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Give China the bill. Yes. 10000% I totally agree.

I think China knows very well they have pushed the envelope to the max with the COVID-19 protein altered bio weaponry SARS variant. That got out and turned on them then the world.

“Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.”

Sun Tzu-

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Are we living in Virginia?

Welcome all to the Commonwealth State of Japan

Governments equation.

COVID-19 + Non-compliance = ¥

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You know it never ceased to amaze me when I call for or suggest Democrats and Republican's actually working together again for the better of the Nation and the world how this draws -'s and negative comments.

Past future or present haven't you all had enough tearing each other to bits?

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The Republican party will revitalize and rally around its woman. Woman are the future of the party. Love or hate Kamala. But she the first to crash the glass ceiling. First with Obama being voted in and now Kamala. Politics in America are finally growing up and its been painful growth. Woman are the future of our GOP. No need for Trump Supporters. I would rather have a GOP candidate never elected again POTUS if so be it. As long as this divide ends. We do not need Trump supporters. The experiment failed utterly, Its a mess and the GOP has to clean it up. (The Party) We need less divide with Democrats. Its a time of healing. Its a time to put differences aside and hidden agendas. Its time the GOP modernize, revitalize, and return to its core values. Let the Trump supporters go. What they did on the Capital is unforgivable and expulsion from the party I would solely stand behind and welcome. What do think Regan would have said looking at all this.

“I have to admit, I did cry that day because of what is happened.

That was an attack on our democracy,” Period.

This is time for healing. Enough. Normalcy must return.

Please no more embarrassment America.

Never again elect a non professional politician office. Your Trumps, Your Bloomberg's, Your Bill Gates, No thanks. Public servants only for this GOP voter.

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The origin was conceived from a scientist. The Virus was harvested and then weaponized.

It was a bio weapons race war. It got out. It turned on them. Does it matter what animal in comes from?

China in it's shabby self needs to held accountable to the entire world. The regime needs to be dismantled.

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I don't want to even read the article. As a Republican Trumps current actions are an embarrassment to the entire country. Anyone looking in must be shaking their head in disbelief. I am guilty of defending Trumps policies and the laws he enacted and changes he made. Some were good and needed and some Democrats even agree to this. Not all or everything was bad. But his recent behavior is plain flat-out dangerous. I am serious someone take away the football from him. The man has grown mentally unstable and jilted beyond belief. He lost the election. And yes, I do believe election fraud took place on minor scale. But not enough to over turn the will of the of voice of the American people. Enough is enough. Joe Biden got my vote this time as a Republican because it was the safest thing to do. I may not like him. But I know the freaking football is safe in his hands and the chain of command in our military will be quickly restored.

Jesus man duck out gracefully and with dignity and attend the inauguration and smile shake hands and try at least to be a team player. If you had any inclination of running again you have ruined any chance what so ever for anyone to ever take you seriously again in the GOP. I am done with all this. Bring on Biden and the team and lets restore Americas good reputation as Nation of Patriots. I have turned on Trump I admit. Can you blame me? Or others in our party? This is not what Republicans are about. And if it goes further. I will walk away from the GOP. I am dead serious. I never thought I would do that, sat that, think that, but I just may.

Republican's need to get away from Trump. He is toxic to the party.

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At least two posters living in Fukuoka....

No three now (at times) Saga the rest of time.

And the Japanese leak more than the Iraqi Navy.

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If an Influenza strain and corona strain hook up and mutate and a make another variant.

How can their be any doubt that this virus was not designed to bio weapon. Can that happen scientifically?

engineered as a weapon?

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With the cold weather hitting hard and the holidays. Folks not staying home. I am surprised the numbers are not higher.

I am grateful they are not. But still. Its called a pandemic for a reason. The Japanese government need to up their game and get things on point. Sugadaddies governmental response has been an utter failure and a cluster fudge.

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Deeply involved with cannabis.

Not a thing wrong with it.

13.17 grams of dried Iseya's marijuana use was for easing stress and pressure,

My God a regular king pin. 13 grams.

Iseya's marijuana use was for easing stress and pressure,

Medically proven to effective for life's stresses.

Marijuana is not a narcotic. Just legalize it. A year in prison for an act of nature. A product of nature.

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"I had sex with my boyfriend every day during school closures.  Nice! :-)

I am late. I am worried I am knocked up. I feel sickness in the mornings.

He did not use a condom.

Free condoms. Free condoms everywhere.

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Yeah ship good. Very good I love rocks. I do not have anything to contribute in the giant dead alien arena.


Expect new minerals off the periodic time table. Wanna bet the find Cobalt?

