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Posted in: Man arrested for ruining fruit at supermarket See in context

Guy better watch his back in the hoosgow. They don't take too kindly to fruit-ruiners I hear.

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Posted in: Dozens allowed off cruise ship have symptoms such as fever: minister See in context

It's like they are trying to provide a case study for the world on how NOT to handle a potential epidemic. Fools of the highest degree running the Federal Government of Japan.

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Posted in: 'Bureaucrats were in charge': Japanese doctor blasts ship quarantine See in context

So 28 of the people from the Diamond Princess diagnosed with the virus are now in serious/critical condition. If any of these people die because of the bungling bureaucrats forcing them to stay on that boat instead of putting them into proper quarantine, then those bureaucrats should be up on charges.

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Posted in: Junior high school students filmed up skirts of female classmates, sold images See in context

Would you guys think it was just boys being boys if that was your daughter or sister who had their upskirt photos sold on the Internet, possibly to active or potential sexual predators? Yes, you might be able to find pics on the internet, but the people who bought these pics probably know the school and can possibly figure out the identity of these girls.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases on cruise ship in Yokohama jump to 61 See in context

Facility could be another ship, an unpopulated island, an isolated military base. Definitely would not put them in an area where there is a chance of it spreading further.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases on cruise ship in Yokohama jump to 61 See in context

They should evacuate the people on that ship to a sterilized facility or else they will likely all get sick.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases on cruise ship in Yokohama jump to 61 See in context

Anybody know if there are any kids on this ship? If so, how many?

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Posted in: 'A floating prison': Cruise of Asia ends in virus quarantine See in context

Remember that those who aren't infected are forced to stay in an area where 10 people have been diagnosed with a sickness that is lethal in some cases. They are forced to live in a situation where there is actually confirmed danger, while for us outside that area, it's a much less tangible danger. Who knows if they'll come do wn with it too? Rich or not, and at a different level of comfort and privilege than those poor people in the quarantined areas in China, they are still in a more difficult position than most of us reading this article.

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Posted in: Neil Peart, Rush's star drummer, dies at 67 See in context

Listen to the live recording of YYZ that's in this article on Rush's 12 best songs.

I remember the first time I heard this in 1984 as a kid learning to play the drums and it completely blew my mind when I heard the drum solo. A high-water mark set there by a true virtuoso. A fantastic drummer and great human being. Thank you so much for your music.

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Posted in: Anime studio arson-murder suspect transferred to Kyoto hospital See in context

I hope no other burn victims awaiting treatment have their treatment delayed because of this "man". He will be suffering from burns here and in the afterlife.

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Posted in: Trudeau begs forgiveness for brownface photo See in context

Trudeau's policies haven't scape-goated or taken rights away from minorities, but these pics show he was pretty clueless before he became a full-time politician, despite the fact he is the son of one of Canada's most famous Prime Ministers.

So these actions - actually seems more like a pattern of behaviour since there are three instances of him wearing blackface that have been photographically documented - create a big problem for his supporters.

This seems like a classic case of a politician being caught having an embarrassing past that contradicts a carefully-maintained and mostly manufactured public image, and more importantly, having this past pattern of behavior that detracts from the progressive policies that attempt to rectify the legacy of injustices visited against minorities.

On the other, we have elected-officials who have no photographically-documented instances of blackface, but do have historically-documented and currently-implemented policies that add to the injustices against minorities, stripping them of rights and security. A blackface controversy would just reinforce perceptions of bigotry by those in opposition, but would probably also not have much effect on these officials' supporters.

So we have progressives faced with the choice of turning a blind eye toward a Prime Minister with a unpalatable past so that the changes they envision come to fruition, or rejecting him in the middle of election, allowing conservative rivals to take power and do what their supporters want to do. There are other more progressive parties like the NDP and Green party who could also benefit from Trudeau's supporters abandoning him, but the conservatives are the ones who will most benefit from this.

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Posted in: Ric Ocasek, singer for The Cars, dies at 75 See in context

The Cars were great, Ric was a great music Ian, songwriter and producer. Listen to Weezer's first album and you can hear Ric's influence pretty clearly. Thanks for making the world a better place Ric!

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Posted in: Teen bullying victim who died in apparent suicide blames school in journal See in context

Can't really think of any word besides scandalous to describe how this child was treated. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Month-long release of Kyoto arson victims' identities ends See in context

Unless there is some danger posed by not releasing victims' names, the wishes of the bereaved families are most important and should be honored.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer facing marijuana charge released on bail See in context

Here's a link to the article I mentioned in my previous comment. The article expired on Japan Today but found it elsewhere:

Here's a quote from Japan embassy in Canada that was pretty surreal:

"Even in a place where marijuana is legalized, if our citizens smoke, purchase, possess or deliver marijuana, it's a criminal act, so they will be punished," the embassy in Canada tweeted. "Please be careful."

How do you even enforce that re. aspect of consumption?? Haven't heard of anyone nailed for this yet, but wouldn't surprise me as the news just gets more absurd by the day.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer facing marijuana charge released on bail See in context

@Nippori Nick

He should holiday in Canada...all legal and no, the sky is not falling.

