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Posted in: Mother indicted after 1-year-old son dies after falling off electric bicycle See in context

I've always said how stupid it is that Japan allows the obviously way more dangerous situation of mothers with two little kids on a bike but makes it illegal for two grown adults to give each other a "pump"! Adding salt to the wound is just another example of how bassakwards this country is in its logical thinking skills!

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Posted in: U.S. to hasten return of Okinawan land to Japan See in context

1st of all Japan would never give up Ryuku to their own as this little island a thousand miles south of the mainland is what keeps Japan having massive rights of navigation of the sea and for an island already sparse on resources, a million peoples opinion doesn't come before the homeland's 120 million and Ryuku would never be able to survive as their own nation without any military economy anyways and if they tried I'd love to see who they would come crying to for help when the Chinese only a few hundred km away comes and takes over like they did in the South China Sea or the the 5 other nations in the region that would love to lay claim to breaking through the 1st island chain...then truly having the ability to become a direct threat to the US and 2nd island chain...ya'll think America would just allow that...well maybe under Obama America's foreign policy has weakened, but not for much longer...

Its called balance of power and strategic pivot to Asia...

<Okinawa, by history is Ryuku... I have lived in Tokyo 4 and half years, Yokohama 2 years, Kyoto 4 years, Kumamoto 5 years, Okinawa 2 years and Fukuoka 17 years. Before that I have lived in China, Hong Kong and Singapore etc... (I study, I did research on Karayuki-san and local culture.) I come to see that Okinawa people are truly different from these mainland Japanese...>

How is Ryuku culturally different from Japan...where is their native tongue? Maybe 500 years ago yes...but after being there a day anyone can see the Okinawans, live , eat, breath and speak Japanese, language in itself is the roots of an ideological culture and force of bringing together a community and nationalism...Ryuku has gained so much more than they have had to suffer under American military co/occupation. Thats the same thing as saying Osaka or Kyushu people are different from Tokyoites or Hokaidoans or Texans are truly different from New Yorkers, of course they are but the larger unification is English and the fact that they are all American or Japanese and the fact that they are all Japanese.

At this point, all it has become is opinionated pointless rhetoric.

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Posted in: Policeman injured after being dragged along by car of fleeing suspect See in context

The problem is the police don't need probable cause in Japan, which causes normal citizens to feel harassed to a point of revolt, more Japanese become political participants and stand up for your rights and then maybe this b.s. by annoying cops who all think they're so cool will go away.

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Posted in: Woman phones fiance, asks him to call police, before going missing See in context

Innocent until proven guilty is just an American cliche...remember were in Japan where the custom is guilty until convinced by the 99%conviction rate torture police that it's better to lie that ur guilty than demand innocence!

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Posted in: Yakuza 'misunderstood' by foreign media See in context

The Yakuza and the Government are the SAME, if anything thats whats misunderstood, and so it doesnt matter who was handing out food and blankets in kobe, u see the yak was doing it, i see the gov.

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