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I have lost a fourth person close to me in my home state in Massachusetts due to this Virus. It hits close to home for me. I am in Japan and in area where currently we no active cases. It is time we take Pandemic decision power out of the hands of the Japanese politicians hands. I am not sure what is in the law books for a state of emergency in Japan. But, Japan has a chance to curb the spread and to show the world it can pull together to eliminate the spread. Vaccinate medical workers and front liners. Then the elderly. And we have allot of elderly Japanese in this country we owe a debt of gratitude too. Most spent their lives working buying houses and raising their families. Suga Daddy as proven to be a disaster and needs to go.

I do not care he is the son of Strawberry famer and a salt of the Earth type. He is making poor judgement calls and bad choices and decisions. He should be looking at Taiwan Hong Kong. Asians countries who stepped up and did what necessary for its people to curb spread.

For those of you in Tokyo, I feel for you and please be safe during the holidays.

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@Richard Gallagher

Again another one of these uppity know it all people that think ALT work is baseless, skill less job. I know of an ALT with a PHD in Linguistics and attended Trinity in Dublin. This cat is working directly for the BOE in Fukuoka. Why? Instead someplace A.P.U. Oita or some other? Cause he chooses too. He want to make a difference. This great teacher who is solely responsible for teaching hundreds of kids including my own (grateful beyond words) the English Language that consistently go on to some prestigious Universities in New Zealand, Australia, United States. Canada. Now he is the exception maybe. But any hard working Assistant Language Teacher that is serious about the job is always trying to improve their skills. Their are tons teacher trainer courses that are beneficial. David's house of English. David Paul has mentored many a good A.L.T.'s

Tons of online material. Its English man. Its not hard to learn. And its not hard to teach students who want to learn. The student who is motivated learns. I am not expert teacher. I am not even a teacher per say, not any more. But when I was teaching I would like to think That I made a positive impact and an attraction to furthering ones own studies with in the language and my students enjoyed the lessons. The problem here is not the A.L.T's. The problem here with Japanese leaning English is that they do not want too. Little harsh don't you think Mr. G? Jeesh. I respect those A.L.T.'s who enjoy the job. I meet many on the train, Yes a fair amount of them are not serious. But some with Japanese wives and kids here, are and are trying to get somewhere in this country. Where if you do not speak read and write Japanese at the N-2 Level, Your not going to break 300.000 a month unless your working in a factory and a ton of overtime. And this does not apply to all. A.LT Your comment is scathing and too negative.

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Those that think being ALT is not a credible language teaching profession I think are very wrong. I taught English when I exited Marines while educating myself in Japanese at the Uni at night. I did this ALT work for many years, I am grateful I do not have too do it anymore full time because I am not a gifted teacher. However, When working as an ALT I was placed to work at Higashi Kyushu Ryokoku Highschool. Now this school is a Buddhist School with strong ties to Hisamitsu. This school has the most dominant girls volley ball team in all of Japan and most on the Japanese woman's pro circuit and the woman's Olympic teams. Attended Ryokoku. I loved this experience working in this school. I did it for years. When my dispatch company tried to move me to another school. They school became upset I would not be able to see the kids I started teaching graduate. They hired me directly. I would have to say I No have public school experience, But why all the horror stories about working the public schools?

As far as the earrings go for this woman. I am on the side of the school. Its called Kihondosa and I had to report to my school in suite and tie everyday. Day in day out. I was also made to sit through Buddhist chants as its a Buddhist run school. Every teacher is a Monk. They do not look like Monks but they were. My culture as an American rarely came into play. My knowledge of the world did. I also had to teach right out of American text books and adhere to a strict curriculum laid out by the school. They had quizzes, They had essays, They had mid terms. They had speech contests. They had the whole package. Writing, Grammar, Cursive writings, Tests, I remember. It has been sometime to teach, Is teaching as an ALT in Public schools this scrutinizing? I mean you have to be an ambassador to your country and know your working with young leaners right? But if you have big ole hoops in and not looking right, Sorry I do not want you teaching my kid. There is a time for fashion and free time ware what ever the heck you want too. But in a school setting, This is Japan, you should adhere to proper Kihondosa. But, why the horror stories working as an ALT in public schools. Some of my friends work in country side schools here in Kyushu and the schools love them and they love the kids and school and they say the food is not that bad.

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No. I was being sarcastic. But if the bases close. My comment is one possible future for your lands and seas.

However, Biden will push for re-locations and he will back down the joint exercises between our two countries. Its back to the previous Obama amin tactics. What did Obama do for Japan? Anything beneficiary?

Not so long ago.

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Do not worry, base closures will come under Biden. Year two I predict Futemea will go.. Biden does not want its chief investor (China) feeling threatened. But on the flip side of this. Is Okinawa ready for the influx of Chinese tourist flooding your beaches and resorts after Covid? And Chinese finishing vessels fishing your seas depleting your ocean fish stocks? Luckily you do not have train systems where they tautly disregard Japanese train equites. Do not worry. I think you get your wish. Just good luck with North Korean ghost ships washing ashore and Chinese robbing Okinawa waters blind of all the sea food.

