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Posted in: What advantages does married life offer in an era of increasing divorce rates? See in context

People here have lost honor, traditions and they don't care about any commitments like marriage they have became selfcentered, plus when they have kids they don't fight for the well being of the kids they fight just for revenge(85%), plus here after 1 year of living with the love one you are considered as almost the same as married in regard to the law :s Plus again cheating is like "ok", abusing kids kind of "ok" again :( I know, I am from that province and I'm very sad to see what's happening here so I hope that Japanese people won't come to that :( me and my girlfriend are in love. I and she are ready to do what's necessary for our couple to last forever, we are communicating and supporting each other a lot :) and sorry that I can't express myself much better, English is not my first language :slol

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