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Yes, because us white people are so persecuted against. Can you believe that some people don't even sit next to me on the train? I can't bear this terrible racism any longer :-)

I hear you. Now go buy a wig, get a clean Gatsby shave then take the women only train next morning, then you should be a happy camper.

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To Athletes

Higher wages does not translate as happy ending for all. Japanese wages is many times higher than South America. However many Japanese prefer to move and live in South America. Even Brasil born Japanese descendants are moving back to Brasil. Why do they want to move from high pay nation to low pay nation? One factor is Japan is very expensive. One factor is good old days are over. If Japan is cheaper than South, who will move and live there?

Many Japanese? <-- More like less than 10% of the entire Japanese population.

Even Brasil born Japanese descendants are moving back to Brasil. <-- again, that's like what? less than 5% of the entire Japanese population?

Higher wages does not translate as happy ending for all.

Yes, what I can tell you is cheaper living cost doesn't mean happy as well. I agree Japan is expensive to live in. BUT as of now, I just can't see Japanese people start an immigrate RUSH to other countries (This ain't no Hong Kong return back to China in 97). People already set their "roots" in Japan...Grew up in Japan and have their friends and families here.. Especially for people that are over 35. I am sure a lot of Japanese will agree with me on that.

To Zenpun

There are lucky and well established in their career. When someone is old and no longer working full time, cheaper cost of living is more important than income.

What you said make sense for seniors that are Mexicans but definitely not for Japanese. Are you suggesting old Japanese people should fly 6717.17miles away from Japan(I googled the distance) just to save few pesos in Mexico??? Let's be real here... They speak no spanish, have no friends?? Most Japanese people have saving habits...If Japanese can't afford to live in big cities, they will likely move to countryside. The bottom line is most of the older japanese people will not leave Japan. Maybe the younger generations in the future since they can adapt to foreign culture more easily...

Center of gravity has shifted. Mexico is no longer wild west of poor and criminals. It may be not attractive for older and established professionals. However it has become the destination of many Asian business and professionals.

Center of gravity may have shifted but it is definitely not in Mexico at this moment. <-- Just sayin'.

I agree Mexico's economy is growing rapidly and entrepreneurs and Business Corp are getting their fair shares in that countries..$$$. BUT I really don't see the majority of people want to live there. Especially for Asians that will face more culture differences. Until the government really put in the effort to make Mexico a safer place to live in, I just don't see many foreigners will want to live in there. Why?? See below and you will know why...

More than 5 cities in Mexico ranked top 50 most dangerous cities in the world.!!! --> Japan is not in that list.

I know a handful of friends who have worked in Dubai before... They love to do business there and they love the high salaries but a lot of them don't enjoy to live there.

That being said, I bet if you google top 10 best countries to live in the world, Mexico is not going to be one of them. Canada and US are.


I agree with you. Most success foreigners are busy in the real world making big $$$.

Don't get discourage with the minuses.. I gave you a plus... cheers!

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I lol'd at the amount of people jumped on the bandwagon...Good chance to "relieve" stress online right? And also it's fun to give out Good+ and Bad- right?

Seriously, have a good laugh about it and move on...

200+ comments on a small ANA topic. 4 real?

There must be better things to do than that right??

Go watch some gold stock or something... It's going back up.

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Attracting professionals are nothing to do with government policy. If there are many job opportunities and reasonable cost of living and life style, professionals will go there. Most US and Canada professionals are looking for work in Mexico. Mexico is many times cheaper and having more jobs than US and Canada.

Depends what jobs you are talking about. I don't see Mexican firms pay higher wages than US and Canada (e.g. IT or engineering etc) Besides, Mexico is a labour intensive country so LOW wage is da Also you have to know that people that are making decent income, cheaper cost of living might not be important to them... Safety and better quality of living are whats matter to them.. No offense. Mexico is a nice place for travel but I wouldn't want to move to there even the cost of living is cheap. One of my coworkers was Mexican and she told me a lot of messed up stories with foreigners. Might be good to live as a single but definitely not with a family.

Back to topic --> Japan is doing the right thing to open up the foreigner labour markets. If the baby boomers are no longer contributing to the economy, somebody else gotta do that right!? Otherwise, who is going to pay for all those baby-boomer's retirement benefits and medical expenses?? Those are the problems that the government will face if they don't get more "helpers" right now. Ima desho?! lol

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lol warispeace did some research on Japan's GDP eh?

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They need to stabilize the Fukushima power plant issue before more tourists feel comfortable to come into Japan.

