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Great statement here.

What this is is a democrat socialist party 2020 campaign strategy designed to codify its far-left lunatic base.

Man I love this statement. So Awesome.

Hope Bernie recovers soon. The Democrats are off the rails. Bernie seems to keep them somewhat grounded. Whats a farce this whole thing is.

Keep working for the people Mr. President! God love you for it.

Semper Fi!

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This is Japanese problem with missiles landing in Japan sea all the time.

Has nothing to do with Trump. Sanctions were levied against the DPRK long ago. And remain. These sanctions should get an upgrade as we can see sanctions can be bypassed obviously. That's what the conversation should be about with regards to sanctions. Are we getting our sanctions (monies) worth? Are the sanctions up to date? I do not think so. But what do I know.

Since Rocket man can afford submarines and misses that can be launched from a submerged submarine?

I say sanction failure profusely. I mean come on. The word sanction or the action of a sanction obviously has nill effect on the DPRK. Right? Its obviously not working. Rocket man just wants to shake down the international community for respect money as well aid right. Will promises to disarm. We all know he won't give up his nukes. That's his ace. The last great communist state. Working with the DPRK is like throwing good money after bad money. The whole regime needs to be dismantled and the power given to the people.

So, about this launch. Not from a pad. Not from a mobile truck, but from a submarine?

But was it submerged? We most likely will never know right? The story here says.

underwater-launched missile test succeeded

Let's give the credit he deserves. Okay Kim. You can launch missiles from subs now. The world is watching.

Like I said in an earlier post. Japan is like the giant sleeping giant. Until there is collateral damage done to Japan. It's blinders on happy place and tourism as usual. Sorry I am being a little sarcastic here. I love Japan.

I do not want anything bad to happen here. But Japan seriously wake up! Do something other than just talk!

I just wish they would wake up and look around a bit. It's of no concern of ours and a (shouganai) approach by most Japanese or at least the ones that I know attitude. It's pathetic and reckless. Rocket man is going to let one these missiles of the leash one day. And it is going to go array and kill some Japanese and then it's gonna be on. Tell me if I am wrong! Am I wrong? Will cooler heads prevail?

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Sorry no missile shield sale. *typo

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Rocket man at it again.

This all he is good at. Rattling sabers. (launching missiles) Flexing his muscles.

You guys are going on and on about the EEZ, trajectories, missile types. Armed and or unarmed.

There will be missile shield sale here unless........

Ask any Japanese citizen. Or most or the majority Japanese citizens .

Until the DPRK hits Japan somehow with a missile and causes financial damage, loss of life, or structural damage. The attiude is angry yes, but also shoganai. Nothing is going to happen until the DPRK really crosses the line. That's the sad reality of the situation and its pathetic. The DPRK is inching closer and closer to this in my opinion. And my opinion doesn't matter.

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@ drlucifer

Of course, it doesn't make economic sense investing hundreds of millions of dollars building assembly line in a market that the number of new cars sold a year is 5 million compared to U.S. 18million and China 24million due to the declining birthrate and rapid ageing the car sales will continue to fall.

I apologize in advance, But I disagree with your assessment. There are factories that are completely abandoned here in my location in Tosu Saga. There is a 50,000 square foot warehouse that used to make Hitachi tractors and heavy equipment behind my building. It belongs to Hitachi and it (the building) and the land are for sale. If you have about 140 million dollars. Way overpriced!

It could easily handle auto production. We also have a nuclear power grid here. The warehouse factory has 2 foot deep concrete slab that needs some repair and capping. But totally workable. It is a large facility and with a little bit of vision and investment. Anyone could go in and set up on the cheap, And we have labor force here in Fukuoka/Saga. As well many foreign nationals that could come and work in such a place already living here.

Companies like Denka/Toshiba/Toto are already hiring foreign nationals at record pace here. Why not let in a foreign corporation and set shop. EV car maker is just one idea. I know it could work if Japan would loosen up a bit. With Bollinger Motors buying materials from Japan. As well Lucid as well Faraday Future. It's only a matter of time before one of these EV manufacturing companies launch an assembly plant here.

