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Posted in: 3 ways the Japanese entertainment industry keeps idol singers from dating See in context

Why anyone would agree to those conditions is beyond me.

Why doesn't the labor laws apply?

Total xploitation if you ask me!

I don't support these kinds of things too

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Posted in: Japan's top gangster at risk of Al Capone-style fall: experts See in context

Hmmm why am I not surprised? His kind deserve to be in prison anyway! No sympathy from me.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for confining and forcing 16-year-old girl into prostitution See in context

It's rape of a minor too. As I am sure rape could be proven

I am sure there is a long list of crimes that can be added to the charges. I hope they throw the book at these cockroaches!

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Posted in: 1st Fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer See in context

A Japanese politician might say in the coming days, this is regrettable....

But, that's what they always say....

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Posted in: Opponents of immigration in Japan, particularly political conservatives and members of right-wing groups, argue that Japan is a single ethnic group and cannot easily absorb people from other cultures. See in context

This is hog wash!

But for those of you that truly feel that Japan should close its doors and be ONLY Japanese. Then do the following?...

Expel everything that's not Japanese. That includes all imports. Food, industrial goods, pulp for paper, oil to run the electrical plants and coal too, oh the biomass fuels that are being imported too. McDonalds bye bye... Hundreds of businesses bye bye.. Thousands of jobs.... Bye bye... Those in happy international marriages , I am sure those families with Japanese citizens will leave too.

Immigration is not bad. In the 1850s and 1860s the very old Japanese saw that immigration was needed and outside aid came into Japan and helped modernize Japan.

But sure this backwards way if thinking will only hurt Japan!

I am sure if Japan was to do what many right winged whack's would want then it would kill Japan.

No more immigration .... Would give the world the reason to turn its back on Japan.

Japan, once called, "The Land of the Gods", is a very lovely country! A place I love as much as my own. One that I would proudly stand and defend if it was ever needed.

My point is, not all foreigners are bad for Japan. True there are those few that make foreigners look bad, and I detest those that put a bad light on the rest of us here trying hard on a daily basis to make a happy and productive life.

Closing the doors to Japan will only hurt Japan.

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Posted in: 1st Fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer See in context

It seems the cancer rate has increased as a result of Fukushima. Well, at least by one confirmed case. Now the last time I went to math class one is still an increas over 0!

Furthermore, we were all told that we would not see cases for about 5 years. Well, that was almost correct. It made it 4 1/2 years.

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Posted in: Netflix grows to 69 million members See in context

Incase anyone is interested, NETFLIX travels with you! Yes, if you travel from Japan and lets say you go to the USA your Japanese account will work in the USA! But, you will not get the Japanese Netflix titles instead you will be on the US Netflix Library!

What does this mean? Get a Netflix account and get a free VPN and you can watch movies off the US Neflix library!

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Posted in: First Netflix film set for big (and small) screen See in context

Already saw it.... If you have a VPN you can watch it from the US site of NETFLIX.

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Posted in: Momoiro Clover Z plans concert for men only, drawing complaints from women’s organization See in context

discrimination at its finest....

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Posted in: Man waiting for taxi stabbed by assailant who 'wanted to kill someone' See in context

Having majored in Criminal Justace it is really a common reason for murder. or attempted murder when they murder failed as in this case.

Have a nice day and always be safe!! Also, watch your back too.

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Posted in: Full body scanners being tested at three airports See in context

If you have nothing to hide just stand still and go through it. People can complain all they want, but if your loved ones on a plain and if it hijacked, you will be the first ones screaming for such security measures! Also they do detect items not organic inside the body. You should see what a knee replacement looks like when a person is checked.

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Posted in: Toyota promises better mileage and ride with Prius hybrid See in context

I have a Prius. It's been by far te best car I have ever had. I constantly get better than the mileage stated from Toyota. About the battery, my Prius is an 05' battery is ok no problems. A friend of mine has one in the U.S. with nearly 300,000 miles or 500,000 Km. Never a problem with the battery! The few people I know that did have issues were those that tried to jump start another car that had a dead battery.