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Japan is seeking to strengthen ties with the United States and work closely toward realizing its vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific region, Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said Tuesday,

Well Mr. Secretary, In order to achieve the free Indo-Pacific region your so motivated to come to fruition.

Its going to take sanctions and military muscle flexing and maybe even go beyond the norm. I am afraid sir with an incoming President like Joe Biden. You are not going to the ear to bend on like you have with the current outgoing President who was willing help you accomplish your goals.

Tokyo believes there will be no change in its strong relationship with Washington-

Are you kidding me? Biden will make a point to dismantle and undo everything Trump launched in and strike new deals. Like regulating weapon sales. The current tariffs creating more challenges for Japan and more encroachments will come for Japan. Remember, Biden allies with China with his sons interest in mind. Biden wants said through Dean Baker Mr. Biden wants. Would like to get some quid pro quo going with China. Biden will will push China to do something on the currency, raise the value of China’s currency relative to the dollar. That will improve our trade balance. But, hopefully, that’s something that can be worked out fairly quickly. But we have more long-term and bigger issues that we have to deal with, with China. Did you catch it? Raise the the Chinese currency. No time to get into why this a bad for Japan but it will be.

Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said he hopes to "quickly liaise" with Biden's Secretary of State nominee Antony Blinken once he is formally appointed and work together in many fields to bolster bilateral ties.

Again dream on. Blinken's stance on Japan. Blinken said at a forum, he could have the added benefit of confronting another top diplomatic challenge: competing with China by choosing multilateral efforts to advance trade, technology investments and human rights — instead of forcing individual nations to choose between the two superpowers’ economies.

Again, Do not expect Blinken to be a friend of Japan. Allied with China again. No one wants to take a stand against China. Not in this new incoming administration. Really wishful thinking. best get rid of Suga and the current line up for some Japan hardliners that can make demands on the USA.

Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said he anticipates Lloyd Austin, Biden's pick for defense secretary, "would greatly contribute to further developing the strong Japan-U.S. relations."

Saying Austin has great expertise in the defense and security fields, Kishi voiced his intent to hold talks, including a teleconference, with Austin soon after he assumes his post.

These convos will go something like this. Trump make Japan many promise. We are so worried we can not get what he promise Japan now with Biden san. Hence the urgent phone calls and anxiety to spek and find out where Japan stands with Biden.

Good luck Mr. Secretary, Mark my words, Biden is not friend of Japan.

Remember Obama? Just only, like worse.

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@Desert Tortoise

Taiwan-Global? Small and condensed.

The world a hyperbole fishbowl of mass transit from continent to continent.

SPREAD! Again no counter measures in place globally. No "how to handle" and extinction level pandemic hand book, Or Pandemic for dummies. As this is the first time the world has been faced with problem. Blaming government officials for not doing enough in any country. Unless severely negligent and Trump was not. Its just not right. I get it, You despise Trump. Four years of the same ole hate Trump hum drum!

@PTownsend-Not uncanny or mysterious? Rich! おえらいさん!

And I do not know bass personal level or anyone here and I like that way.

But I am respected in my field in this country at highest level and few have achieved what I have Japan. And I say that humbly as I deal in fact in career and not fiction. If I say a thing. You can take it to the bank.

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I have a mask on Dereck. AND A DAMN GOOD ONE! CARBON FIBER BASED N-95

Dereck, How many have you lost close to you from this virus? Had you heard from those treating your loves ones that died, We just didn't know or have enough information to save her. We threw the pharmacy at her. Nothing was effective.

Dr. Agathangelou. If I only had access to the data they have in Chinese hospitals.

These were the last words I heard spoken to my family. When we lost our beloved member.

Politicizing it and blaming the GOP for the American deaths due to this virus is way off base.

The MARSOC bod has been well maintained and still fit for duty if need be even at 50. ROLF!

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But that doesn't absolve Trump of blame for his completely disastrous response once it arrived in the US.

No expert in the medical field but a few knew what the heck were looking at in the early days!

Doctors even admit in my home state that I know personally and some here in Japan. They did not understand this Sar's based virus before it was too late. I am sorry I disagree with you. China had an opportunity to shut down travel and flights but went on as business as usual. They swept under the rug.

Its like in that movie Prometheus. Its an accurate analogy!

It tuned on them! Exploded on them.

The COVID impact was unknown most experts in America.

Cause the WHO was so wishy washy and in Chinas Pocket in the early days!

There are no Global pandemic countermeasures in place in the world that are effective to date. Because we never had to deal with something like this before. Most of these virus have taken place in countries like Africa where they are accounted for and contained. Locking down swaths of land and people for containment. Not the modern world!

But you can bet your...that there will be now. And I do hope Biden leads the way in this once this is all over.