Saga/Fukuoka could be great HUB for these EV car companies to make cars and send them all over the world. Or Harley Davidson with there new line of EV products coming out soon. We have space. We have the trains for containers. We have the local ferries. From Moji Port. Other ports in Japan can be reached easliy.

From Kawasaki port. Yokohama port. Kobe port. Nagoya port.

China. Taiwan. anywhere in Asia. Matter of fact anywhere in the world can be touched and reached.

So it is totally worth investing in.

The problem here is the land cost, the red tape, the stringent government regulations, and the politics and payoffs.

Maybe you think I do not know what I am talking about. That's cool.

Whatever happens in China, Faraday Future finally appears ready to pursue production of its expensive, but ludicrously fast EV in California. Meanwhile, the city of Hanford has been waiting. The Pirelli plant had been largely dormant for over 15 years, and Faraday Future promised north of 1,000 jobs once the factory is up and running.

Let's hope Trump and Abe can get this tariff nonsense over with so corporations and investors can start looking at Japan as an opportunity again.

the car sales will continue to fall.

Naw, it will not. It will just change and morph as EV cars take over and gas powered cars become obsolete.

Maybe not now. But 10 years from now. 20 years from now.

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Obviously you have never worked at Costco.

You do realize that everything in your cart was not sent to your local Costco directly right?

That it was sent to Kirkland holdings then shipped to Japan.

Thank American business and ingenuity!

Don't choke on a nut!

CSRF. Bhahaha!!

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As for the autos, then the US big 3 should have done like Toyota and built a factory in Japan this way the costs of parts wouldn't have been so expensive and affordable, and built for Japan roads and environment. I just want my beef instead of the tiny overpriced US beef we get now in Japan.

Exactly. The thing is. America car manufactures can not afford the price of land here. And the construction costs. Unless they can short stack a production line for kei cars in some of these old closed up factories like in Yamaguchi or Kurme here in Kyushu. (and there are lots abandoned and empty old decrepit factories) The building would need to be fixed I guess. Modern power platforms would need to be brought in. I have seen the Suzuki Every production line.(very short and compact) I have seen the Ford F-150 production line. (forget it, can not work in Japan). Like I said. I wonder what Trumps thinking when he says do not enjoy equal access to Japan's market. Harley Davidson sells allot of bikes here in Japan. But no factory here. Whats he thinking?

I really want to know.

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U.S. beef, pork wheat and cheese.

There are people wanting to eat that in japan ?!

Sure. This deal is for Costco in Japan. Next time you visit your local Costco.

Have look in a few carts the Japanese are pushing around. Mind you discreetly.

Beef, cheeses, Pork, Kirkland products. The Japanese love it!

On another note:

Trump has frequently complained that U.S. automakers do not enjoy equal access to Japan's market.

Ok look. I am in the car business in Japan now two decades at the highest level. All know I support my party and the President here on JT. But, I wonder what Trump invions here, what exactly? Japanese driving around the new Dodge Demons? My competitor sell GM new Chevy Camaros, GMC, Cadillac's and what not. They have a nice niche. Do well. They sell allot here in Fukuoka. The roads are wide open here. However, I really call into question what the President is thinking here. From a dealer stand point. I can see the Focus doing well here. Espcially the RS. The ST. And there is a few for sale here in Japan. But those come from Ford Germany. Every Toyota, Nissan, in the Ford Focus and Fusion class can not compete with what Japan can produce. I wonder what he is thinking here? Tesla? Sending over more American Toyota's like the FJ? American Nissan's? If I am Japanese. Why in the world why I buy an American made Toyota out of Tennessee or Norfolk? No thanks. Land cruiser 80 please. Go ahead and keep your FJ cruiser. Mr. President. If you want to see American made cars in force on the roads over here. Then give the Japanese a product worth buying. Cause the Japanese who want to buy a Camaro or a Cadillac. Very few and far between. In Japan Jeep does well. Because its Japan FCA. Jeep (ICON).

Better get this tariff nonsense sorted out. Americans are going to buy Japanese cars no matter what. As well Korean cars and everything else economical they can get there hands on.

