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Posted in: Mother arrested for murder after infant found in Okayama irrigation canal See in context

According to police, a foreign student called 110 at around 9:20 p.m. on Tuesday to report that a baby was floating face down in an irrigation canal near a public park in Kita Ward.

I like how they can't even give this foreign student enough respect or credit for doing the right and calling the police to try to save a baby's life. Just "a foreign student". Real nice.

Police said the woman is married and has another child but did not tell her husband she was pregnant and gave birth without him apparently knowing anything about it.

How can he NOT notice his wife is pregnant for the duration of time? Didn't he notice the size change? Did he even look at his wife? Do they sleep together so that he sees her in her night gown/sleeping clothes? My wife is pregnant and who can not see that?

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Posted in: Nursery teacher arrested over kidnapping and sexually assault of elementary school girl See in context

People (@ssh0les) like him will give future male child care applicants a negative chance. Hence the saying "one bad apple......"

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Posted in: 150 pears stolen from orchard in Saitama Prefecture in latest fruit theft See in context

I'm sure it was a pair of idiots!

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Posted in: Bear killed after wandering around Ishikawa shopping mall for more than 13 hours See in context

Did they have to kill the bear? The bear didn't attack anyone at all! Put it to sleep and relocate it to the wild. These people are so in-expereinced! I saw this on the news and they had one little old man with a flimsy "riot shield" (prolly from the '60s) who was escorting like 35 people from the mall to safety. Really? Come on now, Japan!

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Posted in: No jail for parents who left daughters at home while they used COVID cash handout for hotel stay See in context

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you....the Japanese "justice" system in all its "splendour and glory"! See how it fails its children and gaze upon the reason why so many children fall through the cracks and end up like the 5 year old girl whose parents abused to death.

This joke of a ruling lets other parents know there is a chance that they can do something like this and get away with it.

Most appalling, I say!

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Posted in: 78-year-old woman with dementia hit, killed by train See in context

The driver told police he saw a person on the tracks and applied the emergency brake but couldn’t stop in time.

I hope the police DON'T go after the driver for hitting and killing the woman like they do with unexpected car accidents (a kid runs out in the road, giving the driver nano-seconds to react)

Police said that about 30 minutes after the accident, the woman’s daughter had reported her missing after leaving their home without her noticing.

I hope JR DOESN'T go after the woman's daughter and sue her for holding up the trains like they did with a similar case where an old woman was taking care of her old husband with dementia as she fell asleep and he snuck out and got hit by a train.

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Posted in: Man arrested after threatening police officers with knife See in context

Shimoyashiki said “I’m going to kill you.” 

Police in Kamagaya, Chiba Prefecture, have arrested a 50-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of attempted murder 

That doesn't sound like suspicions! Son, thats a promise! He made that decision to go through with his actions!

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Posted in: 567 cartons of cigarettes bought with 120 smartphones leads to man's arrest See in context

The details of exactly who he was defrauding and how he was going about it aren’t clear. Reporting of the crime is probably being left vague to avoid copycat attempts.

Basically "we don't understand it, so it must be a crime! And a foreigner is doing it, so it MUST be a crime!"

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder, robbery of woman in hotel room See in context

He was apprehended when he showed up at a police station on Saturday to report the loss of his cell phone.

Aso : Hi, Im here to report my lost phone!

Police : Sure! No problem. And since you're here........

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested for dangerous driving resulting in death See in context

Police said Ishii was given a breathalyzer test which revealed an alcohol content above the legal limit. Police quoted Ishii as saying he had been drinking alcohol at home and that he had gone out to do some shopping.

A 44-year-old woman was thrown out of the minivan by the impact and died later.

The victim, Maiko Hashimoto, was sitting in the minivan’s back passenger seat. She was thrown out of the vehicle and suffered severe head injuries. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead. 

So there are 2 lessons to learn here:

Don't drink and drive! (Friends don't let friends drive drunk!)

Seatbelts saves lives! (Click it or you get a ticket!) (Crash test dummies)

Being a kid in the 80s and 90s I paid attention to those PSAs.

