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Posted in: To say ‘get vaccinated’ when there are no vaccines available shows that she has no understanding of the situation at the local level. See in context

Yes getting one at a company could be better, if available.

Seems that some places like Kita ward (Tokyo) are just slow or give priority to people older than 60.

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Posted in: Social isolation spreading in Japan See in context

I am thinking of retiring in Osaka in the future. I will not miss living in Kanto. Live is just work here.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

In western Japan more people are getting the vaccine. In Miyazaki and Fukuoka city anybody can get it.

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Posted in: Suga regrets having to take all the heat for hosting Olympics during pandemic See in context

He really has a thin skin but Abe said Japan wanted the Olympics in 2021 even though Bach said 2022 was possible. Suga ia on the hook.

Suga is gambling it can go well. It may not.

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Posted in: Anger in Tokyo is just latest example of how unpopular hosting Olympics has become See in context

Bach told Abe that 2022 was OK but Abe insisted that Japan would be ready by 2021. The Olympics could be a super spreader event with people coming from the entire world to Tokyo with not enough Japanese being vaccinated.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan's death in detention in spotlight as Japan debates immigration bill See in context

I know. The problem is the lack of medical attention that led to the death of a 33 year old.

Her visa expired and she refused to leave Japan, so she got put in detention.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan's death in detention in spotlight as Japan debates immigration bill See in context

She was a afraid of DV from her husband in Sri Lanka.

There is talk about having people like her stay in Japan if they can find someone to sponsor her.

I think a Nigerian woman was willing to do that, although she lives in Ibaraki and the Sri Lankan woman was in Nagoya.

The family stopped paying for her tuition, so that is where it started.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 376 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,026 See in context

What is going on in Ehime, Yamagata and Miyagi? I did not expect that. When are people going to start getting the vaccine?

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Posted in: It's official: Spectators from abroad will not be allowed at Tokyo Olympics See in context

As it is, people in Tokyo are going to pay more in taxes. Ticket prices will be cut to get spectators in the seats.

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Posted in: Calls grow for Cuomo to quit from top New York lawmakers See in context

I want an investigation about the deaths at the nursing homes. About time people look at shoddy governors like Cuomo. CNN just gave him a free pass. Cuomo is just worse than his father was as governor. I am a registered voter in New York.

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Posted in: Arguments for 'right to disconnect' from work draw more attention amid pandemic See in context

Yes I got an e-mail late on Thursday with a deadline on Sunday even though I am on vacation and not at home. Ridiculous. Cannot reason with such people. The amount of e-mail during the pandemic is too much.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign workers hit hard by pandemic See in context

I think the problem is that people get complacent. When there is a crisis people have to learn to adapt. The longer you stay here the harder you have to work. That means study more, network, etc. A driver’s license is nice as an ID but if one cannot afford a car I guess it is not a priority.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign workers hit hard by pandemic See in context

It seems that if you want to get better at Japanese you need to pay for it. It helps if you have the time.

I know a teacher who studied at a school for 6-12 months to get to N2, but you have to work at least part-time and use your savings. I just go to the volunteer places but it is hit or miss. Just being Japanese does not mean they know how to teach.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign workers hit hard by pandemic See in context

I worked six days a week my first six years in Japan and still went to Japanese class.

Yes I got tired but I did it. I quit going twice a week, since I was getting burned out, but continued to go once a week.

Went to the DMV in Yokohama by myself after four years to apply for the driver's license.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign workers hit hard by pandemic See in context

The driving license center is in Tsu, 10 minutes on food from a Kintetsu station. The written test is in English.

17 years in Japan? Got to try harder.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign workers hit hard by pandemic See in context

Maybe she would have to go to Tsu, then she could go to their Office. Maybe they have the test in English.

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Posted in: Why are some people in Japan paying big money for an old cassette tape? See in context

I remember having little money but taping albums on the radio, like Beatles Anthology 2 or a Counting Crows album or having the radio on and a cool song was on, I would tape it and make a cool compilation. I could tell what bands were the best if the tape broke, since I played it so much. You could share with others. I remember liking the Charlatans and lending my tape to a neighbor after I had taped one of their early singles in the early 90s. I was getting music for free, just paying for a blank tape.

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Posted in: Kremlin foe Navalny faces arrest as flies back to Russia See in context

I read that he outed Putin as gay along with two other things.

Obviously Putin has enriched himself but I forgot what the other thing he said was.

If he stayed in Germany I don't know what he would do or what visa he could get.

Russia kills people overseas so he probably thinks it does not matter where he lives.

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Posted in: Imagine: John Lennon shot on his doorstep 40 years ago See in context

I was ten. My teacher was sad that day. I asked him what was wrong. They shot John Lennon, he sighed.

In 2002 In August I was walking on Houston street in New York. There was a small woman between two tall men walking down the sidewalk in the other direction. The woman looked familiar but why I thought.

Oh it was Yoko Ono. Two bodyguards? It makes sense.

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Posted in: On Japan's stretched frontline, doctors and nurses face long fight against coronavirus See in context

There was a government plan to have 9,000 beds in Tsukuba as an emergency hospital.

The government had a plan to do it, as it is close to Tokyo. Tokyo can't cope well now, and the patients must go somewhere.

If the Chinese can build hospitals in Wuhan, why can't it happen here?

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Posted in: ‘Lean On Me,’ ‘Lovely Day’ singer Bill Withers dies at 81 See in context

Bury him in Arlington, Virginia

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