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I honestly can't belive that so many people have actually supported the game on this page. It's disgusting. "Lighten up. I love these kind of games.... I think all guys do." If you like it your absolutely sick!What is enjoyable about ruining a womans life? Even if it is just in a game they make games like this really real and violent games have been known to induce real life violence, why wouldn't rape games have the same effect? "This rape games cater to those guys with Rape fantasies/fetish. You know, when Japanese girls says "noo-", it means "yes I want it but you need to force it so you wont make me look like a slut". Thats why many guys dig these games. Its a cultural thing. by the way.When Japanese girls says "NO! blablah", it means NO!." No means no ffs your view on this is totally disturbing! Making these games legal is like making kiddy porn legal. And it shouldn't be accepted as part of the japanese culture, that's like accepting that binge drinking is part of Aust. culture, it's bad but oh well, it's what we do. I thought the Japanese and lots of respect and all that!

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