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Posted in: Now comes hard part for Obama: governing See in context

"What a hell of a bush inspired mess he has to clear up now."

So after all the talk of change and how different he was and how he was so special and unique......his future failures have already been blamed on Bush...yappari.

No. Full stop. He knew what he was getting into and he's promised to fix it all, change all the bad to good, give hope where there was none, etc. He either delivers or he just another politician lying to get elected.

If he really is "all that", he'll be able to improve things dramatically DESPITE the challenges. Remember, he has singlehandedly made the rest of the world love us, right? I saw the fawning adoring news coverage from around the globe as well as you.

The Dems have complete control, no checks or balances left. They don't need the Republicans for anything. Now either put up or shut up.

I'll be praying every day that Obama is a success....but I won't be accepting any excuses if he's not.

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Posted in: Naked Briton detained after swimming in Imperial Palace moat See in context

This is likely the only nice thing I'll say about Japanese police this year, but the cops did fine....and were quite restrained. They didn't shoot, taser or hit him with a stick, although he tried to whack them a few times. Try running naked on the lawn of the White House and see if they take an hour to get you in custody.

Apparently the best-trained cops are around the palace!

And yeah, 50 cops is not out of line....this was the Palace after all, and no telling where he'd try to get out and run. After Akihabara, they aren't going to let apparently crazy people run free.

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Posted in: Jury system poster See in context

It's not that they won't take it seriously, or that they won't go in with good intentions; it's that most Japanese ALWAYS follow what they are told is "best" by whatever authority figure happens to be nearby. The average citizen here is utterly incapable of going against a group of "experts" who are in highly-feared positions of power.

This is not out of malice on the jurors' part. In a few years when the first railroadee is freed after having been damned to a decade of misery, we'll hear genuine contrition and regret from the juror who was certain they were innocent, but wouldn't rock the boat. .

And I'm sure they will carefully "deselect" anyone with a history of independent thought. Union membership, political activism, blogging or petition-signing will likely keep you off a jury. Can't have "troublemakers" making the past system look bad by suddenly releasing more defendants.


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Posted in: Jury system poster See in context

The Japanese system has now put itself on a par with Saudi Arabia's in immunity from change....for 50 years they will be hailing this as a massive improvement. And it will be, they will be able to convict 99.9% of defendants with the cover of a useless jury system.

Imagine the scene....

"So, Mrs Housewife, you've heard the opinions of the 3 experienced judges, and the 32 policemen with a total of 145 years service to the public, and they all think the big stinky foreigner did it. Don't you agree? Now remember that if you have your own opinion, you're legally allowed to embarrass yourself and your husband by disagreeing....(oh, and we helpfully told his boss that you are on the jury and how happy he should be that someone connected with his company is going to help put away this scum)

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Posted in: Relaxing at the airport when you're delayed See in context

Services? No, that would lessen Narita's real mission. Narita is carefully designed to be unwelcoming so as to make foreigners want to stay AWAY from Japan.

It's far from Tokyo, and it's hot, dirty and boring so you have nothing to do but wonder how much contraband is being stuffed into your luggage by the Customs Thugs. Every time I go through Narita I'm reminded of why I don't live in Japan year-round.

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