I have a lot of friends oversea love Japan but they are hesitate to travel to Japan at this moment.

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Alex. Have you ever traveled with ANA? Not trying to be bias here but I think ANA's flights are still better than a lot of US carriers offer. If money was not a problem, ANA is definitely the way to go.

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Hope everyone is fine in New Zealand. God bless NZ.

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Actually Tall nose is a compliment. I know a lot of asians want to have tall nose...Some people even did plastic surgery to get a big tall nose. So you should be proud if you have a big and tall nose.

Well.. if you have wide nose, then that's something else...

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Also, we know that women are paid less and many are temp workers, so this will also lower labour costs.

I lol......I dont know what you are talking about...For female babyboomers dont have specialize skill or university degrees...then yMAYBE.. I just don't see women (the new generations) graduated from Universities will be paid at minimum wages... Don't always assume you can beat women in a math contest.

Beside Japan is not labour intensive country compared with China or other south east Asian countries..

The real $$$ that boost the Japanese GDP is from the technological sectors (I dont want to go into it. Has to do with Hedge funding). Anyways, imagine what 1% of the smart japanese women can thrive in jobs like pharmacists, lawyers,physicians and surgeons..etc...

You gotta look at the entire population to make a conclusion... By focusing only in a small sample size will likely yield a incorrect result.

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"Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol." from a smiling Bush.

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Summertime and the livin's easy Bradley's on the microphone with Ras-MG All the people in the dance will agree that we're well qualified to represent the LBC (me) Me and Louie we're gunna run to the party and dance till the rhythm it gets harder

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Here is the summit talk:

Team China: Ok. I say it's time for some Tan tan man with some Peking duck.

Team KoreA: No! we need spicy. Gotta stick to shin ramen!

Team Abe: We ate too many tan tan or shin ramen last few meetings. Not this time.! Miso ramen only! with butteR~

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I say Suntory did a good job with marketing in Japan right after the acquisition of Jimmy Beam.

I start to see Jim beam's cm in supermarket featuring leonardo da cabrio. LOL

It's a good bourbon. Jimmy beam with coke >> Jacky Daniels with coke.

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If Starbucks is smart enough, they should sell wine like what they did in US. (I know a few big States have that)

Its a good place to run a pilot project like that. If it works then expand the success to other asian countries.

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"If you want some love at night, you gotta show more love during daytime. " <--to your wife. Sometimes u gotta go out of your comfort zone, try new things... Dont always say No.

Afterall, you only live once.

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Fun Fact:

Canada - a pack of smoke (20 cigarettes) for $11 CAD = 1,000 yen give or take.. Japan - a pack of smoke = 400 yen

There is still room for the cigarette price to go up right? More potential tax revenue for the government. no?

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Yes the population is shrinking, that's why Abe is pushing hard on this- > "Womenomics" . Trying to get more women in the workforce. I think there should be a positive effect for the country as a whole.

Imagine this... Left hand = women Right hand = man.

Right hand always do the writing all the time. Left hand do nothing (except maybe hold the paper). I say it's time to train your left hand to do the work as well... Don't underestimate the talent of women. There are some real talents out there.

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Konichiwa Sochi!

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well played. stay calm and move ON.

China did make some noise, ABEit briefly.

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Dont underestimate women workforce.

It will stimulate the economy for sure.

More female to work => more income => more taxes for government & boost GDP.

Oh yahhh

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Agree with you toshiko.

"Risingsun" is the hope of future. Government should promote solar energy so normal household can afford it.

Make more ---> more supply-> lower cost of make --> consumer can switch to solar energy at an affordable price in the future.

Perhaps some government incentive program to attract citizens for switching to solar energy. I believe US got these kind of program before for hybrid carbuyers.

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It's nice to get a head start to deal with Africa and a cheaper alternative energy resource... Both Japan and China are still cautious with Africa due to the corruption problem. Perhaps Abe should work more closely with other "rich resource" country like Canada for alternative energy resource like Liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Gotta put money to different tables instead of one right?

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Advice for you Debucho for this summer.. Stay away from the TV coz cwill shout out "Samurai samurai "when Honda score this summer! You might want to stay at home and play with a bonsai while everyone are going to be out to shout out Banzai!

Don't hate da player, hate da game baby~!!

Anyways back to topic... I am sure Honda will enjoy the oversea success just like Nakata and Nakamura Shunsuke. It is definitely an exciting chapter for soccer fans in Japan and worldwide.

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