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@klausdorth @ClippetyClop

Thanks for speaking up. I'm someone else with the long-term symptoms. In my twenties, perfectly good health, got sick, now over a year later still move and breathe like a sick elderly person. Severe digestive problems that don't seem to respond well to medicine. Inflammation all throughout the body even now. And yes, the neurological problems, such as brain fog. It's really like what I imagine dementia must feel like. You just can't remember anything. It's deeply depressing.

It's become my new "normal", but there isn't a single day I wonder what I could have done to avoid ending up like this. Long hauler survivors also have to be extra careful with the knowledge that this stupid thing damaged our bodies badly enough that if we catch any of these special variants going around, it likely will be deadly the second time around.

And remember, one-third of survivors become long-haulers.

Like @Zoroto said, I think we should just ignore these naysayers. The truth is, they're busy living in their delusions because deep down they're afraid - both of the reality of this virus and of losing their freedom. Better to be afraid and realistic, than afraid and foolish, though.

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Interesting...That page says 11,090 tests, but the other page posted by Kanta says 6,435 tests, which is what Japanese users on social media have also been referencing for today's announced new positives.

And the 6,435 tests is not from yesterday's count because that count was announced on as 1,941, including on TV.

I don't understand why the numbers are so different.

I do understand that it's intentionally made to be confusing, though.

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I couldn't agree more, sadly.

And I don't doubt they are banking on people being too lazy to look into the test numbers, or not being able to find them at all.

Kanta posted the link to where you're supposed to be able to see the accurate numbers, but look what's being reported:

新規陽性者711人 / 検査数6,435件

That's yesterday's new infections (711), which had a PCR test count of 1941 tests. Yet it's being paired together with the test numbers from today's new infections (which seems to be 6,435 tests).

Could they make it any more confusing intentionally?

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The new norm here - hiding the already abysmally low PCR test numbers (namely in Tokyo) to conceal the abysmally high infection rate in a place that has and continues to do nothing about containing the spread of the virus.

Do they think people are that stupid?

This blatant lack of transparency is transparent all on its own.

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@Vinke, @Derek Grebe

I noted above....the total number of tests was 1941.

So 711 cases out of 1941 tests, a positivity rate of 36.6%.

Japanese Twitter has been all over the shameful test numbers here in Tokyo, as well as how it "strangely" wasn't reported. It makes sense to me. I don't doubt they hoped people would not look into it. Almost 50% of the too few tests conducted coming back positive sure is incriminating for the place meant to safely hold the Olympics.

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711 new cases out of about 1900 tests. Indeed, almost 50% of Sunday's tests results were positives.

No surprise that they refused to announce the number of tests performed this time. Would ruin the image of Olympic perfection in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Osaka did about 12,000 tests on the same day.

This behavior is getting beyond unbearable. There seems to be no logical thinking happening whatsoever among the leadership.

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I think you're confusing yourself here. It's really not that hard to understand.

The pandemic has brought out the worst in people. That's it.

You've got anti-Asian attacks in the US, comments all around the world about how this is a "foreigner disease" (especially here in Japan)...People show total lack of concern about the others around them because they mistakingly think this will never affect them. Not an ounce of compassion for those it does affect.

And instead of helping each other through this, too many selfishly go with the thinking of, "Well, everyone else will be social distancing, so I can go out and do as I please." Or the "it's just a cold/flu" crew, the anti-mask people and the conspiracy theorists who believe it's all a hoax.

For everyone else who has been trying their best both in their personal and professional lives to contain this thing and avoid spreading it, we're exhausted. The leadership isn't helping, so it's really self-service at this point. The ongoing selfishness of others makes it ten times worse.

Oh well, it is what it is.

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This doesn't only affect the obese. Stop spreading rumors. There are those of us who are young and were in perfectly good health before getting sick and who now live with bodies like those of sick elderly people even one year later. Considering one-third of survivors of COVID (including the mild cases) end up with these long-hauler symptoms, I'd say that's a pretty large amount of people to be adversely affected for the long-term by this virus.

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What a load of rubbish, people have lot their jobs, not seen family or friends, not been able to go to school ane given up so much in the last year. All to protect the sick and elderly,


You're sort of exactly who I'm referring to.

It's not just to protect just the sick and the elderly. What planet are you living on? Or do you rely on Japanese news only to learn about who this virus affects and how? All along it's been important to protect everyone. And the longer certain people keep pretending it's just a cold and they can go out and party, the longer we have to do this...Do you know how depressing it's been for those of us trying to do our best to social distance and stay responsible while still going to work or trying to find work, etc.? We keep trying our best to bring the numbers down, which means staying at home even when we want to visit our loved ones, while selfish idiots go out every night thinking they're the only people on the planet. That is lack of compassion. Impressive ignorance, at best.

