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Skywards comments

Posted in: NHK debate program wants your opinion on major issues See in context

Pressing questions:

How does Kohaku Uta Gassen reflect environmental values when confetti gets released, many singers have more than one costume during the show and the set uses lots of flashing screens and lights?

How has Japan in the 21st century adapted Western business accountability practices to its own corporate world?

Can NHK ask the Japanese people living in Tokyo without homes or jobs how the global economy has impacted their lives?

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Posted in: Stress, lack of privacy in evacuee shelters taking its toll See in context

Idea-has the prefectural or national government considered taking over hotels and turning them into temporary housing for the evacuees while cleanup and reconstruction occur? Might require zoning changes but that would provide some privacy. There'd also be a need to make decisions about common elements/gardens/storage but the privacy part would be immensely helpful.

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Posted in: BoA to make Hollywood debut See in context

Boa's reference to dancing is about the tap-dancing she has had to learn in preproduction for the movie. She has indicated that it is not as easy as it looks. I am glad she finally came to Canada and am waiting for a Toronto paper or show to ask her when a Toronto concert (her own or with SM Town) might happen! RE: her North American album-I did wish that she had released her Best & USA album here instead-it had some wonderful songs as did her Japanese album, Identity. However, maybe it was for a reason.

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Posted in: How one Japanese village defied the tsunami See in context

Will look for the late mayor's book. He was wise to recall previous devastation and use it to inspire the wall. Did the town figure out why the side parts jammed, thereby necessitating a fireman to manually operate them? Need to fix that bit.

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Posted in: Imperial couple end Canadian tour See in context

Aside from little advance publicity in Canada about the Imperial couple's visit, I relied on Japanese media to learn about their itinerary.

Anyhow, it does seem that the Imperial couple had a swell time visiting four major cities in Canada.

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Posted in: IMAX focused on Asia as part of global expansion See in context

How about having some of the Asian films put into the IMAX format and distributed around the world? Something along the lines of The Good, The Bad, and The Weird from South Korea?

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Posted in: 40 fans chosen for chartered flight with Tom Cruise See in context

The flight gives new meaning to fan-meeting. One day, Suri may have enough material to write a digital book about being among strangers so often.

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Posted in: Hiroko Hatano, Keita Suzuki hold wedding reception See in context

They will have nice wedding photographs to show the baby later. Why is all the negative focus on the bride's attire? She and husband can afford to entertain and to dress for "their day."

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Posted in: NEC develops Japanese-English interpretation software for cell phones See in context

This feature could be a refinement of the translation units developed for expo 2005 to be used at the airports.

Wish the program could expand to other industries' jargon and phrases.

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Posted in: Waseda student arrested for stealing woman’s underwear in Nara See in context

Waseda University student caught for underwear theft recently; in past three years, this university has had students caught with drugs or investigated for sexual assault. Time for the school administration to get a good citizenship course with compulsory volunteer time set up for all incoming new students plus a mandatory course on male-female relationships.

Otherwise we'll be reading about more students from "wasted" university.

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Posted in: Hello Breakfast See in context

I had an older model of the toaster and there was no switch for "non-mug" toast. However, the image worked best on white sliced bread. For cracked bread, the setting had to be fairly high, at which point the bread was approaching burnt status. Also, forget toasting frozen waffles-the heat made the bottom edge soften into an L-shape and would not crisp the whole item. And no image of the cat appeared...

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Posted in: Daisuke Matsuzaka and his wife to make first appearance on 'SMAPxSMAP' See in context

The cooking/interview/entertainment show that SMAP are featured in can be quite funny.

I have long suspected that there is staff to make the presentation dishes for the video closeups but the band actually makes the guests' dishes. Guess that is how "meals for everyone" is possible-extra food made before hand. Though, if the men actually have picked up some cooking skills, they must be popular at home with friends and family.

Nakai is a ham as the maitre d' and Shingo tries to add a light sketch at the end. From what I can determine, he usually tries to coerce or implore guests to favour his cooking team's efforts.

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Posted in: JAL president becomes famous as modest executive on YouTube See in context

JAL president could act as consultant to the US CEOs on how to gain customer loyalty by their taking lifestyle and money sacrifices for the companies' health. For a fee per consultation (in Japanese) of course.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki See in context

Glad to see that the singer made it to the show. The appearance will help her fans to support her and give the show producers some satisfaction that choosing her to appear was alright after all.

