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Posted in: Sumo tournament begins without spectators for 1st time See in context

To vanityofvanities, the following link may not answer your question,

but, it is interesting: http://blog.japantimes.co.jp/yen-for-living/who-pays-for-sumo/

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Posted in: Boy in Japan uses his high voice to impersonate a schoolgirl in prostitution scam See in context

If the boys had spent as much time finding a date, instead of pretending to be one, none of this would have happened (though, I wonder, if the girls didn't "put out," what would they have done to her?). Talk about mixed-up priorities.

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Posted in: England fined for encroaching on All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup See in context

When social decency, decorum, and sportsmanship, are eliminated from the game,

it ceases to be entertainment, and may as well not even have referees.

But, since we do, failure to show respect on the field,

either between players, or players and officials,

should result in the automatic ejection of the offending player(s)

(in American football, that used to be the case, even if a player

accidentally touched a referee,

except, of course, if the ref got in the way of a play, which is rare;

for the past few years, I've seen players get away with a lot of abuse of officials).

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Posted in: England fined for encroaching on All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup See in context


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Posted in: Uruguay rugby players assault staff, damage Kumamoto restaurant See in context

Wondering why 200 customers didn't help stop the fray.

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Posted in: X Japan’s Yoshiki apologizes for having dinner with Jackie Chan See in context


Peace begins with friends

who ignore cold border wars

and bask in their warmth.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka slams reporters who ask her to speak in Japanese in new Nike ad See in context

Q: "Can you answer in Japanese?"

A: "Hai!"

THAT would have been more provocative than "shhh!",

which, IMnsHO, was poorly acted and not a big deal,

since she was asking for silence as any tennis player on court would.

Much ado about nothing, except, of course, to get free publicity for the sponsor.

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Posted in: Man arrested for opening door and jumping off bullet train in motion See in context

zichi-san: Most trains have easy-to-open doors for emergencies. Similarly, albeit, surprisingly, with airplanes and jets, as well. The take-away is not that exits are public-accessible, it's that a moron cost hundreds, if not thousands, of people time and money, when he could have, simply, waited, until the next stop (it's a bullet train; how long would he have been delayed; a half-hour, tops? Just tell the boss the dog ate your computer!). ;)

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Posted in: Shiba Inu marshmallows See in context

The artistry is amazing, but, who could bring themselves to eat the treats?

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Posted in: 'He wore Uniqlo to meet me!' Japanese woman shares petty bad date story See in context

"Petty bad"???

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Posted in: Train etiquette: Top 10 inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most See in context

Ah_so: A few years ago, I was on a jet, ready to leave the gate, when a woman starting painting her nails. Both I and the gentleman on her other side were dismayed at the noxious odor coming from the polish. I asked her, politely, to stop doing it. She didn't even acknowledge me. That's when all hell broke loose. An alarm started beeping near us! The entire stewarding staff approached us, realized what had happened, asked the woman to put away the nail polish, which, fortunately, she did (I guess she only pays attention to authority figures), and the rest of the flight went uneventfully. After we landed, I asked the head stewardess why the alarm went off. She said the alarms are sensitive to smoke and certain odors. I can't tell you how long it took to get the smell of that nail polish out of my nose and mind. I've also seen women putting on make-up in their mirrors WHILE DRIVING A CAR, as well as men doing the same thing. Do one's toilette at home or in a work bathroom, not in public. And no taking selfies in bathrooms; it's disgusting and demeaning!

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Posted in: Train etiquette: Top 10 inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most See in context

A few years ago, I was in a Washington DC metro subway around 7pm, when a 20-something got on, laser-focused on his smartphone. I was amazed he made it, safely, on board, especially with the crush of people getting on (not as bad as rush hour, but, still pretty crowded). Twenty minutes later, near the last stop, which was mine, there were only a few people left on the train. As the station drew closer, I got up from my seat to get to the door. The young man followed me, still on his smartphone, not having said a word or typing anything or even looking up, so, clearly, he was watching something engrossing. As a joke, I turned around and walked in the opposite direction the entire length of the railroad car, and repeated it two more times. The other passengers caught on and started laughing. It was then that the distracted dingbat looked up from his smartphone and out the window, then screamed, "I MISSED MY STOP!!!"

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Posted in: Seawalls may give false sense of security during a tsunami See in context

It appears as though this particular wall was built of sections stacked. directly, one on top of the other, with no offsets. Even the most basic architectural student knows that staggering such makes for stronger walls. I hope that, at the very least, they were smart enough to drive pylons or rebar through them.