Actually, read an article here on Japan Today last year saying the government would test people at the airport coming back from Canada if they suspected someone of having used marijuana. Not even sure if that is legal.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer facing marijuana charge released on bail See in context

Unbelievable! Look what they're making this guy do. Bowing down with his head to the ground saying "I promise I will never touch illegal drugs including marijuana and become involved in crime". Get your priorities straight Japan. Spend more money on educating and protecting your children from abuse than on investigating celebs for weed. I think Robert Mitchum had an easier time of it back in the 50s in the US than this guy in Japan in 2019. Seriously, what a joke.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

So why would they have launched Cool Biz over a decade ago, with one of the reasons being improving office workers comfort in boiling summers by not forcing them to wear suits to work, but not allow the female segment of the population to dispense with wearing heels for the same reason, not to mention the fact that wearing heels takes a toll on their bodies. Baffles me how frickin ignorant some of these dudes are.

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Posted in: Car hits group of preschoolers in Shiga Pref; 2 dead See in context

This is becoming a weekly occurrence now, if not daily in some cases. Seriously have no idea what the hell is happening with the drivers here, but I hope the two little ones didn't suffer too much and hope those who survived make full recoveries. Terrible, terrible news.

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Posted in: 399 children who suffered child abuse unable to be discharged from hospitals last year See in context

I guess adoption is not an option here? Considering how many couples can't have kids, you'd think there could be new homes found for these poor children.

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Posted in: Australian man arrested for spraying graffiti on Tokyo subway cars See in context

His tags look pretty crap too.

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

Funny, no mention about those who don't get paid vacation days during this extended GW. For these people, 10 days off unpaid is definitely not a good thing. Those who mostly benefit from this are full-fledged company workers.

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Posted in: Man arrested for goading girlfriend into setting herself on fire See in context

" I poured kerosene all over her and told her to set herself on fire.... But I didn't mean it. I was angry."

Ok. Sure.

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Posted in: Australia's Hanson suggests country's worst gun massacre a conspiracy See in context

This vacuous dunderhead should just go back to selling fish and chips or whatever it was she was doing before she became a vacuous dunderhead who is able to fill the world with such bile because she's a federal politician.

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Posted in: Japan bans Boeing 737 MAX planes from its airspace See in context

I think it might have even come after Boeing grounded them. Said Thursday for both. Anyway, way to take the helm as usual Japan!

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Posted in: Epileptic driver of wheel loader that hit and killed 11-year-old girl gets 7 years in prison See in context

So, if his employer did break the law by hiring an epileptic person to operate heavy equipment, are they being investigated? Was this 2013 law being properly enforced by the government? Everyone involved should pay dearly for the loss of the poor girl and the injuries suffered by the other students and the teachers. This man didn't make these kids' lives any easier.

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty over death of husband, wife in road rage accident See in context

He probably saw that the man was with his wife and daughters in the car but he selfishly disregarded their safety by forcing them to stop on a busy road. His actions were causal in their death. He caused them to stop which caused their vehicle to be struck by another vehicle, resulting in the parents' deaths and leaving the daughters not only orphans, but also injured, and, I assume, seriously so. Have the daughters suffered permanent physical injury and/or disability from this accident? The psychological and emotional trauma will be there forever.

Re. him yawning and laughing in court, and demanding money for interviews, this demonstrates a clear lack of remorse and should, if legally possible, be taken into account when pronouncing his sentence, when and if he is found guilty.

I am curious if he had alcohol in his system at the time. Has he undergone any psychological testing to determine if he even comprehends just how serious his actions were? I cannot see any defense for his actions other than insanity, so if he isn't, he should drop his shameful defense that is based on a legal technicality and admit his guilt.

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Posted in: 13 arrested for groping, theft after Shibuya Halloween chaos See in context


Its not a residential area, but a commercial/shopping district that is packed, so your comparison is not valid. I didn't say overturning is ok- the subtext of "gropers and the like " would include criminals of any type. I'll be more specific next time. Point is most young people are in an always-busy area having fun like people do on New Year's, St. Patrick's, etc., in other cities. Where else should they go?

Who compromised 14 woman being groped? Not me, plus the headline says 13 arrested for groping, theft.

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Posted in: 13 arrested for groping, theft after Shibuya Halloween chaos See in context

I pass thru Shibuya to and from work every day, and last night it was packed but kids were just having fun. With that many people, of course there is going to be a few wackos or whatever mixed in there, but no big deal. The kids here are so controlled all through their school lives up till university, then they cut loose a bit in uni for a few years, then get a job, where instead of being under the thumb of teachers and parents (well actually, maybe not parents as most grads still live with their folks till they get married or whatever), they place themselves directly under the thumb of management. People wonder why it's a little messed up here-it's because there ain't much freedom, in a social sense.

Gropers and the like are another story and should be thrown in jail, but the kids are alright. Too bad so many of them lead such a bleak day-to-day existence.

If you are worried about danger, don't go there on Halloween. Weekends can be a bit crowded too.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl survives fall from 5th-floor apartment See in context

Amazing she lived. A fall over 3 stories is often fatal. Hope the fractured leg at that age doesn't result in permanent impairment.

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