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Posted in: Abe's two-mask pledge met online with derision and humor See in context

The leadership in this country has not a clue whats coming.

In the meantime in my area. (above links)

Business as usual. As I watch people come and going in out of the my shop with no masks on.

Someone show Aso how to use the mask. The mask Abe has on is for kids right?

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Posted in: Trump says 'life and death' at stake in following guidelines See in context

Shame on people politicizing this death on an industrial scale.

Who cares at this point about politics. I could barley read the article and broke down in tears after getting only this far. refrigerated morgue trucks on the streets to collect the dead on the previous article.

I am from the greater Boston Area. Boston and New York have been rivals for since the birth of America.

I say not today. Today we are all just Americans and America will rise and over come this. Its the American people that make America great. Not it's leader's in the grand scale of things. The average everyday American.

Some reader's do not like religion in the feed.

But, God help us all please. My heart breaks for my country. This beyond comprehensible for me.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.     

-Abraham Lincoln

America. American's rise and over come! We can beat this. Never give up!

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context


All valid points you make. Deep study is needed. To emotionally compromised to come up with something witty or valid to come back at you with other than. I guess I am just looking to blame something.

I suspect you saw this as I did? It talks allot about your points you are making.

All I can offer up really. Be safe Tora.

P.S. Hope I got the link right.

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context


This reader brings up a valid point. I say turn every pachinko in to a hospital. Remove every machine and replace with a testing booth. A bed if it get bad enough. Can not watch little steel balls ping around when your sick now can you? Can you? Great question. Where will the testing be done?

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context


One course mate. *strength. If you have a higher power. Pray!

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context

My country being torn apart by this virus, I was to be with my Mom in her final days with Stage 4 Blastoma and was to fly out of Tacoloban with my new wife to be with her for the last time this May. (All off) As this virus ravishes through America. 56 Massachusetts residents have died and 5,752 have tested positive for COVID-19 as of Monday. Many of these infected right around my area. Poor souls. I fear I will not be able to be with my Mother in her final days and at least look her in the eyes and tell her she was the best Mother a son could have. This situation is so depressing me. My anger towards China and government grow wildly out of control. If I were younger I would go back in to service and do all I can. Can not even fly home now. Can not get married in the Philippians this May. Please Japan DO THE RIGHT THING!

China has to be held accountable for this pandemic it has brought on the world.

My heart breaks for not just my situation but for those suffering.

We will hit the one million mark soon. And how many countless dead? Who knows the real figure. We will never know. God what have we done to offend thee so much?

Sorry to vent readers. The struggle is real.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

I wrote a comment some days ago that Tokyo may want to follow suite and use the South Korean tactics as an example to follow for containment measures. To my surprise I was given many negative marks on this. But the rest of the world is talking how about how successful South Korea has had success keeping the virus at bay.

However, The South Koren's are skeptical as well that the country may have resurgence in cases. Tokyo will go into full lock down possibly? How is that even possible? Maybe is should. Maybe it It has too. Tokyo leadership must do the right thing for the good of country and other cities and areas too. It just makes sense. Japan is just to well traveled with trains, buses, Air travel. The country is just plain small with so many inhabitants. Its giant petry dish for the virus to grow and spread.

Or am I am I over paranoid here? Could be. I am seeing Japanese not wearing masks. I went in to an AEON last night to get the usual half price off bento as I am single. (Kurume) Men were not washing hands after using rest rooms. Coughing sneezing everywhere. I am scared. I have kids in Japan with there Mother. I work for a type of company with very kibishi old fashioned Japanese CEO that would not close his company if the world was ending! Seems all business as usual. I really think the the Japanese are going through this with blinders on. Whats going to happnen when the country has tsunami spike levels? I fear that coming. Don't you?


Interesting read on South Koreans tactics here.

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Posted in: Drop in China's new coronavirus cases; none in Hubei for sixth day See in context

Sorry. I do not buy anything China is selling out of it propaganda spin rooms.

China needs to be held accountable for this virus.

Though monetary compensation can not bring loved one's back and does little to fill the hole left in our heart's for loved ones lost directly from this virus. China needs to pay and compensate those who have lost someone to this virus it unleashed on the world. Unleashed you ask? Yes. Thats what I wrote! Because China had an opportunity to contain this and they let it go and dropped the ball. Now it has snowballed and continues to snowball and go out of control.

The Nikkei article below I feel is spot on.

Boris Johnson has tested positive now for the virus. A major world leader.

Lets hope get well and can overcome and heal himself. He is great man.

