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Given the fact that the population in Japan has been steadily dropping, 14 years of the same number of suicides is significant in my opinion.

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A simple quiz: person A gets significant exposure to sunlight daily during the summer months to their face and forearms, as they travel to and from work, totaling about 8 hours of exposure to high UV radiation every week. Person B gets the same amount of exposure per week, but in longer, concentrated stretches(2 hours at a time sunbathing and living a nocturnal lifestyle the rest of the time). So who is more likely to develop a melanoma?

I want to slap the idiot obasans who wear long gloves and big sombreros just to go down the block to the supermarket. Learn some simple facts about radiation exposure (intensity and duration) and stop buying in to marketing schemes.

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A boon to the industry. One of the major hurdles will be to bring down the cost of replacement batteries. With a big company backing all-electric,battery production costs might very well break the marketing threshold. Gimme my Tesla.

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Point for the article being abbreviations; I get it. Arafo. Akeome. Bye Bye (バイバイ). It's outside the language it is trying to represent, and will always be outside. Just try to get a Frenchman to pronounce "th" and you will see what I mean. However, if the Japanese really want to accept English as an international language, they have got to quit this nonsense. French people get it, the Japanese do not.

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