I don't know WHY Japanese people think "If I'm sitting behind the front passenger or driver seat, I'll be fine if there were an accident! I don't need seat belts!" I showed my son a video of what would happen if you don't wear seatbelts in an accident (with dummies, of course) and to this day, he knows that our cars would not move until we hear that click from his seatbelt. I am very proud to say he is NOT one of those kids you see moving about freely in an moving car. I honestly think police need to crack down HARD on non seatbelt wearers. I've seen TOO MANY crashes with gruesome endings because of no seatbelts.

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Posted in: Japan to consider new anti-stalking measures against GPS monitoring See in context

Here's what I was talking about.

Stricter stalking laws are needed!

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Posted in: Couple in A-bombed Hiroshima photo identified 74 years on See in context

Makes no sense talking about a photo WITHOUT showing the photo.

All thanks goes to Tokyo-Engr! Stellar work!

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested for trying to set fire to mayor’s house in Hokkaido town See in context

Toshio Higashida hurled a burning object through a first-floor window of the house of Mayor Haruo Kataoka

All this because.......

Higashida has admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying he was protesting the mayor’s decision to over the radioactive waste storage issue.

What was his endgame? Hoping that the stupid act would kill him? And then what?

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Posted in: Japan to consider new anti-stalking measures against GPS monitoring See in context

"We have to take necessary steps, given the fact that there are (stalking) victims who feel insecure," a senior agency official said.

Hahahahahahaha! As in telling the stalker to "stop stalking this person!" and hoping they would actually stop?

There are many cases where someone was being stalked, the victim went to the police, the police told the stalker to stop stalking this person and had them sign some paper, then the stalker went back and killed the victim. How about focusing on stricter stalking laws? GPS stalking is still stalking!

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Posted in: 89-year-old ex-top bureaucrat pleads not guilty over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

Iizuka, who was also injured in the accident and hospitalized, was indicted without arrest in February, triggering public outcry that he had been given preferential treatment due to his former government position.

This is the only reason he walked free after killing a woman and a little girl. If I had done this, I wouldn't be here typing this up. Japan needs to enforce one same law for all people. I feel even worse for the poor father! What a slap in his face to find out this old killer walks free.

He came to the courtroom in a wheelchair and with a cane.

Is that supposed to tug on our heartstrings? At least he can breathe air in his lungs. What about the mother and daughter he killed and then lied to try to it up? Can they go to the courtroom?

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Posted in: All participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested See in context

five men in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s and two women in their 30s. 

Give those two women an award and an A for effort and participation! Just let them be, man! I'd rather them be doing that other than committing a crime or something else!

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Posted in: Father arrested over death of one-month-old daughter in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

he allegedly slammed his one-month-old daughter against a door and punched her in the stomach.

Its lunch time and I can't finish my lunch after reading this post. We're expecting a baby soon and I can't even think of doing this even IF I were under stress! Go for a walk, play video games, talk with your friends, travel or something else! You don't go punching 1 month old babies to death! Come on now! SMH!

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Posted in: Mothers of child abuse victims often isolated: gov't panel See in context

holed - holes

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Posted in: Mothers of child abuse victims often isolated: gov't panel See in context

Mothers of children who die of abuse are often isolated from local communities and relatives

My wife said her father used to beat her mother when they lived at his parents house at the dinner table. She said her grandparents (his parents) would just pick up their food and go to the other room and sit there, eat their food while listening to their son violently beat his wife as my wife and her sister tried to hide behind the refrigerator. her grandparents, neighbors, other family relatives knew, seen it, heard of the abuse but ACTUALLY LITERALLY ignored what was going on. Her mother told me she would be covered in bruises the next morning, but his parents wouldn't even look her in the eye when they saw her or talked to her.

This was in the '90s. Her mother said she felt like ending it all because she felt so trapped and alone.

This is the problem in Japan. Too many people fall through the massive holed in the system.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 11-year-old girl found in his car See in context

Wow! What a disgusting creep!

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

This has nothing to do with Japanese or Foreigners and anyone who tries to make it an issue is a Racist.

Let me help you out here...

Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media

Now I'm not sure, but I think the implications in THE HEADLINE are very obvious!

If you don't get it, the media is putting foreigners as thieves in the eyes of Japanese people. So let me rephrase your post :

*This** has nothing to do with Japanese or Foreigners and anyone who tries to make it an issue is a Racist.*

*This issue is Racist!

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Posted in: 19-year-old student arrested for attempted rape of woman in unmanned police box See in context

The suspect, who cannot be named because he is a minor, followed the woman on his bike, then went into the koban after her.

Seriously dude? You're that determined! You would knowingly waltz into a police box to try to rape a woman? But....hey! Its ok! Because....

he claims that he doesn’t recollect the incident.


The suspect, who cannot be named because he is a minor

I can just imagine her level of distrust in the police now! She went to them in her time of need to find no one there!

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested for stealing ¥70,000 in toy money left in safe as 'bait' See in context

Consider my hat tipped to this clever ol' bag! You did spottingly well!

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker apologizes for saying 'women lie' about sexual assaults See in context

"Sugita's statement is inexcusable hate speech that constitutes a form of 'second rape' of victims of sexual violence and which seriously falls short of the sensitivity demanded by the international community," the group said in a statement.

Let's look at this situation! How many men are in jail for a woman making a false claim (exaggerated truth/twisted story) of rape? And how many women are in jail because a man falsely claimed that she raped him?

Especially here in Japan, if a woman claimed "He raped me!" even though he didn't and she knew he didn't, the man is immediately treated as a criminal with little to no proof or evidence which means the whole case can be developed based on whatever she says. Now in NO WAY AT ALL am I saying "all women lie in cases of rape", not what I am saying to the least bit. I am saying that it happens and we all know it.

This story kinda hit home because my most bestest friend (like my brother) from England was arrested in Okayama because he was at a bar with a woman he met here in Japan. They got into a small disagreement because he didn't want to pay the full bill that she racked up. She then stood up and said "NOOO! Don't touch me there! Rape!" in a bar with many people. Some guys in the bar came and held him until the police came, She told them that he tried to rape her (even though they both were fully clothed in a public place) took him away roughly and he was locked up for 5 and a half months, lost his job, apartment and all his belongings (car, tv, deposit, everything) until she told the truth that he didn't rape her. The police told her off, let him go, put him on a flight and told never come back to Japan because he's on a "Rapist list" even though they KNOW he didn't do it and she made it up. The man was absolutely devastated. He told me about how many times he told the police he didn't do anything and how he was treated as a "gaijin rapist" in prison. He said he didn't even get an apology from her or the police.

So you see, its not hate speech! Mio is being criticized for speaking the truth about SOME women.

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Posted in: Man arrested for indecent exposure in front of woman on Tokyo street See in context

Ladies, a wee kick in the Trossachs builds character.

No because he might give her some money and thank her!

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media

When they use the word "foreigners", a large group of hard working people here, coupled with the word "theft", they're throwing us into the spotlight and label us "thieves" thus giving Japanese people more fuel to not accept non Japanese residents. This title was written without thought of the consequences it would come with towards other foreigners.

What if someone wrote an article titled "Asian people have NO manners in public!", that would put ALL Asian creeds in one demographic, but actually its meant to focus on those rude, unruly, um-mannered and unpleasant Chines tourists, and Japanese people were feeling the aftermath of that article, I wonder if things would change?

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Posted in: Billing scam suspected over surge in dubious int'l calls See in context

If you don't know the phone number, why else is there a voice message feature?

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit by car on crossing; driver arrested See in context

Do they see how people cross the street in Japan with their kids? They let their kids run out ahead of them! (not all Japanese parents) My 5 year old son knows the CORRECT way to cross the street! Take either of our hands and cross with us. Or I would test him. Have him stand at the crosswalk, look left and right CAREFULLY then cross. If a car stops for him to cross, maintain eye contact with the driver until he gets to the other side of the street then bow! Never would we let our kid cross the road ahead of us. Here's hoping this kid pulls through!

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

I'm a gentleman! I'm not "good morning"! What about those of us who want to be greeted as we are: Men and Women?

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