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Posted in: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from coronavirus-caused pneumonia See in context

A True Japanese comedic Icon.

Thank you for laughs and the charitable work and contributions made in Japan.

Japan will not be the same without you.

A fan. R.I.P.

Some of his best work.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 68 new coronavirus cases; 27 at Taito Ward hospital See in context


We may have sparred on issues in the past. But I feel your words to be very genuine and kind.

Thank you.

Much apprciated sir. You as well take very good care.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

Allot of you all called this right. All I am going to say. One comment I read called it right three weeks ago that we would have these number we have today or as of today.

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Posted in: Are gun shops in U.S. 'essential' businesses during a pandemic? See in context

Well I would have to say the gun auction site I visit daily has had some great deals since the virus did hit. I ended up getting a Marlin 1895 in 45-70 .45-70 Government issued last night for USD $550.00. I've had my eye on for while now. I do allot horseback riding on my Mothers Farm back in Massachusetts and my last long gun side horse mount took a dive and cracked the butt. So, its a replacement. When I go home try to help Mom a bit with some feral hunting on horseback as well trying to control the local ground hogs that run a muck through her gardens and crops. Raccoon's too. The water moccasins are an issue seeing the Squannacook River river hosts allot of water moccasins. The river is running through our land smack dead center through the farm. Our dogs have been bitten multiple times.

Right On to the article.

In other places, officials are stopping background checks for concealed carry permits. Elsewhere, city leaders have invoked emergency powers allowing bans on gun sales.

This is good move! There is going to be undesirable element trying exploit the situation with virus raging in some areas.

In recent weeks, firearm sales have skyrocketed. Background checks — the key barometer of gun sales — already were at record numbers in January and February, likely fueled by a presidential election year. Since the coronavirus outbreak, gun shops have reported long lines and runs on firearms and ammunition.

All well and fine. But I am sure some of these sales and guns are in the wrong hands of some very bad people with bad intentions. Not fear monger but it is what it is.

“If you keep it open, there’s the risk of first-time buyers who are largely buying out of fear and panic and untrained,” said Chipman, now senior policy adviser for Giffords, a gun control advocacy group.

There it is right there. My biggest fear. seem some real idiots trying operate a fire arm with no training and a mismatched firearm for the level of skill.

“I always knew people were going to want to protect themselves. What I was concerned about was the look in their faces, they are covered in fear,” Prince said. “If I give them the ability to have a firearm, it gives them a fighting chance to defend their family.”- The end of the world is not coming. To have an ablity to protect you family with the use of fire arm is your right as an American. However take training go toy your local range and safety classes. Use trigger locks and hide-way gun safes if you have kids. separate cartilages and clips from guns. Be smart.

The range that is part of his store is considered nonessential and has been forced to close, meaning new gun buyers can't use it to train on how to handle their firearm.- Critical mistake!

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

The governor of Kanagawa later asked residents to stay at home this weekend.

There is a lot of information here in above sentence, about how the Japanese really feel about this virus.

Stay inside this (weekend.) Whats a joke. (weekend.

But do not worry. Monday business must go on. 黒岩 祐治, honto baka guy!

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Posted in: Beware of false groping charges, rip-off clubs, shakedowns over sex See in context


Seriously? Get a psychological evaluation and a mental health assessment.

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Posted in: Japan deploys new Aegis destroyer See in context




The new Aegis Baseline J7 combat system is the main armament of the Maya-class guided-missile destroyers, while its secondary weapons include a 5in/62-calibre gun, a vertical launching system (VLS), a SSM anti-ship missile launcher, two high-performance 20mm cannons and two torpedo launch tubes.

Equipped with advanced command and control, as well as weapon control capabilities, the Aegis combat system can simultaneously engage air, land and surface targets.

The Maya-class is also armed with SM-3 Block IIA and SM-6 interceptors to destroy ballistic missile targets. Its anti-ship missile capability is further enhanced by the RIM-66 SM-2 surface-to-air missiles and the RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles (ESSM).

Sensors aboard Maya-class destroyer.

The Maya-class is equipped with co-operative engagement capability (CEC), which allows the ship to receive targeting information from other military assets to improve missile defense capability. The CEC system also enhances situational awareness of the vessel.

A multi-static sonar system is installed on the ship to detect underwater objects. The onboard fire-control system offers effective control of remote and automatic targeting of guns used against air and surface targets.

The ship also incorporates a passive electronically scanned array radar and a Northrop Grumman AN/SPQ-9B multi-mode X-band pulse doppler radar to locate objects on the surface of the sea.

