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Posted in: Osaka railway creates superhero to attract foreign tourists See in context

If y'all think this is funny, you should watch it with the closed captioning!

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 7-year jail term for man who slashed two AKB48 singers See in context

In this day and age, not having security at any public event is tantamount to disaster. 50 cm = 20". That's freaking huge, and could easily have been confiscated and/or the man turned away and/or have the police called. Ridiculous. And anyone who seeks to hurt others, especially innocents, regardless of the reason or state of mind, needs to be put away for a long, long, long, time.

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Posted in: Social networking for animals See in context

That's not a real cat! ;)

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Posted in: Seven cool things set to happen in Japan during 2015 See in context

Making English subtitles that make sense. ;)

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Posted in: Sound no barrier for 'world's fastest' pianist See in context

If one cannot hear the notes, then what is the point of playing them?

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Posted in: 40 dog carcasses found in Tochigi river See in context

I wonder if the guy who reported it had something to do with it, and felt guilty about it, as well he should.

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Posted in: Some fans love Pharrell’s 'It Girl' video; others call him a pedophile See in context

Amazing what raises peoples' ire. Gun control? Drugs? Terrorists? Infrastructure? Hunger? Gangs? This vid doesn't even make the top 20.

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Posted in: Kimono-clad princesses offer apologies for roadside construction in Kyoto See in context

I'm willing to bet that more drivers slow down for inanimate objects than they would for people holding warning flags. Sad, but, probably true.

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Posted in: 7 unbelievable jobs that actually exist in Japan See in context

Family member: "So, which side of the family are you on?" Paid guest: "The left side."

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Posted in: Grand Hyatt to host '80s disco event See in context

"The Last Dance" - - Donna Summer

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Posted in: New judo rules favor Japan at world championships See in context

Bravo on the ruling: Judo is not wrestling.

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Posted in: Snoozing here, there and everywhere See in context

This is why many undercover mass transit cops appear to be sleeping: To catch those who would prey on real sleeping people. A TV news magazine show had an episode about one such in a NYC subway, showing undercover cops on the train and platform, and it was amazing to see the criminals in action (assuming it wasn't staged, of course), some of whom looked like decent businessmen. Even more amazing were the few people who tried to help apparent drunks by getting or calling the police (when summoned, the police - - all of whom were in on the sting - - had to pretend to help the "sleeper"). It would have been more interesting to surreptitiously view real drunks/sleepers to see what might have happened.

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Posted in: Kanji skills decline in digital age See in context

So, what would “ultra-violet street fighting rays” be in Japanese? ;)

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