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Posted in: Australian prime minister ousted in internal party challenge See in context

That will just help the (right wing) Liberals get re-elected more easily.

Right-wing? Ha! If only.

Both Australian parties are vanilla centrists. Members like Abbott who won the election with mildly socially conservative platforms (i.e stopping illegal immigrants intro Australia wowee!) are more like 1970's Labor. Speaking of Labor, while they have a dud in Shorten in power who enthuses nobody, it is unlikely they will win a Federal election anytime soon.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Japan take in asylum-seekers from the Middle East to help alleviate the crisis in Europe? See in context

Only the hot lady asylum seekers between the ages of 17 - 24 with strict 10 year limits on Visas. Yep, I'm a true humanitarian.

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Posted in: Australian prime minister ousted in internal party challenge See in context

Australia is one country where people can vote directly for prime minister.

No it isn't.

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Posted in: Migrants undeterred by Balkan storms and Hungarian clampdown See in context

What a mess. It was predictable and preventable. Now Europe is becoming Camp Of The Saints.

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Posted in: Japan launches suicide prevention week See in context

Not intending to marginalise a sensitive issue but the real face of Japanese suicide is ill old men in their 60s and 70s.

They are too unwell to care for themselves, cannot afford the treatment, have nobody to assist them or don't want to burden others. Sadly, they are usually seen as not very tragic or easily forgotten. Suicide prevention methods aren't as effective on older men with terminal cancer living alone.

Young people taking their own lives due to bullying or social pressure is the traditional image of Japanese suicide but these make up a relatively small percentage.

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Posted in: How should the international community deal with the migrant situation that is currently overwhelming Hungary, Austria and Germany? See in context

As for Japan keeping its hands clean of this mess - great idea. Nothing wrong with clean hands.

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Posted in: Woman robbed of Y700,000 while cycling home See in context

In the U.S. it would be nearly impossible to find someone carrying about $7000 riding a bicycle.

Ummm every ghetto. 9mm in their back pocket too.

Back on topic though, why has nobody jumped in with the old "It was a set-up for insurance!!"

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally abusing 2-month-old son See in context

Uchida was first arrested for violation of the Road Traffic Law shortly after Takahiro’s death.

For what? Driving while beating an infant?

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Posted in: Clinton: I didn't 'stop and think' about email system See in context

she's as vetted as one can get

She is a scoundrel. Her husband is a degenerate. Don't think there aren't more rocks to overturn - the GOP are saving their trump cards on her if she remains in the campaign into the new year.

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Posted in: Clinton: I didn't 'stop and think' about email system See in context

Hillary remains, after all, by far the most scrutinized politician in America.

Feels weird calling her a "politician."

Since she hasn't won an election since 2006.

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Posted in: Clinton: I didn't 'stop and think' about email system See in context

Hillary looks good in orange. That prison jumpsuit will suit her. She will be released in time though to challenge for the Presidency. In 2020.... Against Kanye.

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Posted in: Migrant tempers fray as Hungary blocks trains for 2nd day See in context

Well, Europe says goodbye to its culture and heritage. Its nations are bankrupt and unable to provide for its own citizens let alone the hordes of new arrivals. But it has diversity now and that is the most important thing. As long as there is diversity, Europe will be happy and nobody would dare complain about that.

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Posted in: Kanye rants at VMAs; Miley Cyrus flashes breast See in context

Wasn't this last year's headline? And the year before? And before that?

its become a garbage channel with garbage artists with despicable and childish attitudes.

In their defense, they can only deal with what they have to work with.

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Posted in: Student group injects new exuberance into anti-war protests See in context

I never trust low-testosterone men in velcro sandals.

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Posted in: Studies show Japanese people drinking less than ever See in context

I cannot understand why people do not drink

The financial cost, the health implications, the sloppiness, the inability to drive safely, the fatness, the violence, the hangover pain, the vomiting, the dehydration, the lost productivity, the blackouts, the mysterious injuries and not to mention the karaoke.

Some people handle it better than others whatever. Whenever I see "old" people (over 35) getting bling drunk in public, it makes me sick and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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Posted in: Satomi Ishihara receives 'Woman of the Year' award from Japan Jewellery Association See in context


Satomi has been patient and humble after being overlooked for so long by the judges.