The problem here is when we think about putting the hammer down on the DPRK. Most would assume a full land based attack. Though the ship is defensive in nature. It can launch missiles and 20mm rounds of various assortment from its guns. Like knocking out mobile missile launchers on long the beach line.

Equipped with torpedo tubes for sinking the DPRK submarines, comprised of approximately 20 Romeo class submarines , 40 Sang-O class submarines and 10 midget submarines including the Yono class submarines.

Land surface air. Offensive and defensive capabilities. Ships like the Maya are not made for defensive posture only.

This why the vessel is equipped with VLS.

And this would be the system in above video.

The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) is a long range, subsonic cruise missile used for deep land attack warfare, launched from U. S. Navy surface ships and U.S. Navy and United Kingdom Royal Navy submarines.

The Tomahawk Block III Conventional variant (TLAM-C) contains a 1,000-lb class blast/fragmentary unitary warhead while the Submunition variant (TLAM-D) includes a submunitions dispenser with combined effect bomblets. The Tomahawk Block IV (Tactical Tomahawk, TLAM-E), conventional variant, which entered the Fleet in 2004, adds the capability to reprogram the missile while in-flight via two-way satellite communications to strike any of 15 pre-programmed alternate targets or redirect the missile to any Global Positioning System (GPS) target coordinates.

Catch it?

Deep land attack warfare,

So yes, The Maya can wreak havock in an attack posture on any country.

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Posted in: More Americans think U.S.-Japan relations improved under Trump: poll See in context

Some serious warped opinions and so called facts about Trump here. Whats even more disturbing is that its said in comments that most military personal despise Trump. That is absolutely and unequivocally incorrect.

As far as Japanese hating Trump. I am going to have to challenge that as well. I would say a fair amount of Japanese dislike him yes. But a fair amount also disliked Obama. Japanese have tunnel vision and vast majority of Japanese could care less. As I am sure the vast majority of Americans back home do not even have an opinion on Mr. Abe. generally speaking here. Its just more of the same here onJ .t. Trash taking Trump.

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Posted in: N Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles See in context

Oh look, the solider in back has a black mask on. Just noticed that. So clearly they are dealing with virus too.

But once again pure speculation.

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Posted in: N Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles See in context

Where is his mask? A black mask would have really set this outfit off. I actually like this jacket. Open it up with nice white dress shirt a nice new pair of jeans a pair black shoes to match. I think I could pull it off.

Anyways, What a jerk to set off two rockets during these times. Just another nail in the coffin as the world is watching. I bet China is not happy about this either. Maybe for the first time. Pure speculation though. Who really knows.

@wanderlust- I am dying here.

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Posted in: Japan deploys new Aegis destroyer See in context

She is glorious. And those Raytheon made SM-3 Block IIA missiles with the Northrop Grumman AN/SPQ-9B radar system. This battle ship was custom made to put the hammer down on the DPRK. No doubt about it.

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Posted in: What are ALTs’ rights during the coronavirus school closures in Japan? See in context

Yes, I am in agreement with the no bashing, ELT-ALT-ESL teachers dispatched or not. Teachers are contributors to society. I taught English after being medically separated from the USMC. I worked at GEO's for children in the Kyushu region for 8 years worked my way up to Regional director of Kyushu. Taught at Interac after the NOVA/GEOS Bust out. In that spam of eight years with Geos I was able promote English as second language to Japanese kids. Was a golden time. Found memories. I am still in touch with many of these students and their families today. Some who have gone on to travel the world with great confidence and enter universities like, Harvard & Holy Cross , Old Dominion University to name a few. For them it all started with learning how to dance and sing and play games in English and just have fun. Serious and formal English study came later.

Its not a perfect system in Japan and lots of room for improvement. Especially here in the Kyushu region. Tokyo I guess has the best schools. But I have allot of respect for teachers who work at improving the craft and continue educating themselves to be a more effective teacher. People here like Elvis is here & Jennifer. Not easy to teach in schools here and then work part time running your own classes or in cafe setting. Or one coin. Or Eikaiwa schools. It can be a monotonous grind.

The vast majority of my friends are teachers. And they have schools or are an ALT. The fact is if you do not speak Japanese at the native level and have some qualifications outside of teaching here in Kyushu. You are going to be teaching or working in a bar, bento factory could be road construction or all of the above. The choices here in Kyushu are pretty dismal. Case in point.

Teaching jobs 32. Others 5.

So, let us not bash these educators or English promoters. Thank you for what you do.

Hope everyone get's a paycheck and can pay the bills and keep healthy.

