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Posted in: Young Japanese women becoming less interested in sex, survey says See in context

I appreciate the surveys that investigate this and I'm always one to say "look where the evidence goes" and even "anecdotes are often not as useful as hard evidence..." but I have to say... anecdotally, I just can't see this at all. I mean... I live in Japan. I never see these fabled 'sexually uninterested' females or whatever.

Girls might report that they aren't interested in sex, but that's just shyness, humility, or embarrassment. When you get a bunch of close girl friends together, then you hear all the talk about wanting to have sex.

And this "herbivore males" thing just sounds like such nonsense to me. I'd love to conduct my own research with this, because I never know how researchers collect their data. But then, I dunno how many journals would be interested in publishing an article that says "Japanese men wanna have sex with girls; Japanese girls wanna have sex with guys." It's not exactly a scientific breakthrough.

All I know is that I've seen these results many many times, so I could be wrong. But anecdotally... I just don't see it. And I don't buy it.

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