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skroknog comments

Posted in: 2 yakuza members arrested for stealing food See in context

Time to get a real job.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should let China keep Navy drone See in context

I wish China would take all the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi instead.

Don't worry. Putin will be moving in to the Whitehouse some time soon. The you won't have to worry about pesky stuff like democracy and voting anymore, comrade.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should let China keep Navy drone See in context

They should make an exchange ... give the Chinese Trump in exchange for the drone.

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Posted in: On victory lap, few signs Trump focusing on unified nation See in context

Trump has the support of approx. 70 million morons ... that's a hell of a lot of morons. Probably the biggest moron population in the world. Now it's time for the other 200 million people to stand up and fight for their rights including the 49 % of Americans who couldn't even be bothered to vote.

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Posted in: Trump shrugs off fuss over Taiwan president's call See in context

The question is can the US afford to stick the finger to China? China holds a huge among of US dept. And any small amount of conflict could have a big impact on the US economy and in turn the world.

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Posted in: What do you expect from Donald Trump as U.S. president? See in context

Cut the population of the US by half? I hear half the population have already begun researching immigration to Canada. ;)

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Posted in: Clinton lashes out at FBI's handling of new email review See in context

The E-mails. The most boring 'scandal' in history. Out of thousands of emails not one 'grab' em by the pussy' moment. All it took was one Trump tape.

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Posted in: Clinton tries to quell resurgent email issue late in race See in context

So Trump gets in, what would be his first course of action? Probably to press the red button and nuke Rosie O'Donnell...and then start a war on ex beauty queens. That leaves the question of who will actually be running the country, if anyone?

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Posted in: Guam man who killed 3 Japanese tourists begs for shorter sentence See in context

How about a life shorting sentence? That would be more fitting.

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Posted in: Despite harsh reviews, Trump resists new debate approach See in context

It's hard to believe it has come this far. Half of America is on its way to putting Homer Simpson in the White House only the joke is going to be on them if it transpires. I'm less worried about Trump himself than whoever will be pulling the strings. He obviously hasn't a clue about policy and will have to farm out every decision that needs to be made. Lost touch with reality doesn't even begin to describe the political situation America is in today. Clinton may be 4 more years of the same but better the devil you know than putting all your bets in turning the country into a reality show.

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Posted in: Clinton regrets calling 'half' of Trump supporters 'deplorable' See in context

Can US politics sink any lower? Both these candidates have been scrapping the bottom of the barrel with their school yard taunt approach to political debate. The whole affair is an embarrassment.... I expect the next electoral campaign will be fought via grunt and fart competitions.

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Posted in: Beyonce slays at MTV Video Music Awards; Drake honors Rihanna See in context

What a farce.

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Posted in: Streaming brings music industry first growth in nearly 20 years See in context

However, that money is not making its way to the music makers pockets. The only people benefiting are google, spotify and the major labels that have made deals with those IT moguls. Anyone who thinks the new model is somehow better for music creators and less corrupt than the old model is sorely mistaken. But then most end users don't give a damn just as long as they get something for free.

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Posted in: New Zealanders choose silver fern design as possible new flag See in context

Horrible. I won't be voting either way. The old flag is horrible too!

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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese TV programs? Seen anything you like? See in context

植物男子ベランダー is a good comedy drama. Unique.

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Posted in: Time for black or gay 007, says Brosnan See in context

Bond is a cold war relic. It's time to put the series to bed. I would have been happy if they'd finished the series at View to a Kill.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim absent from key anniversary event See in context

He's probably at Disneyland

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Posted in: Man arrested for poisoning over 40 cats in Tokyo's Ota Ward See in context

We all know what the next step after cat killing is. Lock him up for good.

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Posted in: One person commits suicide every 40 seconds: WHO See in context

Every suicide is a tragedy.

What is a tragedy is that people are left to suffer to the point that they see no other way out. Trying to prevent suicide itself is meaningless without addressing the underlying causes.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country is the safest to live in? See in context

I lived in NZ for 25 years during the years when crime 'peaked' and never felt it was at all dangerous. Crime rates there have been steadily dropping since the '90s so I imagine it would be safer than ever.

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Posted in: Some ALTs have a background in education, while some never even studied a foreign language before. Some are doing it just to earn money, while other ALTs are working because they really want to teach See in context

'If English becomes a proper subject' Maybe then they'll start paying proper wages and giving people proper conditions.

Exactly. They will never attract 'serious' teachers with the dismal conditions offered.

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Posted in: Head patrol officer busted for molesting woman on train See in context

'Head' patrol officer? I guess he must have been confused about what his duties were. ;)

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Posted in: Japan seeks answers from U.S. over embassy bugging claim See in context

The current administration makes Nixon look like boy scout.

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Posted in: Porn star Sora Aoi's calligraphy sparks art debate in China See in context

'zombie-killing stripper'

LOL! Classic! I've got to see that one!

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Posted in: Violence all over big screen as filmmakers seek to capture youth market See in context

Here's a thought. How about making quality films with good story lines?

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Posted in: Korean 'comfort women' cancel meeting with Hashimoto See in context

papigiulioMAY. 24, 2013 - 01:06PM JST Who can argue with them. Hashimoto has been acting like a douche the last couple of days.

What do you mean, 'the last couple of days'? That's his schtick!

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Posted in: Ex-cop arrested for attempting to abduct 15-year-old girl See in context

Creep central. These cop cases seem to be going from bad to worse. Groping and filming is one thing, but (attempted) kidnapping is a whole other level.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to increase number of foreign English teachers to 10,000 See in context

I was in the program years ago in the '90s and have done ALT work occasionally since then... Nothing has changed! ALTs are still used like talking textbooks. The system is useless when J teachers are so stiff and ridged that they are incapable of working with native speakers for the benefit of the students. ALTs are simply treated as a bothersome interference to their everyday routine. As stated above it is the teachers who need teaching. All J English teachers should be made to take weekly lessons so improve the English they impart to students in the classroom and to change their thinking about language teaching.

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Posted in: In Psy's musical wake, K-pop tries substance over style in star search See in context

If only the same thing would happen for J pop.

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Posted in: Rolf Harris arrested over sex offense allegations in UK See in context

I'll never be able to listen to 'Jake the Peg' again. :(

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