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Move past your distain for this President.

President Trump’s decisive action has helped save American lives like it not.

The United States has a lower excess mortality rate than Europe, including many European countries, such as: the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and others.

The United States has among the lowest case fatality rates of any major country.

According to the best estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 99.997 percent of individuals aged 19 and younger who contract coronavirus make a full recovery, 99.98 percent of those aged 20 to 49 make a full recovery, and 99.5 percent aged 50 to 69 fully recover.

President Trump has deployed point of care testing equipment, millions of rapid tests, and critical PPE to nursing homes to help protect our seniors.

The Administration also put in place safety measures like visitation restrictions, mandated staff testing, and required reporting of cases at certain senior facilities.

The Trump Administration mobilized extra beds and personnel to help prevent hospital overcrowding and has deployed medical supplies to aid healthcare workers on the frontlines.

Trump issued an order on 31 January which stopped foreign nationals who had been in China in the previous two weeks from entering the US, which came into effect on 2 February.

Were almost a year into this. How can anyone say the US governments response didn't save lives?

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Those of you giving me the -'s All good.

Two dead I know. Two! Two people who will never hold their children and grandchildren ever again.

Have done all in life they will have done. One sick and dead even before Massachusetts medical staff knew what the heck they were looking at.

Your minus's mean nothing to me. (+0/-1000000) Go for it!

Half of you or more do not have the courage to admit that Trumps operation "warp speed" has saved lives.

Your just reveling in the fact the guy went down. Is going down.

pandemic -(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

Global pandemic.

Its not Trumps fault! Its Chinas fault and as I have said since day one is death on holocaustic level and China must be held responsible for its Virus they failed to contain.

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 You can't blame anyone right now for this but the source at this point. Those in the early days in China that could have stopped it.

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Those of you blaming the outgoing administration are so off base and coming from some other planet.

Read the article.

as millions of Americans refuse to follow medical advice to wear masks and avoid crowds and smaller gatherings to contain the virus' spread.


first responders and nursing home residents within days in what Hanse called "light at the end of the tunnel."

Who is responsible for fast tracking this? The outgoing said administration. Seriously if you really want to point fingers and place blame. Go to the source/. Everyday more and more evidence is brought forward that the Chinese government knew this virus was infecting their citizens and did nothing to stop it before it was too late. Trump could have done more. But so could have every other world leader at this point. Its an invisible enemy was the most realistic description of this virus I have ever heard since it broke. I have lost two dear to me in Massachusetts from this Virus. Seeing the X-ray of these dear and near to me. One them. Her lungs looked liked shattered glass. With every breath she was taking at the end was like breathing in needles and pins. It was horrible to hear from her Children. Utterly heartbreaking.

This Virus is a global Pandemic. It requires a global level of cooperation between nations never seen. Imagine if we had not the technology we have now. You know what you would be looking? An extinction even for the human race. And I do not say that lightly. Trumps fault? You can blame anyone right now for this but the source at this point. Those in the early days in China that could have stopped it.

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It happens everywhere, where young ladies must adhere to a dress code when a skirt is in play.

HK, UK, Australia, America. Germany, South America. I have witnessed this dirt practice twice.

The first time was in Kokura station back in 2007. I was not sure what I was looking at. Then after stries like this started to break I understood. The second time was flat out boldness in Central Hong Kong when these Catholic lassies were on the train. This guy bent over to tie his shoe in font of me, He had a go pro type devise palmed in his hand. Angling his hand in that upward direction. I kicked him in rear end sending him faceplanted on to that train floor. The sheer shock on his face was priceless.

Makes you think. Maybe no skirts. No issues.

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Great actor.

Leon was his best performance.

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More tests. More numbers, Its simple Math. The end of this is coming!

Wash hands use a mask and stay out snack bars!

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Wanna be left alone Japan?

Here is all you need.

No need to spend on defense. Put your enemies on the offense.

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Are you not entertained?

I thought McGregor did a great job crossing over to boxing and gave Floyd a pretty good match.

Logan who? Mayweather is the greatest fighter of all time in his class and weights. Mayweather has won the WBC super featherweight, lightweight and super lightweight titles. He has won the IBF welterweight title and the WBO welterweight title. He's a champion prize fighter and pound for pound the best ever! Even at 43 he has more skill and vision in the ring in his pinky finger than Logan could ever aspire to have.

Logan calling out all these fighters cause he knocked out a basketball player? Seriously?

What makes has made Floyd greatest of all time. Floyd has this amazing mental projection and these abilities to read fighters and pick them apart little by little. Floyd and his defense too. Floyd will taunt you in the ring. He can destroy his opponents and has done so time and time again with so many weapons' in his arsenal. Floyd has or had incredible muscle memory. Once locked on to the other fighters weakness. Forget it Logan. Go home.

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