This long-standing and honored award, steeped in history and great women, didn't need to wait a full year to crown its champion.

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Posted in: High school students form union to fight 'black baito' companies See in context

Strange that employers would treat staff so poorly in a country that has literally run out of surplus minimum-wage workers. I don't get this archaic power tripping of smashing young workers when instead they thrive being treated well.

My local convini churns through the young staff and I know it is the the withered old Showa boss. He constantly looks miserable and it might be the constant advertising, interviewing, hiring, training, firing, advertising, training... The staff wanted sign never goes out of the window.

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Posted in: Trump dumps insults on questioners; insists on control See in context

Trump is so rich, he could NEVER understand the working class American.

He is selling out stadiums in Dixie. Jeb Bush or Joe Biden couldn't pay people to do that. Whether or not he understands the working-class, he is doing something right to attract their attention. That's all that matters in politics.

A total mess that will make the GOP implode even before the Democrats get a word in edge-wise.

Perhaps. But the GOP needs a massive shakeup. They look too much like the Democrat party and have alienated their base. This could be the best thing for the Republican party. In the meantime, the Democrats don't have a viable candidate and are going to take a battering when Hillary is sentenced to prison for perjury and evidence-tampering.

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Posted in: Australia seeks to become the delicatessen of Asia See in context

If Australia can rein in its outlandish water and electricity prices and focus more training on food production, we may see even bigger market gains.

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Posted in: Apple defends Dr Dre after he apologizes to 'women I've hurt' See in context

Does this have something to do with his collaboration with Bill Cosby?

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Posted in: Senior Fukuoka police officer arrested for alleged rape See in context

There are only allegations floating around at this stage but please:

sexually assaulted her in his apartment in Fukuoka City at around 4 a.m.

Ladies: Don't be in a stranger's house at 4 a.m.

Men: If you are having a woman over, let her know that she is being invited around for sex.

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Posted in: Republican debate: the good, the bad and the Trump-y See in context

They're just going to sail into the presidency by ignoring the Democrat opposition and taking a stand against abortion and gays. I can't imagine a better strategy.

They are? First I've heard of it.

If they did show opposition to the Progressive agenda, they would win. But they won't. They are called "The Stupid Party" for a reason. Full of elitist fools who are out of touch with regular people.

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Posted in: Republican debate: the good, the bad and the Trump-y See in context

Notice how none of them could answer about Hillary?

Their responses were very clear cut in regards to Hilary.

Hilary is nearly done and dusted so the candidates who think they are in this long term aren't spending a lot of time flogging the dead horse.

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Posted in: Erica the android can have 'natural' conversations See in context

This is terrible news for homely and uninteresting single Japanese women. The men they would normally end up with will be rushing for their own Erica.

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Posted in: IBM's Watson computing technology learns Japanese See in context

I wonder if Watson will have the same issue as the rest of us non-native Japanese speakers?

10 seconds of shocked, slack-jawed silence followed by a Pidgin English response. Then finally a compliment on our ability and the Top 4 foreigner questions: Where, When, How Long and Why?


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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being hit by van; driver arrested See in context

There's not enough information to fault the father.

Like that would stop the parenting perfection that is the readers of JT.

Their own poor children though who have never seen their own palms due to the constant holding of their parents hands and have never had a moment of solitude due to their constant watch.

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Posted in: Happy fan See in context

Hope Solo might arrest you.

LOL, she has her own problems regarding the law to worry about next week. Like going to prison for domestic battery.

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Posted in: City in Niigata drops milk from school lunches See in context

The whole pushing milk onto Japanese children has intrigued me. It is completely unnecessary in terms of nutrition and most Japanese people are lactose intolerant anyway.

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Posted in: Gay activists in Asia upbeat about impact of U.S. court ruling See in context

It's incredible, absolutely incredible this change happened. It's monumental.....

You aren't the least bit suspicious?

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Posted in: Gay U.S. couples wed on historic day as conservatives resist See in context

They will be made to comply if they want to be part of the America of 2030.

Only 46 years off Orwell's prediction. Not bad.

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