Hope her surgery mended the hand.

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Posted in: Rebels hack 45 people to death at Catholic church in Congo See in context

People are losing their lives while gunmen or machetemen run amok. Shake Hands with the Devil told the tales of Rwanda, yet the horror is happening in Uganda and other countries.

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Posted in: Enya plants 'illumination tree' at Tokyo Midtown See in context

Illumination=tree lighting. The tree itself is special only because of its planting at the ceremony of turning on the lights. But hey, Enya will be on the Red & White show? Perhaps NHK will invite more international musicians for future show to mix with the Japanese ones? 21st-century, you have arrived in J-music.

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Posted in: Ritz-Carlton to launch new global brand in Thailand See in context

Guess one needs the money in the Federal Reserve to enjoy this new resort. Will there be a transportation system in place for employees to get to and from the resort? No one is going to appreciate a long commute. I picked up on the mention of limestone karsts-why would anyone allow development near them? Whole area needs to be a protected zone. Wouldn't want guest to slip into one karst and twist a leg or more.

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Posted in: Nakazawa, Endo among contenders for Asian soccer player of year See in context

Speaking of soccer, where is the coverage of the Under-20 Women's World Cup tournament in Chile right now? We're talking soccer, people! This is important.

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Posted in: Kitajima gets his hands on Quarter Pounder See in context

Rather surprised it took this long to make use of the Olympic swimmer's medal to promote products and make money! (Michael Phelps was in the media as soon as he finished his last swim!) He was great at the Olympics!

Any idea if the beef in the patty is Japanese beef or US beef?

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Posted in: Broadcasters to hold TV program trade show See in context

TV series Change and Absolute Boyfriend need to come to North America. They are more interesting than the current prime time fare offered here. Canadian broadcasters, buy!

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Posted in: Aussie pub offers free drinks to women who take off panties See in context

I'm sure the public health law being broken in a place serving food and drink is only one of several laws applicable to the story. Serving staff couldn't be thrilled to have to speculate when the underwear would fall off the bar rail. Not like management would have provided servers with hand protection i.e. gloves.

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Posted in: Yahoo starts web page makeover See in context

That explains the purple font replacing the red font on Yahoo's Canada page of late.

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Posted in: Japan faces crematorium shortage See in context

Then the sole crematorium in Nagoya ought to let the opposing residents know to arrange their funerals somewhere else, so the facility can accommodate the residents who support the crematorium.

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Posted in: Tea-licious Mont Blanc See in context

This treat sounds good for fall!

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Posted in: Korean actor Bae Yong Joon opens restaurant in Nagoya See in context

Ah, all you need to do is find a Bae-fan blog to know that Gosireh Hwa (fire) in Osaka is a drinks and snacks/appetizers establishment. For a full meal, Gosireh in Tokyo is the place to book.

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Posted in: 4 charged in underwear theft cases in Aichi, Chiba, Kanagawa and Niigata See in context

Notice that the first three incidents described occurred when the owners were elsewhere and not in a position to challenge or defend their items. The college student taking from the kids-boot him hard!

I imagine that the clothing thefts affected the kids and may have caused problems in homes where money is scarce.

The thieves need psychological help but they also need to make amends to places where the youth had their belongings snatched. Little kids can develop fears too easily over one incident.

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Posted in: Police officer quits after being arrested for stealing female cadet's underwear in Chiba See in context

Police are missing two charges: 1) theft of colleague's personal property at academy 2) theft of office key What is the female who's stuff was taken going to think? She'd be better off having her own gang to rough up the perpetrator? Add abuse of position to boot. The trainees are getting the message they will be let off easy if they commit a crime and it's against a female. Hey, the whole academy's executives and trainers need a refresher course in: it's the 21st century and idiocy/theft/sexual harassment are not allowed in the police academy.

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Posted in: SMAP to embark on nationwide tour See in context

SMAP promotion team: visit North America! Please send the group over to do concerts here in the major cities, including Canada.

Mr. Kimura did well in his recent TV role as a prime minister. Would like to see him perform live over on this continent.

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Posted in: Cannes winner Yuya Yagira, 18, hospitalized after reported drug overdose See in context

Shock to read this item. The actor was marvellous in the film, which I understand was filmed over a year to allow actors to show them older and longer-haired. Still a serious health scare.

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