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skippyjoey comments

Posted in: Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan still rocking See in context

i agree with u, theeastisred..i was at that concert, too...ZEPP tokyo. he was speaking all the lyrics..not singing them. and the band's arrangements were unrecognizable...i had to almost wait to the chorus section to recognize what song it was. AND Dylan was playing organ all night instead of guitar...

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Posted in: Japanese woman reporter shot dead in Syria's Aleppo See in context

so sad...R.I.P.

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Posted in: Lightning Bolt See in context

hey! where are all the white and asian dudes? just sayin'

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Posted in: PHATE- Live at Motion Blue See in context

Kaleb is a great talent and a great guy! wish i was in tokyo to see/hear the gig! have a great one , Kaleb! ( joey c.)

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Posted in: Doctor to the stars See in context

For many years now, during my many trips to Tokyo, Dr. Aksenoff has taken care of my medical needs. What a WONDERFUL man he is! Special mention to his sweet long-time nurse, Rumi ...their professional and loving relationship is a joy to see. They are both so lucky to have each other ! Even though it is when i am ill, I always look forward to see the good doctor and to listen to his stories about his long and interesting life and career. He often treats poor patients for free, and he said that his least favorite day of the week is Sunday, when he doesn't work. What dedication and passion for his life's work ! Not a "job" to him, but a "joy"! Thank u, thank u DR. AKSENOFF and rumi for always being there for me and for being the wonderful people you are! God bless u both ! with great admiration and appreciation, Joey C.

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Posted in: Quake jolts Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba See in context

freaked me out!

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Posted in: Japan falls silent for tsunami victims See in context

I love Japan and the Japanese people so much! my hurt hurts for the wonderful Japanese people who have lost lives, homes, family, friends... may all the souls who died rest in peace, and may God help heal the hearts of their loved ones. Long live Japan.

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Posted in: Honeymooner from Japan killed in Hawaii motorbike crash See in context

so sad...honeymoon couple..celebrating their marriage and life.. RIP hope the guy recovers..but he will have to live with the memory and regret of not protecting himself and his wife by wearing helmets

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Posted in: Cruise ship's death toll rises to 13; captain says he 'fell off' ship See in context

Shetteno is a disgrace to Italy , to Napoli, and to all ship captains!

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Posted in: Man dies after falling from icy roof in Nagano See in context

poor guy...RIP

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Posted in: Room at the inn for Fukushima Christians See in context

May God bless this pastor and his flock.

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Posted in: Becky promises to keep helping Tohoku See in context

Right on , BECKY!! THANK U!

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Posted in: Radioactive strontium found in 3 locations in Tokyo See in context

@ssway : i 100% feel what u feel and agree.

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Posted in: Keeping up with Japanese metrosexual manes See in context

"The scruffy unkempt look has run its cycle, and men are returning to a cleaner, groomed look. Think Cary Grant, not billy goat Brad [Pitt]." i am THRILLED to read this! a personal pet peeve of mine is seeing 90% ( count them sometime if u don't believe me) of white guys in tokyo with either a full or partial beard, mustache, or 2 days stubble. To me, they all look unclean...as in " i am too lazy to shave today....maybe even too lazy to shower, also".

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested over death of girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter See in context

he tortured and murdered the little angel. a NO- brainer: DEATH PENALTY for him! may the little girl rest in peace.

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