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Posted in: 42 people injured after suspected gas explosion destroys buildings in Sapporo See in context

A few decades ago, we let my dog outside, as usual, and she went nuts, barking at the side of the house, incessantly! We called her to come in, but she refused, which was very unlike her. When I went to get her, I could smell gas, and we evacuated the house, after calling 911 for the fire dept. (no cell phones, back then) One fire marshal appeared, got a piece of equipment that he called a "sniffer," and confirmed that gas was leaking from the inlet coming into the house. He shut off the gas to the house (it was summer, so, no big deal, heating-wise, but it meant we couldn't cook or get hot water). The next day, my father called a friend of his, who dug out the faulty pipe, which had completely rusted through, but, because we have an older house, it needed a special fitting, so, we had another day without gas. The gas was turned on with the fire marshal's approval of the repair, two days after that. The dog got a steak for dinner that night!

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Posted in: JAL pilot, arrested in London before flight to Tokyo, admits being almost 10 times over alcohol limit See in context

Thank goodness for that bus driver! As with most such things, it is the "lowest" people who find the problems, first.

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

1) Please stop referring to criminals, drunks, and sociopaths as "men."

Men wouldn't do such.

Just call them "males"; it's all they deserve.

2) I'm just wondering what difference it made

as to whether they knew each other!

3) At what point do airlines and airports stop selling alcohol?

What is the point of it? One multi-million dollar lawsuit

versus a $5 drink? Put the booze away, permanently.

Don't give idiots a chance to prove themselves as such.

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Posted in: Tokyo cafe offers all-you-can-eat pie See in context

With all-you-can-eat establishments seemingly on the rise,

I predict a lot of chunkier Japanese will be walking around Tokyo! ;)

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Posted in: 'Memory enhancing gum' now on sale in Japan See in context

Great article! I chuckled throughout!

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Posted in: Video shows car speeding through Shibuya’s scramble crossing filled with people See in context

This vid shows how trusting Japanese urbanites are of drivers. On a recent visit to NYC's Chinatown, it was virtually impossible to get more than one vehicle through a particular intersection, because pedestrians know they aren't going to be run over. That doesn't happen anywhere else in NYC that I've seen, except for the distracted (smartphone/texting) pedestrian, the elderly struggling to stand much less walk, tourists, and, of course, the obnoxious, holier-than-thou, egomaniacs. At least the guy in this instance slowed down before nearly running folks down! I hope this serves as a wake-up call to all, everywhere.

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Posted in: Rapper defiantly stares at eclipse, then cancels shows See in context

"Day of the Triffids"!!!

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

And this is why Japan is so much smarter than the USA! :)

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Posted in: Japan gears up for foreign visitors with new interactive vending machine See in context

I made it a rule never to buy anything with an anime octopus on the package. ;)

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Posted in: Man beaten to death after his car intercepted by gang of foreigners See in context

Execute, arrest, jail, trial, prison. In that order.

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Posted in: Miss Philippines crowned Miss Universe after host mistakenly names Miss Colombia See in context

This just in: Steve Harvey no longer hosts any contest!

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Posted in: Gifu town under fire for using busty No-Rin character to boost tourism See in context

The event is for bars, which, after having a few drinks, most men see women as little more than cartoons, so, this is an accurate depiction. ;)

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Posted in: 6 tips for learning Japanese See in context

Wakarimasu! Domo! ;)

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Posted in: Furious man attacks SoftBank's robot Pepper See in context

Wouldn't YOU like to meet a Pepper, too? (apologies to the Dr. Pepper soft drink advertising campaign, and, yes, I know it's "BE a Pepper," but, "meet" is more relevant)

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Posted in: Japanese women list top 10 lies they can spot the second a guy says them See in context

"Japanese HAVE two ways to say “I love you.”"

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Posted in: Oblivious Chinese tourists wander back into Naha airport’s departure area, causing chaos See in context

Curious that the age of the girls wasn't listed. Regardless, assuming the girls weren't terrorists, it means they didn't recognize that the area was off-limits and/or that signage was bad. It also means that there weren't sufficient sentries at those points (i.e., the breach of security is the airport's fault, not the girls'). Even in the USA, signs are few and far between in many airports, causing confusion among literate and intelligent people.

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Posted in: Talking 'Star Wars' fridge droid See in context

Now, if they could have designed it to be powered by the moving cold air or motor vibration, THEN they would have had something. Otherwise, at 43 USD, it better come with a lifetime supply of batteries! ;)

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