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Posted in: Japan's commercial whaling to restart July 1 after 3-decade hiatus See in context

Japan's priorities are a joke LOL

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Posted in: Man assaults wife after learning she trolled his YouTube videos for six months See in context

Not much more to add to this story but I found it very amusing. Not the kicking in the face part but I could see this being the plot line for a Crayon Shin-Chan episode.

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Posted in: Police question man for not looking good in a suit; turns out he bought it with stolen money See in context

I wonder if when someone withdraws 500,000 Yen from a conbini ATM, an alert is sent to the police? If ever I had to withdraw such a large amount, not sure I would be doing it from the convenience store. Just sayin.

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Posted in: Perdue barbecues to sell Japanese on buying more U.S. beef See in context

Only Russian beef for me. Putin your mouth and enjoy!

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Posted in: 20 kgs of white asparagus stolen just before harvest in Hokkaido See in context

He will trade a bunch of asparagus for a bunch of money!

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Posted in: Trump, Xi could meet in June in Osaka at G20 summit See in context

trump is not known as the COWARD DICTATOR for nothing.

He isn't known as the coward dictator lol.

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Posted in: New Zealand Parliament votes to ban semi-automatic weapons See in context

Now, if New Zealand could just export this to one other country I know that has a huge gun problem the world.

Agreed. It would be wonderful to see guns removed from those who commit the majority of America's gun crimes and gun murders.

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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should visit Pearl Harbor to reciprocate for President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Hiroshima? See in context

What I would like to see is President Obama visit Pearl Harbour - which right now he has NO plans to do.

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Posted in: Australian Phuc Dat Bich 'honored' after name goes viral See in context

I love all the comments wagging their fingers on the pronunciation.

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Posted in: Golden boy See in context

Greatest Of All Time. Kind of like the LeBron James of ice-skating. Except Yuzuru can read and write. Gold!

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Posted in: McDonald’s offering massive 48-McNugget bucket in Japan, but true idol fans need to eat 1,200 See in context

Awesome and delicious!

This is what Japanese food is really about!

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe raised eyebrows recently when he suggested Japan needed to first deal with its own problems before taking in newcomers.

Absolutely not! The Japanese public did not elect this government to take care of their interests. They elected it to fix the thousands of years of misery in the Middle East and Africa.

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Posted in: Obama administration says states lack authority to block refugees See in context

Obama shouldn't let the states and its people decide what they want to affect them directly.

The Federal Government is the only authority to be listened to.

The clever people in Washington who went to the best of the Ivy League colleges and live in gated communities know what is best for America.

Conservatives will tell you that we have to invade a country, topple its leadership, destroy its infrastructure, render its people desperate and homeless, and imprison and kill the civilians.

Not all conservatives.

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Posted in: Sharp asks all employees to buy its products See in context

Goodbye Sharp.

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Posted in: White Chicago police officer charged with murder in killing of black teen See in context

Before a riot happens, I wish people would realize what the biggest problem in Chicago is.

Be brave. Expose who is doing all the killing.

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Posted in: Police investigate New Orleans shooting that wounded 17 See in context

If Republican lawmakers devoted as much energy to demotic shootin

Maybe we might see a BlackLivesMatter rally down there soon.

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Posted in: Survey shows most Japanese employees don’t like Western-style work socials See in context

As a young company slave I was intrigued as to why the 40 year old married slaves were all shunning the end of year stuff. All the chances for free booze, vulnerable ladies and general silliness! I realised Monday morning after. I am now a bit of a shunner and can completely understand the feelings above.

I do have a end of year party with the lads but nobody work-related I have to look at during the Monday meeting.

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Posted in: Radisson hotel in Mali attacked; at least 20 killed See in context

Are we, Americans, still opening a door to Syrian, Iraq, and Afgan refugees who are with no security papers?

But Obama says it's OK. He would even invite them to the White House if they build a cool clock. We must trust him.

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Posted in: Organizations tackle problem of childhood hunger in Japan See in context

16% of two-parent families are financially unable to provide enough food for their children

That number sounds wrong. I see hundreds of kids each week and I can't think of any who seem like they are underfed.

32 percent for single-parent households

That's 1/3. No way. I know some people from poor single-families but all of the kids all well-nourished. Thin yes, but Japanese kids are thin.

I'm not rubbishing the hard work of these people or their intentions but I will question those numbers any day of the week. If there is a problem with kids getting enough food, it has been well-hidden in my area - and it is not seen as an area of great prosperity.

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Posted in: Police arrest older brother of 12-year-old Kyoto student over smoking marijuana See in context

What really intrigues me is that an otherwise benign piece of news is making headlines across the country.

The TV at my gym has been running "expert" analysis of the story for the past 20 minutes.

Is there so little else going on?

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Posted in: Prince Charles in Australia, where 50% don't want him as their king See in context

However, this character has a long record of half-baked ideas, sticking his nose into politics and trying to influence politicians.

Throw in a cuckold divorce, an inability to manipulate an iphone and no idea about the future. Classic baby boomer. Bleeccch.

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Posted in: Dainty geishas make secret fast-food raids See in context

If its Kyoto, they are called geiko, not geisha.

Which is exactly what the author made clear in the second paragraph.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking upskirt photos of schoolgirl See in context

This headline is actually ready to go every time the JapanToday staff hit Ctrl-V. They just need to fill in "teacher" or "police officer."

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Posted in: American goes on trial for murder of woman dumped in bay See in context

Akitaya’s body was found floating..... with a concrete block attached to it.


Physics aside, this guy had no game. Should have never gotten into this situation and should have never gotten caught. Made so many amateur mistakes. Now a woman is dead and kids go fatherless.

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Posted in: Beaujolais Noveau arrives in Japan See in context

Amazing marketing. Well done to Beaujolais who manage to flog so much of this overpriced crap.

Agreed. If you want to make money, understanding the BN Japan strategy is a great case study.

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Posted in: Osaka policeman arrested for not paying taxi fare See in context

“I was drunk and don’t remember the incident. But if I really did it, I want to apologize.”

Well that wraps that one up nicely. Glad the matter was resolved promptly.

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Posted in: Japan, Turkmenistan sign deals worth $18 bil See in context

Not hearing nearly enough of Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov in the news lately.

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Posted in: Survey reveals top 5 times Japanese travelers realise just how Japanese they are See in context

Being surprised when an employee couldn’t calculate the change.


Even after a decade of soroban lessons, the average cashier in Japan would be lost without the register or ubiquitous calculator.

And no, it isn't to reassure the customer they are getting the right change, they really can't do double digit subtraction in their heads.

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Posted in: Waiting for Biden: Impatience about 2016 takes chaotic turn See in context

Only Biden can beat Trump.

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Posted in: Japan Inc supports bringing in low-skilled foreign labor: poll See in context

I do not see where the need is for low wage workers

LOL how about every single company on the planet.

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