I challenge Ford to come up with 660 CC (or less) vehicle that can out preform what is already here and is safer and cost less than what Daihastu, Suzuki, Mazda, Honda, are already producing. Honestly it can not be done. Because that is the only way your going to see American dealership and American cars here in Japan in mass quantities. Mr. President. It's pipe dream. American Auto manufacturing can not enter this market and make a car the average Japanese family or person can afford. Fact!

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Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard is ready for combat and "any scenario," its chief commander said Saturday,

You had better be ready Iran.

Since General Mattis departure as Centcom commander.

Ever notice since Obama took Mattis off the chess board. Iran has become more and more aggressive. No one wants a war with Iran. Not even Trump. Why? Nuclear program's plain and simple. In 2012 I firmly remember the U.S. being on record as (passive wimps on Iran).

My government and the U.S. stance and preference as well position was for diplomacy over military action, nearly three out of four respondents, including 69 percent of Republicans, said the U.S. should act primarily through the U.N. Security Council, rather than unilaterally, in dealing with Iran's nuclear program. Bad call as we see now.

Doubt much has changed now here in 2019. Do not care much about what the Democrats think. Worthless and spineless on a whole other level on the subject of Iran. With exception of Hillary Clinton on one rare occasion. When she running as a Presidential Candidate she reiterated a message directly to Tehran. That if she were president, the United States could “totally obliterate” Iran in retaliation for a nuclear strike against Israel. I wonder if she meant it? Maybe stump talk. (blowhard). However, my antenna went up when I heard say that or read it somewhere.

I wonder if she was POTUS how her reaction would be over a few seized tankers and this oil refinery hit? Its just been seething blasts from her in Trumps direction about how incompetent my Republican President is. Same ole same ole.

Iran needs a serious wake up call. There will be no ground combat Iran.

Here is how I think a war with Iran would be like in beginning.

The U.S. strategy would almost certainly involve using overwhelming air and naval power to beat Iran into submission early on. (123 Tap out) “You don’t poke the beehive, you take the whole thing down,”The US military would bomb Iranian ships, parked warplanes, missile sites, nuclear facilities, and training grounds, as well as launch cyberattacks on much of the country’s military infrastructure. The goal would be to degrade Iran’s conventional forces within the first few days and weeks, making it even harder for Tehran to resist American strength.

So yes Iran. You had better be ready if war is a coming.

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In your version of reality maybe. Keep telling yourself that as we go another 4 and beyond.

Democrats worthless!

“It's funny how humans can wrap their mind around things and fit them into their version of reality.”

― Rick Riordan,

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Hey, Trump has just admitted to having a three-way with Stormy and Mike Pence's wife! Duly noted.....

Very inappropriate comment.

Dem's just soar cause they do not have front runner candidate worth a darn.

Biden son's have always been sketchy as hell.

Fact check.

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Dems better get used to the idea that Donald Trump is going to be POTUS for a while longer. A lot longer.

Not one Democratic candidate can hit Trump in the knees.

I am not a Trump fan either.

I like Rubio and Cruz.

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"But it can serve as an important lesson for us from other countries to comply with local regulations."

No it's not.

I am all about observing other cultures being mindful and coherent. However, this is way over the top. In 1948 Britain abandoned flagellation. Countries like Malaysia and the one in the story Indonesia's Aceh Province, where it is more common to be flogged obviously have not come around yet. Wake up. It's stupid and violent. Counties still involved in this type of punishment need to wake up and put a more suitable form of punishment in place. However being punished for canoodling. Won't be taking my wife to Aceh Province anytime soon. Yeah No,Thanks.

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Yes, I am fully aware of the surveying in Japan with woman and the elderly. I understand the majority want same sex marriages. I may have read something in detail in which survey you maybe referring too sometime ago. Many Japanese and Non-Japanese citizens approve of same sex marriages and progression towards same sex marriages. I am not blind. I can see momentum and movement towards same sex marriages and gay rights gaining major traction. However, my belief is slightly different with same sex marriages. Not that I carry any animosity or disdain for homosexuality. I do not. I just think inline with the Liberal Democratic Party government with incompatibility.

But Japan's conservative ruling Liberal Democratic Party said in its 2016 manifesto that "same-sex marriage is incompatible with the constitution".

I agreed back in 2016 and I agree with this assessment in 2019.-- incompatible with the constitution".

