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Posted in: Japanese girl's WWII job: waving goodbye to kamikaze pilots See in context

Just when you think you are getting even a slight grasp on this country, its people and their culture, you read about something like this.... I don't know what to say. We all have the stereotypical image of the Kamikaze pilots and what they did, but this ceremony of young girls waving good bye to the pilots.....well I just can't imagine that happening anywhere else in the world. Not going to write about war today, just reflect on the sacrifice....of the ones who gave their lives and of the people who had to watch them go and not come back.

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Posted in: Japanese firm to apologize to U.S. WWII veterans for forced labor See in context

What was the most striking after the apology was issued were the humble responses of the few U.S. servicemen still alive who had endured this inhumane treatment. They were just grateful for the apology and accepted it with politeness and grace.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 5 injured after being electrocuted by electric fence See in context

Once again, we don't have enough info to accurately comment or to place fault about the accident. Questions abound such as was the fence labeled at all and if so were there signs in enough places to let people know to stay away from it. People will do stupid things regardless of warnings but all you can do is that. Was the fence really cut or was it just an accident of a wire being dislodged by someone or possibly even a deer that was moving in that area? And what were the people doing there? Unless they were very close to the wire dangling in the river they would not have been electrocuted. This story needs more follow up. But one thing is certain, there are hundreds of case where people tried to help someone else in trouble and the helpers themselves got injured or even died as well. I think the first reaction is to reach out to someone who is screaming or is drowning. So hard to think rationally in situations like this.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after drugging dates with chocolate, robbing them See in context

Sad that she felt she had to steal money from these hapless men. Had she been a little more creative and tolerant she could have gotten way more money as gifts just for going out with these desperate guys and wouldn't even need to sleep with them,

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Posted in: Light-up See in context

Was in Vancouver last summer and saw the Japanese entry in the 3 day Honda Celebration of Lights Fireworks Festival. Took in all 3 fireworks shows actually and the Japanese show just killed. The other countries (USA and France) weren't even close. Link if permitted and if interested.... http://www.insidevancouver.ca/2014/05/01/honda-celebration-of-light-fireworks-vancouver-2014/

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Posted in: Tokyo opens first swimming beach in 50 years See in context

At least it's a start. The more public awareness the more the gov will see the need to improve the environment. Every major city on the water has pollution problems. Start by not peeing and pooing in the water when you do take a swim.....Yes?

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