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@Do the hustle

Couldn't agree more. Or if, like too many, they're told their symptoms aren't "severe enough" and they are then left to tough it out alone at home. Then it suddenly turns far worse, as this hell virus is apt to do, and they are left with the cruel knowledge that they need help but won't get it.

That's the hard and terrifying reality here. Quite a few of us have lived it and will never forget it. Horrid feeling falling through the cracks.

Also, there is an astounding lack of compassion during this entire pandemic, although that hasn't just been Japan. Humanity's showing it's ugliest sides.

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Even so, I have still never heard of, and all of the articles I listed are not only from well-known, reliable web sources, but also cite studies of their own. So perhaps you might check those out before insisting that the one clearly limited study you share of "4,182 incident cases of COVID-19" is a reliable enough indication of the overall long-hauler Covid rate.

Also, as someone dealing with long-Covid right now, I find it rather despicable that out of your own fear of this potentially being the reality (newsflash, it is and it's not fun), you're wasting your time trying to convince everyone else that it's not likely to happen and can't possibly be true.

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Can't seem to post the URLs directly, so just highlight the titles and click the "Search the Web" option to find the corresponding article. But honestly, Google is your friend here.

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Here are far more reliable resources on the one-third stat than you've provided:

A Third of COVID Survivors Have Long-Haul Symptoms (

Almost a third of people with 'mild' Covid-19 still battle symptoms months later, study finds - CNN

Nearly One Third of Covid-19 Survivors Have Symptoms, Some Up To 9 Months Later, New Study Finds (

Studies show long-haul COVID-19 afflicts 1 in 4 COVID-19 patients, regardless of severity (

The last website cites 1 in 4 survivors of COVID.

All of these are as recent as this year, and with a quick Google search of "one third of COVID-19 patients long hauler", you get the same stat. I have no idea what "" is or why you consider it a reliable source.

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Check out Long Covid. 1/3 of people who get COVID-19 end up with a long-hauler case.

Just because Japan wants to pretend like it's not a thing and this virus is "just a cold" doesn't mean that's the truth.

Some of us here are still "enjoying" the results of Long Covid, and even better...? If we try to get help at a hospital, we're told "it's all in your head". Amazing. They don't help you when you first get sick (starting with refusing to test you), and they don't do a damn thing when you're still suffering over a year later with chest pains, shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue, gastrointestinal distress, etc.

Like I said in a previous comment, it's amazing to me how they're willing to have an entire generation of young people with long-term illness for the sake an Olympics that will, if not be forgotten entirely in a few short years, turn into the disaster super-spreader it seems to be gearing up to be.

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Considering this virus causes often debilitating long-hauler symptoms in one-third of people who get COVID-19 (people of all ages), this incompetence means Japan is going to have a whole generation of people with long-term illness on their hands. Seeing how many younger people are presenting with this even with the ridiculously limited testing makes me incredibly sad. They deserved better.

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Yes, twice. And a friend tried calling for me once, as well.

Perhaps it is just the incompetence of my home country, but they insisted both times that there was nothing they could do. That was last year, so hopefully something has changed. But I wouldn't bet money on it. It's not like they would be able to enforce more testing here.

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"...It is very hard to get a test here..."

Yes, that is the problem, and why we'll never know the full extent of the situation in Japan so long as the testing measures remain as they are. They don't even test many people with severe symptoms. Even those who were in a confirmed cluster infection site before coming down with symptoms.

I'm part of a long-hauler community in Japan who can attest to that. We got to experience the true nature of test suppression, being told again and again and again, "Sorry, we're just not testing. You might have better luck in [insert distant place] here. Or if you have the money to get a private test done, perhaps that would be best."

Funny thing is, you've likely spent a huge chunk of your money already on the phone bill to their useless COVID-19 hotline, which tells you exactly what I've said above, no matter how bad your symptoms are.

I will never forget an older Japanese friend of mine calling the ambulance because I was so ill. Them just about carrying me through my own damned front door. That was my second time in the emergency room in two months - my fourteenth time in a hospital overall. The ER doctor's words, and I quote: "Wow, we can see you are very sick, but there's nothing we can do. We're not testing. Maybe you can come back during the week for regular tests?"

(Which I had already done thirteen times before over the course of the first month ill, at three different hospitals. Still in my twenties and formerly in perfectly good health.)

When you're stuck in your damned room hoping you'll wake up the next day, that you don't die in your sleep from the intense and endless fevers, the burning of your inner organs, the inability to breathe, and all the crazy neurological crap this thing gives feel nothing but rage when you see that over a year later, nothing has changed.

