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Posted in: Japan to send weapons grade plutonium back to U.S. this weekend, Greenpeace says See in context

Information about this type of transport should not be made public. I had a problem but there are too many problems that could go wr information about this type of transport should not be made public. Telling the public after-the-fact,I have no problem but there are too many things that could go wrong....

Truthfully, why take the risk?

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Posted in: 'Peeping Tom' police officer questioned after sneaking into house, secretly watching woman bathe See in context

It's been a while since we saw the j cops breaking Into houses to see something their perverted eyes should not see.

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Posted in: Mother denies throwing 5-year-old son from 13th-floor apartment window See in context

See not everyone confesses....

Some still say, "I didn't do it".

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Posted in: Police officer fires warning shot after being charged at by knife-wielding 15-year-old boy See in context

A few people on here that have the right idea. A person with a knife is a serious threat. As a police officer, and I have stood in the shoes of a police officer, so I speak from experience. The person with a knife within 21 feet is a clear danger the boy would've gotten one warning for me, to drop the knife. Failing to do so he would have been shot!

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Posted in: TEPCO admits it delayed report of Fukushima meltdown See in context

I am not at all surprised. If TEPCO has shown us anything, it's their constant ability to screw up and not be forthcoming about their screw ups.....

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling girlfriend in Sapporo See in context

He was unemployed.... She was at least working part time... Logic dictates she had the only money... Not him...

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Posted in: Memo to U.S. citizens: Pay your taxes or you may lose your passport See in context

Well it is good I do not own the US government anything....

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Posted in: Amari questioned in Diet about graft allegations; says he won't resign See in context

Here is a thought....

Abe, your administration has been rocked with at least two scandals. These are people you over see! Strike 1... Strike 2 and I say Strike 3 YOUR OUT!!!!!!

That is right I say you are OUT!!

It is just another OLD BOYS CLUB!! Let's stress the OLD part too.

Abe is sure he will explain how this is was legal money....

Amari, no one expects you to admit you took the bribe at first!

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

Guys like this are just jealous of other people who have lives. Really it there so unwanted they wouldn't have been the group that they are in. Losers amongst losers! Trying to ruin all of our days., They failed miserably they just gave us something to laugh at today.

I have a degree with many people here. I do not see how this is going to win them a girl or win them love with a girl. However, it may win them some love much the gentleman that they are marching with....afterall they are together marching and making asses of them selves.

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Posted in: Couple get life in prison for strangling woman in car See in context

Sorry they killed for no reason in my opinion. Joy providing is not a reason get a job. This guy at lady deserve the same fate as a victim. Why should we as honest citizens have to pay to keep people like this alive for the rest your lives?!?

The death penalty seems perfectly acceptable here for both of them. They strangled her they should die by strangulation!

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Posted in: Hackers say they crashed Abe's website to protest whale hunt See in context

He cannot protect his own website. How can we believe he can protect the "my number" system from being hacked as well?

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Posted in: 19-year-old man arrested after punching his mother to death See in context

Sounds like internal bleeding. It really doesn't take much to cause it too. No sympathy for this guy. He sounds like so many of Japan's out of control youths today. Lock him up and loose the key....

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Posted in: Japan says whaling fleet will set sail on Tuesday See in context

It's hard to respect a countries government that defies an international order from the UN to stop this whale hunt.

But, it's not the first time the government of Japan say one thing rhen does the opposite...

These people have no honor!

But, if they want to follow with tradition, then get in boats with sails! No modern technologies!

These people say they are following tradition. So, they have always hunted whales in the "name of research"? Also, did they always sail thousands of miles to the Antarctic to hunt these whales?

When will the Japanese government wake up and smell what they are shoveling?!?!?!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking photos of naked boys See in context

Ok, is anyone going to defend this creep? I truly hope not!!!!

I am pretty sure he has lost his job, and really a waste, and he will never teach again. But after this problem that is a good thing!

He disgust me!

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Posted in: Detainee who fled after being released to attend funeral recaptured See in context

Under arrest should mean loss of rights, sure I feel sympathy for the loss of a family member, but he apparently screwed up to be in jail, it's then his fault if he misses such an important event....

He simply should not have been allowed to go.

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Posted in: Only 11% of Japanese people willing to fight for their country: Gallup survey See in context

Well, since reading this I have asked 43 Japanese people (men only). Not a single one said they would fight for Japan!

Honestly, I was a bit shocked!

I then asked them if they were on the train and if they were with their wife and she informed him that another man was grabbing her butt, then what would you do? Shockingly, 26 said they would do nothing!!! But they all said, they would get off at the next stop and wait for the next train.

The good thing all said they would fight to protect their family.

