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Japan is not only doing great, "The number of deaths in the nation last year decreased by 9,373, or 0.7%, from a year earlier to 1,384,544, down for the first time in 11 years, preliminary health ministry data showed on Monday." So much for a Pandemic, Covid is sure not even in the top 5 for deaths, probably not even in the top 10, flu has almost been cured, and only covid remains.

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Looking at what happens to all those who oppose the Main Stream throughout history, Denmark might well consider a different course of action, be interesting to watch. I wonder if Denmark will be cut out of certain organizations now? I digress, my pop corn is always on hand to watch the show.

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The games are just proof positive that all Governments, even Japan, say one thing to their people and then turn around and do the opposite whenever and wherever it pleases them to do so. From now on Japanese people will be indoctrinated into accepting these games, the sponsors of it have already started the push. This article kind of makes it clear who partially supports these games, and it's got nothing to do with the people.

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Posted in: Unmarked police cars in Japan use Transformer-style trick when they pull someone over See in context

Dunno.... the unmarked cars I have seen are usually silver or black mid-size cars, something like Corollas. Maybe they have bigger ones for use with hotshots (however, I leave near the retired emperors home with lots of police around, and the same seems to apply.

> > I've never seen a Corolla unmarked police car in Japan, they are usually Crowns, used to see skylines in Yama Guchi, when you come up behind them they all have the same smoked glass windows with 2 rearview mirrors, I don't advise passing.

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It's okay, after 85% of Japanese get the jab they'll lock down the entire country and refuse to let anybody leave, they did it in the UK already. Remember all those people falling dead in the streets of China, these

tyrants have got everybody dumbed down entirely, and the G7 countries in particular are copying every

tyranical move China made, but remember to keep watching the TV and believe.

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Posted in: Japan considers COVID-19 vaccination certificates for those traveling overseas See in context

It's only getting started the tyranny will escalate, it may not be vaccine certificates, but they will force people to do things they do not want, control is the name of their game, with control comes all that the elites desire.

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Posted in: Hives, chills reported following COVID-19 vaccination in Japan See in context

And so it begins! Most vaccines go through years of testing before they are released, not months.

The last time they rushed this was the Swine Flu Pandemic that turned out to be a non Pandemic.

The CDC and WHO's record for Pandemics is not all that great.

As for the other comment on the FDA approval, Big Pharma is all over and inside the FDA, the FDA's approval for anything is always doubtful. Even CNN agrees, and that's unusual.

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