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Posted in: Edo Rice shows you what rice tasted like in the samurai era See in context

I am no rice expert but I love the packaging by Houksai 凱風快晴. Shown here in the photo.


The rest of the time it's brown rice either cooked alone or with mixed grains/barley/chestnuts/etc.

This sounds amazing.

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Posted in: Japan finds 15 clusters of coronavirus-infected people See in context

Red dots everywhere soon. More like cluster...Oh can not say that here.

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Posted in: Japan virus infections, including cruise ship cases, rise to 1,496 See in context

1484 Is still a small number. Hopefully Japan will follow what South Korea is doing. Seems to be working.

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Posted in: House passes aid bill after Trump declares virus national emergency See in context

Well said Jenni. Spot on. He has done well.

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Posted in: House passes aid bill after Trump declares virus national emergency See in context

I have to say to politicize this crisis and place blame on Trump or any world leader is total nonsense. Show me a country right now dealing with this fully adaptable every changing virus that has not made an error in judgement or misteps.

The world was not ready to deal with this virus. Blaming Trump for this virus outbreak or any world leader is just stupid.

FACTS and what we know.

The source of the corona-virus is believed to be a "wet market" in Wuhan which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds. 

Such markets pose a heightened risk of viruses jumping from animals to humans because hygiene standards are difficult to maintain if live animals are being kept and butchered on site. Typically, they are also densely packed.

The animal source of the latest outbreak has not yet been identified, but the original host is thought to be bats. Bats were not sold at the Wuhan market but may have infected live chickens or other animals sold there. 

Bats are host to a wide range of zoonotic viruses including Ebola, HIV and rabies influ.

Looking to place blame? Then blame the human race.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan's concerts in Japan cancelled See in context

@David, We should be able to get a refund. I need to look into that as well.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan's concerts in Japan cancelled See in context

Very unfortunate, But the right call. I was supposed to see Dylan and his son perform back in the states in the 90's. The Wallflowers. But it got cancelled as well due to a massive blizzard. Was scheduled to go see his show (Osaka) got tickets. As it is on my bucket list to see this man at least once in my life.

Seems not meant to be for me.

One head light.

Things have changed. Appropriate for the current sit-rep.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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Posted in: Sanders may have learned wrong lessons from 2016 See in context


Oh that is rich. A typical Democrat to the core. Give money to one candidate while voting for other.

Claiming dinners and talks in a private setting with the Bern himself? Really? But Bernie did not earn your vote? Come on. Many rich agree they should be paying more in taxes? Again. 1glenn. You seem to have the pulse of the wealthy. I do not think the ultra wealthy are concerned about paying more taxes as whole. Got to call you know what on the dinner and tax thing. Apologies in advance. All the rich have done something corrupt and unethical by no fault of there own directly or indirectly. It can not be avoided. That why they are rich. As far as Trump getting another four years in the oval office. That is pretty much guaranteed. Biden has no shot at all. Sanders will end his bid soon. Retire as well soon. Bernie will be back up in Vermont tapping maple tress and listening to "a touch of grey". And hanging out with Stephen King in Maine talking about "What if's"

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Posted in: S Korea’s military says North has fired 3 unidentified projectiles See in context


Good one. "Butterball" effective and new! Love it. LOL. Funny.


You sound pretty confident that the sitting POTUS will not get re-elected. Where do you draw your conclusions from? Feeling the Bern?


DPRK already has mad cases of COVID-19 I would bet. What would be the point to launch your virus loaded rocket? I imagine the average North Korean contracting the virus would mean a death sentence. Seeing most average North Koreans are living way below the poverty line. And getting a fresh egg or rice is like a major ordeal. I do not think treatment is readily available in Butterballs hermit kingdom-Sorry @KnowBetter. I had too.

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Posted in: Another Year of the Man: Voters mourn women's losses in 2020 See in context

She lost her own state. The same state that voted her in to the Senate since 2013. And that state happens to my state of Massachusetts. Voters in M.A are fickle. I'm from Boston. Southie or South Boston to be exact. The voting scheme in M.A. is so diversified. I do not know one single Democrat in Southie that voted for her ever. And I go back all the to the Winter Hill days. Whitey Bulger days. I wonder where these votes to elect her to the Senate come from? Anyways she lied about her Indian roots. This cost her dearly, But I will hand it to her. She is was a way better candidate then H R.C. She was also a very effective law school professor specializing in bankruptcy law. I respect her as a woman Candidate. I am Republican but Warren just didn't not get her message out enough. But way better than Clinton.

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