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At least they had their ‘L’ and ‘R’ in the right place. Not Tlump and Stear

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I don’t understand, one is always free to logout from these SNS ! Why thr hell doesn’t somebody teach this to these young talents ?

I know of many sportspersons who abstain from SNA purely to make sure that this performance on the field is not affected.

Sad to these incidents being repeated.

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kurisupisu, guess you don’t move from a stone’s throw distance from your home. Next time you want to go abroad, please walk, swim and see how much you enjoy and how long it takes you. We all love our environment but there are necessities which can’t be avoided. Only when airlines and aircraft producers make profits, more money can be pumped into research to make fuel efficient turbines / engines and final attain the goal of flying without using fuel.

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He has money

He was dating her.

It was Christmas Eve.

Very likely they had at least champagne.

So both back to HER place drunk.

She was having periods ? Otherwise why decline to make love ? Half drunk man, in his GF’s room, how will he keep his boner libido inside his underwear?

He took fotos - which is questionable but for what purpose ? Did he splash it out on the net or share with somebody ? If not it remained private.

Cannot understand the girl’s stance.

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