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^speak what? This is our land, this is Mexican land speaking Spanish , we don't need white or "kill whitey"?

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Posted in: Trump criticizes NATO; says he's OK with Japan, S Korea having nuclear weapons See in context

I know most Japanese don't like nuke, but he just said that he is "OK with it" isnt that mean he leave the choice to people of Japan and South Korea?

More he is willingly to withdraw troops from Japan, I thougt Japanese would love this? so what's with the hate?

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Posted in: S Korea condemns updated Japanese textbooks See in context

I'm sorry but I think Korea and China made very funny point? what does WW2 Japan have anything to do with current Japan? the almost 2 different Japan from political and social standpoint, plus, we are living in 2016 guys. If you want to talk about territory or islands, just talk about them don't beat around the bush with unrelated events, quite pathetic imo.

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