So, diving into this a bit. (surveys)- There is always the opposite spectrum to a sensitive topic.

The national level, LDP lawmakers who stand behind the traditional form of family consisting of a man, a woman and their children are seen as the main obstacle in passing legislation to approve gay marriages.

In another survey by Nihon Yoron Chōsa-ka, conducted on 1st and 2nd of March 2014, 42.3% of Japanese supported same-sex marriage, while 52.4% opposed it. Another poll conducted by FNN in April 2015 showed that 59% supported the same-sex partnership certificate law proposed in Shibuya and 53% supported same-sex marriage.

I would say in Japan. I feel it would be a pretty even split if we polled Nationally with all Japanese citizens in Japan. Or those able to vote in elections. or those of legal age.

I oppose.

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beat his son “to discipline him.”

Batting his son? What is this? Cosa nostra?

Some people do not deserve to be parents. Domestic violence is taught.

I surly hope this child recovers from this despicable assault.

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Japan remains deeply conservative and the constitution says marriage is between a man and a woman.

Yes. Man and woman. Stand your ground Japan.

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A prolific songwriter and composer. Your pain is over now Daniel.

Living with Manic depression warps reality. I get everyone of this artists songs to the letter.

Manic I am.

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I suspect when the next big earthquake that hits the region. Will see news about ruptured substandard water tanks and the typical (shoganai desu yo) cover story. As all the water seeps into the soil. Which will all flow in the ocean anyways. You'll see.

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Lee Iacocca, was a great man.

Yes he did allot with Ford and pulled Chrysler out.. Revitalized the MOPAR brand.

What came after all his success is what is interesting. Lee always thought that electric vehicles would one day be a viable option. Back in 1997 he was thinking this and started Unique Mobility, Inc with Chairman Ray Geddes. In 1997 everyone though he had lost his edge. He was just slightly ahead of the times.

Fly high Lee. A true Icon in the car world.

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I will be remembering some these boisterous and erroneous comments when Trump sweeps up.

I see red everywhere.

The Dems do not have a viable candidate. PERIOD! Yawn.....

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Well, I see not much has changed with with the right and left throwing Jabs back and forth here on JT.

Nice break for about six months or so.

Trump did the right thing. But that little voice in the back of my head in Sahara Sanders voice keeps saying "White house leaks won't be tolerated". And Trump on the stump about being tight lipped about future strikes should he be elected President. Do you remember that? Seems we know allot publicly about this predawn strike that was to take place. Spin spin spin. If 150 lives were sparred. I think Mr. Trump made the right call. Do I support my POTUS? Yes on some issues No on others. However, The facts remains.

Iran -One drone. Costly yes.

USA 0- I like 0 here. We have many drones and it is only money. Not blood.

And if any of you think Trump is scared to act or act with force . Remember MOAB?

I do.

Nice to be back. Hope everyone is well.

Winter is ....I mean November is coming.

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I was very happy Tiger won the Masters. Tiger is just good for the game and has made an amends for all!

However, I have played the Black course in 2007. The warning sign on #1 is very accurate.

If you do not carry 5 HCP or better. I think you will have a very long day on the Black course..

Not to make excuses for Tiger but Golf Digest has Beth Page Black course rated the sixth hardest course to play in the world. And anyone can play at the state park links. But you are warned. Very challenging!

In 2007 I shot 82 from the pro-tees. And at the time I was 3 HCP. Today's is much different story living and working in Japan with the cost of play and practice. And I only practice off grass not the mats at the stack ranges here. So the HCP has slipped back a bit with age as well. Can not hit blades like used to and now using hybrids. By examining my divot I can tell what I need to do, to adjust and dial back in. No divots on mats. But that is a comment for another day. I think Tiger did pretty well. Black course is long mean and lean. Trees and sand everywhere. So Brooks K. being 12 under on the second day is just a phenom thing. Love to see a D.J-&- Brooksy showdown. No one is going catch Brooks. He has another PGA Championship in the bag I feel.

Here is a great video hole by hole and what you would be facing should you happen to be in the state of New York. Want to give Black a go? Bring plenty of balls and Monster energy drinks. LOL.