At the end of the day, it's this: "It is very hard to get a test here."

And that is why the test numbers we see are so low.

If they actually tested as most other countries are doing, we'd know the true extent of the spread here. I feel sad that all of us have fallen through the cracks and will likely never get to know the truth, nor be protected from this Hell virus because of such incompetence and "saving face".

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Just saw this! God, I'm sorry - that's so horrible. We have to believe the body gets better little by little, even if it takes time. I wish you all the best and hope you are able to keep safe and happy in the days ahead, even though it's such a difficult time. Be good to yourself!

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I don't see why that matters, though? I posted on Japan Times before they started removing the comments section. Eventually you get exhausted when you run into so many people who don't believe it's a problem or think Japan is doing a great job. You can only tell your story so many times. Plus, sometimes you have to step away just to focus on your health, because the lack of responsibility or care about the situation by many people does indeed get overwhelming. After saying my piece here tonight (which I only did because I do check the numbers each day and still see one too many naysayers in the comments section), I probably won't bother for a while again after.

Take it from someone who's been through it - the visit to the bar or a restaurant with friends, or Go To Travel's just not worth the health risks. Someone in their twenties now living like a sick, elderly person even over a year later...I have so many regrets. I didn't know the shop in my town was a cluster infection site. Otherwise I would never have gone. I still don't understand why they dared to announce it was a cluster infection zone but refused to test so many of us who were there and got sick. I can't understand it for the life of me. And it is such an insult that they claim their cluster-tracing method was such a success when they didn't even bother testing or supporting people who got sick after being in the cluster.


I see, thank you for the clarification. Cheers!

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Thank you, that means a lot. I'm so sorry for your friends. I can attest to the endless shortness of breath even when just making a few steps. That and the neurological symptoms (such as the brain fog) are truly insane. I never imagined a virus like this could be possible. It's like there is no part of the body it does not adversely affect, often in horrendous ways...It truly is ten times worse than any flu. Please take good care of yourself, too!


Yes, the empty promises are ridiculous. But even more ridiculous is that no one calls her or the others out for lying again and again. I really wish this was international news so that perhaps there would be enough pressure on us to finally start testing properly. I thought that the insistence on the Olympics would mean we have to test, or no one would want to show up.....But alas, we get to slide by pretending like we've magically defeated the virus by our superior "maindo". Who knows? Maybe Koike will magically stand by her word this time. Take good care!

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They're only selectively testing people with bad symptoms, though. There are many out there with bad symptoms being refused a test no matter where they go, even when they have been to a confirmed cluster infection site before coming down ill. The reality is that test suppression is a real thing here that even fellow Japanese are complaining about.

It doesn't help to panic, but it does help not to be a selfish tosser who thinks he or she is above COVID-19 either. I'm afraid for other young people here because they have been told again and again that it can't affect them, and that's simply not true. Not to mention, young people presenting with severe symptoms are the most likely to be turned away from testing or treatment. I had to go to over four different hospitals over thirteen times before I was taken seriously, and I still was not tested or treated. Even having been in a confirmed cluster infection site before coming down with all the symptoms of COVID-19 at severe levels. I thought that was it - just left to die just like that.

I know a number of others who ended up in the same situation as me. We ended up finding each other specifically because of our situations here. It's damned sad that so few know how hard it is to genuinely get tested and helped here during this time. And all because of the Olympics and saving face. When we see these reports of daily numbers, we now automatically assume it's at least 10 times more than what they're saying. 339? Sure. Out of a ridiculous 4,405 tests. If they tested properly, we'd know the true spread.

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I don't understand the people on here who repeatedly talk about how Japan is in a good situation. It's not even really about the number of deaths, though I doubt we can know for sure what the COVID-19 death count here is when likely many get labeled as anything other than COVID-19 or COVID-19-caused complications.

The reality is that this virus causes long-lasting damage in people of all ages, including those in formerly good health. I'm proof of that. I was a healthy, fit, "young person" before it hit. I'm still facing symptoms and physical damage even over a year later and have come to accept my new "norm". How are so many people taking it this lightly? It's amazing and also pisses me off. What I would give to trade my now horrible health with the ignorance and blind optimism of any one of these foolish naysayers.

Meanwhile cities with four times less the population of Tokyo are doing 40,000 tests a day, while Tokyo barely manages to pass 5,000 tests a day, let alone 10,000 or more...How on Earth are we getting away with this charade? It's a shame the rest of the world doesn't know what's going on here. Otherwise I think the Olympics would be a no-go for most.

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