I also asked why wouldn't they fight to protect their country. The most common answer I got was simply, " I don't want to die."

As I previously posted on here, I am from the USA. I have worked as a police officer, so I fully understand the use and meaning of deadly force! I am not just saying, I would fight from the safety and comfort of my living room and not fully understanding what I am talking about, I do understand!

Please understand I am not wanting war! Absolutely not! I am just saying I would answer the "call of duty" if my service was required or requested.

I firmly feel to that regardless of where you are from as long as you have a vested interest in the country where you live, then one should feel honored to be ask or requested to protect such country.

If you are a foreigner just working in a foreign country on a short term basis, then I would say that such a person has no obligation or responsibility to answer a "call of duty".

I personally feel it's hard to respect a person that will not fight to protect their own country or family....

One last thing, I know that the number of men I asked is far follow to get a TRUE picture of all men in Japan, but this is what I found....

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Posted in: Only 11% of Japanese people willing to fight for their country: Gallup survey See in context

I am from the U.S. But I have made my home here in Japan. I have told many this and since it's my home now and I have family here, then if needed I would fight for Japan.

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Posted in: Man, girlfriend arrested for making his 2-year-old son smoke See in context

They say they did it for fun. I don't know what would think that these two are bullies. Praying on the week of innocence. This is more than just disturbing.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for drunk driving resulting in death See in context

Is there a legal limit for a girl her age as far as drinking goes? I thought it was illegal for anybody to consume any alcohol under the age of 20 in Japan.

Rest in peace Obachan

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Posted in: Man arrested for drunk driving after plowing into koban See in context

I know he went into the police box but I wonder what the response time was from the police station with the accident unit was?

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Posted in: Fare-evader arrested for assaulting taxi driver See in context

I am drunk is used to often as an excuse.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking upskirt photos of schoolgirl See in context

2 Good Bad Jumin RheeNOV. 04, 2015 - 09:15PM JST Skeeter27:

"Why do little girls turn on older men? It's sick! When I say "little" I mean underage. If a girl age 16 turns you on then you are in need of serious psychological help. If you are 18 looking at a 16 year old that's normal. But over 30?!?!?!?! Get help!!!!!"

Hugh Heffner has been getting turned on by women a mere fraction of his age. Perhaps he needs help too. On a sidebar, as a global society, puberty was the age that people were available for marriage. Obviously, in most of the world we decided to create laws to give girls more of a chance to grow up and later to get an education. Some still feel the primal urges. Others stopped looking because they either weren't attracted in the first place as they were growing up or learnt to stop looking.

You are right! But the girls are legal adults and they are responsible for their own actions. We are talking about a man who was a teacher over 30 years old. A guy that tried to take a photo the skirt of an unknowing victim. And minor

Big difference

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking upskirt photos of schoolgirl See in context

To answer a few of you... 18 is still a minor in Japan.

If a girl is in a school uniform chances are she is under age.

Sorry about the grammar error.....

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Posted in: Newborn girl found on Ibaraki roadside See in context

Find the woman that gave birth to this baby, I refuse to refer to her as the mother, and surgically sterilize her! She gave up the right to have any child as soon as she left this one to die!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking upskirt photos of schoolgirl See in context

Why do little girls turn on older men? It's sick! When I say "little" I mean underage. If a girl age 16 turns you on then you are in need of serious psychological help. If you are 18 looking at a 16 year old that's normal. But over 30?!?!?!?! Get help!!!!!

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Posted in: Drone found on tracks of shinkansen line See in context

If a train had hit it the effect would be nothing! 20cm is small enough o fit in most adults hands! It's a toy! Now I would worry more about what this guy was recording at night!

I sence a peeping tom!

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Posted in: M5.5 quake jolts Fukushima, Kanto region See in context

Was just using the restroom at the time. I had gotten the alert before it barely shook in NE Saitama.

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Posted in: Monk goes nine days without food, water or sleep See in context

I you limit your movement and don't exert yourself you could do it too...

I will not say it is easy but I have done several extended periods of no sleep normally 4 to 6 days, but I was busy and working so I was eating and drinking.

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Posted in: 56% of hotels in Japan bar visitors with tattoos from bathing facilities See in context

I have family members with tattoos but I have chosen to life her I Japan. So, I don't have any myself.

Now I do not agree with the NO TATTOOS rules. I think they are stupid. I would think it clear a lady with a heart and her name or a child's name I it is clearly not a YAKUZA.

The old stereotype that, you have a tattoo so you are yakuza is nonsense.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for stealing tires from submerged cars in flood-hit Joso See in context

Time are hard for some companies looking for people with skills.

I see these two have skills too. They can remove car parts. Why don't they get a job that can use those skills?

Now, that I have said that, these two are morons!

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