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Posted in: Death penalty sought again in retrial of 88-year-old man acquitted of 1966 murders See in context

Perhaps the prosecutors should be charged with incompetence or just being stupid!

Sorry, he served 46 years already in a place not fit for animals. he was released in 2014, and NOW they want to retry the case??? what is wrong with this picture??

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Posted in: New bill will block convicted sex offenders from jobs involving children See in context

GREAT!!! But way too late... But, we are talking about Japan here where change is slow in the coming... Still, a national registry for all sex offenders is needed!!

In the Philippines anyone even applying for a job at the mall must get a police clearance. Maybe a good idea here too, or anyplace including the USA!!

No Clearance NO JOB!!

just a thought...

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Posted in: Former politician Super Crazy-kun gets 4 1/2 years for sexual assault See in context

4 1/2 years is better than nothing!! But should be longer!!

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested for abusing one-year-old daughter, breaking her leg See in context

Break both his legs and see that he will never walk again!! SICK POS!!!

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Posted in: Bomb threats sent by fax to colleges in Yamanashi, Ibaraki, Hokkaido See in context

Ok bomb threat …. Take it seriously. If you don’t the error could cost you your life or others. But I do not condone this action it’s the act of cowardice

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Posted in: Ex-host club worker allegedly forced customer into prostitution See in context

Ok he wanted fame he has it here on JT but he’s still a piece of garbage

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Posted in: Heavy snow warnings issued for parts of Japan; flights canceled See in context

Just cold and windy here in in Hachimanyama Setagaya

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Posted in: 47 trainee police officers punished for underage drinking, smoking See in context

Why are police in Japan even allowed to be police if they are underage?? They should be at least 20 before even given the responsibility to enforce the laws! They are underage so no names will be given if they screw up and break the law!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,709 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 12,014 See in context

When will people get it ( outside of this string of comments) that numbers ALWAYS drop Sunday and Monday!! Then they skyrocket on Tuesday!!

Saturday fewer places are open to test thus lower number Sunday. Has anyone tried finding a clinic open Sunday?? They are closed !! Thus the huge drop on Monday.

it always seems to me they make a big deal out of the lower numbers Sunday and Monday and I feel they think the downward trend will hold!! It never does!!

this is not a shock to me!!!

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Posted in: Prosecutors drop case against all 100 recipients of ex-minister's bribes See in context

Naturally why would the prosecutors continue with their case against those higher in the food chain. Typical politics in Japan….

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

Again a prime example of the government’s attempt at covering up a problem (a serious problem) rather than accepting responsibility and addressing the issues raised.

An entire rework of the Japanese Criminal Justice System is needed!! I cannot confirm this but I am sure in my heart that MOST confessions are coursed or forced. THIS makes this system both corrupt and broken!!

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Posted in: Japan faces decision over contaminated Fukushima nuclear plant water See in context

Japanese authorities always tell others. (Be it a person or a country ) to follow the rules or admit to when they make a mistake. What I do not get is WHY cannot they (the Japanese government and the authorities) follow what they tell others to do!! Seriously people there is a serious double standard here!! I am 100% sure IF this was in South Korea and they were about to dump this kind of problem into the ocean Japan and its government would be up in arms over it!!

Is there ANYONE on here that will disagree with me??

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Posted in: Abe faces host of diplomatic, economic issues after cabinet revamp See in context

One woman in the cabinet? Isn’t this the same joker that advocated to many many companies to put women in key leading positions? I think he should lead by example and put more women in key leading positions. Maybe even a lot of the old fossils in the cabinet , maybe even himself!!!

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Posted in: Serious rail congestion expected during Tokyo Olympics See in context

This is not rocket science information this on a consistent for serious congestion and took your during rush hour. Add the Olympics do it and you have a total cluster situations. Nobody needed their specialist to tell us this

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Posted in: 11 suspected cancer cases neglected; 1 dead at Yokohama hospital See in context

Almost 3 years ago I went in for my annual check up. The doctor found a polyp in my throat. His advice was to go to a larger hospital for further tests. I did and found out that it needed to be removed. The doctor said yes, but they could not do it there. I had to go to yet another hospital.

i did as told and had all the information and records with me and yes, did all the test again....

They did the surgery. Two weeks later found out it was cancer! I was referred to the nearby cancer center. Underwent radiation therapy and I’ve been cancer free since then. I go in ever 6 months for check ups. So far so good.

No, I’m not a fan of how some doctors do things, but if you take the time and find a doctor that will listen the system works great.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't passes strict anti-smoking laws See in context

It is just my feeling, but I hate to smell other people smoking when I am eating! Also, I used to be a smoker and I never smoked inside or made other have to smell it. Finally I just said I am done through them away and I feel so much better!!