I drove a 2015 this last summer and made it from San Fransico all the way north through California, then all the way through Oregon and 47 miles in to the State of Washington only to fill up with 11.3 gallons.

I will always drive Only Toyota hybrid cars!

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

I think it should read "birth rate", not "fertility rate".

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Posted in: 15-year-old murder suspect sent back to prosecutors See in context

Give him the same death as he gave his mother and grandmother. Sorry, I have no sympathy for this kid.

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Posted in: Body of naked woman found in Tokyo apartment See in context

Ok here is a link with statistical data reported by the Japanese police.

We can see not only the number of murders by perfecture but if you fallow other info the total reported number of crimes...

Well over a 100 murbers! And that is in Tokyo and Osaka with a total of 232 murders in 2012!!!

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Posted in: Transport ministry to investigate how deer got on runway at New Chitose Airport See in context

Deer can jump that high.... Two meters is not that high, plus it's not two meters high if there is a lot of snow on the ground.

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Posted in: Abe faces questions over improper political donations See in context

I can say I for one am not surprised at this.... After all it's a trend under his leadership.

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Posted in: 2,100 people sue Asahi Shimbun over 'comfort women' stories See in context

Okay somebody recently posted, "they got paid for their services" if I said the same thing to somebody and they did felt I didn't pay them it would be on my shoulders to prove I did pay them. So, I would say show me the records where it says they were paid and how much. I seriously doubt Japan can come up with the records of how much each girl was paid or supposedly paid.

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Posted in: 2,100 people sue Asahi Shimbun over 'comfort women' stories See in context

freedom of the press is in the constitution of Japan. But when things are writen people sue??? get thicker skin people it is a simple fact that is known. Furthermore more than likely the 2100 people that are sueing were NOT even alive then. my advice is to let is go.... groups like this that keep bringing it up make it news all over again and again....

The news is funny if people stop caring the news papers stop reporting....

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Posted in: Abe cuts short Middle East trip to deal with hostage crisis See in context

Sadly, I fear these two men are going to die. Japan will not pay and unless by some miracle these men can be rescued from these terriost before the deadline, then I fear there is little hope for them. My deepest sympathy to their families and friends.

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Posted in: Entrance exams See in context

It's a stupid system.....needs serious overhauling....

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Posted in: Survey reveals 55% of women in Japan wouldn’t marry a divorced man See in context

Only 111 people surveyed, that's hardly enough to be conclusive.

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

I still say leave her alone!!! She has not hurt anyone!

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

Go online anywhere from a Japanese IP address and you can find body parts that are not pixelated. What's the point? This law is stupid.

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Posted in: Police arrest husband after wife's body found wrapped in garbage bag See in context

There are so many of these cases where people are living with dead bodies in the houses. Totally creepy and disgusting.

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Posted in: Why the Sony hack isn't big news in Japan See in context

Hog wash!!! The reason I think is not because it's hard for people to understand I think it's the fact that it's Korea or rather North Korea hacked a japanese company and that makes (Japan ) or a Japanese company look weak or incompetent to protect their technology....

Japanese news does not ever want to report things that make them look weak or stupid.

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Posted in: LDP set for big win despite low voter turnout See in context

Some japanese I spoke to delt it was pointless to vote anymore as there is NO ONE worth voting for. Plus they cannot directly vote for the candidate but the party only.

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Posted in: Gaffe-prone Aso criticizes women who don't give birth See in context

I honestly cannot believe that this guy is still in politics. But one thought is, he's pretty old himself. Could he hurry up and die? I also think he would protest against that thought?

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Posted in: Police crack down on bar, adult establishment touts during year-end See in context

Why not all the time? Ma Ny posters ask.... Simple to much work for the j-cops

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Posted in: Yomiuri apologizes for using term 'sex slaves' in English edition See in context

Calling a spade a spade is only the right thing and truthful reporting. Calling what happened to the thousands of ladies sex skave is (in my opinion ) only the truth. So, what I gather from this is, Japanese media do not have the freedom to print the truth....

Sad day.....

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