that George? This is a new low people have taken in lieu of this "outbreak"!

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Posted in: Kyoto woman arrested for stealing cat from pet shop; offers strange justification to police See in context

the cat is valued at 280,000 yen

Just think of how many months of rent you can pay with that amount of money Or what you can buy to benefit yourself. Or how many children you can feed! I mean, I love cats, but 280,000en for a cat? That cat will stay right there! I can go to a pet shelter!

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