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Posted in: Pair of high-end persimmons fetch Y540,000 at season's 1st auction See in context

A complete waste of money!! It is fruit for gods sake!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening to kill truck driver who warned him of reckless driving See in context

Ok, the title shou,d ready “ Man arrested for threading to kill another man scissors “

Or something along that line....

But I see dangerous drivers on a daily basis... keep calm drive safe

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Posted in: Female police officer hit, killed by minivan during traffic violation crackdown See in context

Very sad indeed.

Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous jobs of a police officer. She did not deserve this but a serious lack at experience had some to do with this too.

Some posters on here point out that a driver is automatically blamed for any kind of car and pedestrian accident. Personally, that is wrong! But we all choose to live in Japan, if you don’t like it. I say you have a few choices...


Acccept it.

3 Fight a system that does not care what you think.

4 Don’t drive.

If you choose to stay and you need a car just be as careful as you can be!

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Posted in: ASDF helicopter loses contact off central Japan See in context

Darn it !! I was going to say the same thing!!

I am sure there will be no one saying ground those helicopters !!

Why, it was not flown by the USAF or any US military ....


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Posted in: Man arrested for employing under-age girl in 'JK' dating service See in context

He is a pimp!! Throw the book at him! What of the customer?? Did he get into trouble for paying and have sex with a minor??

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Posted in: 19-month-old boy drowns in bathtub while parents are away playing slot machines See in context

They are NOT mentally fit to be parents and admitting they have often don this is frighting. Their parental right should be revoked!! Furthermore forced sterilization is not a bad idea here. Hope the older sister can find some love and good people to look after her.

Yes, I’m harsh to those that put children in danger! We as adults are responsible for he safety of the youth!

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Posted in: Man pushed off train station platform in Kawasaki See in context

Ahhhhhh. That’s why there police all over there Sunday when I was there...

I agree they need to catch this guy before his timing improves on someone else!!

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Posted in: N Korea says rockets to U.S. 'inevitable' as U.S. bombers fly north of DMZ See in context

NK doesn't want to stop! It says here sanctions will not stop them. They are a threat to world peace!

Sometimes bad bad things need to happen for the betterment of mankind....

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Posted in: N Korean hydrogen bomb-tipped missile could fly over Japan See in context

There are a few things to consider. But the bottom line is the people that will suffer if a H bomb on a missile is launched is the prleople flying near the area where it will detonate. Airplain will crash, ships at see will be destroyed. Marine life will be annihilated.

Should Japan or ANY nation allow this to happen?? NO WAY. This is a clear threat to the international community!!! To say ahhhh let's talk more... frankly speaking that's what allowed us to get here.

While led talks and proposals to talk have been on the table NK continues to do what they want!

i see MOST of the posters here as a buch of liberals! Not willing to lift a gunfire to help a stranger! Now I am not saying all posters here are so, some of you get it! The time to hope for a peaceful solution to this matter has past.

I would love love a peaceful solution but I am realistic, I think that time has past.

I am american but but nearly half my life has been lived in Japan. I love this country. I will fight for it! Heck I would die for it!! My family is Japanese and American!!!

if you are willing to allow NK to simply launch his experience rockets over Japan and go unopposed is a danger too.

If if your not willing to fight for Japan and your not willing to stand up to NK then why post your thought??!

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker Inoki meets N Korea's top diplomat See in context

NK need to be felt with sooner not later. This should have been taken care of a long time ago... our leaders have let them get to strong. Now when war does come more will die. Stupid waste.

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Posted in: Trump signs new travel ban, excluding Iraq See in context

No even visa holders and green card holders can have their permission revoked!! ONLY US citizens have constitutional rights!!!

Only they can vote

President Trump can ban if he wants!! It's Not about re lion alone. It's about countries just giving passports to anyone without proper vetting!!

All the left wingers and Libs wine and cry .., to bad!!!

Go Trump!!!

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Posted in: Man attacks woman, steals her underwear as she walks home See in context

Why does this surprise so many people that this happened in Japan? I do hope that they do find as pervert and catch him and punish and to the fullest extent of law.

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Posted in: 10-year-old girl chokes to death on frankfurter See in context

People need to be certified in CPR!!!! Sure an emergency Defibrillator is good but you don't always have them around.

Such a useless death! RIP child...

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Posted in: Q&A: Delta CEO on outage, efforts to win back passengers See in context

I always fly Delta!! A few years ago a flight attendant between Seattle and Narita offered to change her schedule to take care of my mom after my father passed away. I am sorry but that is service! Sure flights get delayed, canceled, or whatever. But at the end of the day it's ok as long as the flying is safe!

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