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What is your favorite Queen performance without Freddie Mercury?

I was always partial to this one.

If I can get tickets I would like to attend this show so I can say I have seen Queen.

No one. I mean no one riffs like May.

He is a guitar God!

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I have been following Tiger's golf swing his entire career. All the changes. All the swing coaches from Butch Harman and many others come and gone. Have enjoyed watching him win major after major then the slam. This was just amazing news to see pop up in feeds everywhere. I have said all along that he would win Majors again and he will surpass Jack for the best to ever hold a gold club. Well T.W. Never had a doubt. the 28 months you have really returned to pro gold form.

You have come along way since this day.

Wat to go Tiger! The greatest comeback for for all time.

Earl would be proud!

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@Brian Wheway.

Yes, for most def. I bet he has those golden slippers in his house here in Izuka.

This guy once said in 2001, as Economics Minister,

"he wanted to make Japan a country where "rich Jews" would like to live."

But my all time favroite was this blunder.

While speaking at a meeting of the National Council on Social Security Reform, in 2013, Asō referred to patients suffering from serious illness as "tube persons" and remarked that they should be "allowed to die quickly" if they desired it. "Heaven forbid I should be kept alive if I want to die", he is quoted as saying. "You cannot sleep well when you think it's all paid by the government. This won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die."

He really said that. "Hurry up and die." Mr. Golden slippers. Evil little man.

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Time to be put out to pasture Aso san.

We do not want nor need you kind here in Fukuoka any longer. You are starting to lose it buddy!

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Good God.

Horrific. I do not not what to think or say after reading this. I am enraged to no degree.

That poor child.

Mia was taken into protective custody for seven weeks at a child welfare center but after this period, no visits were paid by officials of either the center or school to her home to check on her safety.

What the (beep)? Are you serious?

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Actual fans of hip hop culture know there is plethora of great, intelligent, witty, and creative rappers still releasing fun and inspiring hip hop music.

Yes, for sure here are few I like.

Clean when kids are in the car.

Nick Cannon, Common, Will Smith, Chamillionaire, Lupe Fiasco Lil, Mama, A tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Mase, K-Naan, Talib Kweli, Run DMC,

For the not so clean and in the car alone.

Cypress Hill. RBX, Method Man, Red Man, Obtrice, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, I could go on.

All time favorite right here.

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Come on in. Welcome.

No not all attempts end in failure. And this is just the aid part.

The USA cannot force countries to become democracies. Who's forcing? Not the U.S.A.

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We are spending a fortune in deploying and maintaining our troops in Syria, not to mention endangering the lives of our soldiers.

endangering the lives of our soldiers.-When I lifted my right hand and took an oath to protect and uphold the constitution of United States. I knew the risks in a war time situation. I knew when I awoke on the battlefield every morning (various locations) or awoke by the sound of gunfire. I knew my life could end at any moment. But I also knew. I was right where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be with. I have known war and I have known peace. I knew if I fell. I would not be left behind. Every soldier’s life is endangered in the Middle East. Trust me. They know the risks. It's what they do.

As far as the economics of war. Yes, war is costly. I wish they would spend more and getting our soldiers better and modern body armor.

Here is a question Serrano.

Name me one single conflict the United States was in that presented an exit plan like Trump is proposing in American history? Honesty. I do not think there is anything we can look at. We cannot leave Syria in the hands of the Russians and Assad. Assad should have already been taken out. The man uses chemical weapons on woman and children. There will be always someone to fight. I know. But the Syrian people deserve an opportunity to live in a Democracy. We are the great ambassadors for Democracy.

Nope, it's not childish, Trump has made the right decision.

If it was a sound and moral decision made by this President to pull us out in this manner. So quickly. The government would not have overturned it overriding his authority. But they did. It was obviously the wrong decision and @Crazy Joe explains why in his comment.

is repeatedly at odds with his intel chiefs, something is dangerously wrong.

Trump is compromised. Or Mattis would not have quit on him. From what? I do not know. Russian influence? Maybe. I cannot say. But he has time after time exercised poor judgment and poor decision-making skills.

Why? Because he is not a politician. He is to emotional and we see that on Twitter every god damn day!

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