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Russia has a new range of hypersonic weapons that the US cannot counter.

But what if I told you there was an effective deterrent and it's not a missile at all.

Then what direction does “ he has no choice” go into?

There is always a choice. Always!

I guess when Trump said "Make America Great Again". He also meant. Make America silent deadly and quick again. On the nuclear front.

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Wow very rare find indeed. I bet the full autos found are from like WW I I or some very old guns.

And a very interesting point that was brought up in a comment. Sorry for not looking up in the thread. Ammo. I would really like to know more about this story. They have to be much older firearms from a different time in Japan when things were more laxed or leftovers from the war. I am talking specifically about the automatic weapons directly here. I just do not see modern weapons getting in. The airsoft. Meh, no big deal. I love the airsoft stuff. Hand guns are every where here in Japan.

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I watch Japanese news, and this was plastered all over.

Yep, I can confirm from hearing the recording on TV that is what he said. Burn it to the ground. I can also make my own assessment that when he was speaking to the subordinate that he was trying emphasize how bad he wanted the road construction to resume. The subordinate could have easily taken what the Mayor said about the potential arson seriously and acted. Or he could have taken it in a way that the Mayor was very passionate about that building being gone.

It's one those things that you walk away from asking yourself. Was he serious in what he said? Burn it?

Clearly unfit to be Mayor.

Makes you wonder.

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Okay so let's discuss this.

We pull out of the treaty 100%! Done and gone.

Ramifications? Benefits?

Who benefits from the re-ignition of Cold War II?

The iron curtain is drawn again.

Fail safes off. We can now build the type of wepons China and Russia pursue. And most likey do it better.

Do not know if any of you know George Perkovich.

History teaches that leaders only agree to reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons when they improve relations with adversaries and no longer fear the types of war they once did, the nuclear-weapons expert George Perkovich was once quoted saying.

John Bolton feels that- In his own words.

In walking away from the treaty, the president is recognizing a “changed reality” in both technological and strategic terms, Bolton declared on Tuesday during a visit to Russia.

I will hand it to Mr. Bolton. Took some serious cahonies to go to Russia and say this.

I fear some in this Trump admin never heard of the term "amendment to treaty."

The Cold war reminds me of those never ending Apple OS updates.

And now with this new update you can..........

Android repsonse coming soon.

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Sanctions would be holding Russia accountable.

I am down with that. Diplomacy. Crippling sanctions backed by NATO. Seems Russia is the aggresor here.

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This below is so well said.

Trump's old enough to remember the Cold War, and how the threat of nuclear annihilation hung over the entire world for decades. That was ended by Gorbachev and Reagan, but now Trump wants to kick that all into history and reopen an arms race which this time might not succeed in keeping the lid on things.

However, I think NATO needs to run its own investigation on Russia. If it is proven without a doubt that Russia broke the treaty. Then Russia needs to atone for it.

However, pulling out of the treaty is not the right move for the United States. I think this an immense opportunity for the current administration to show that it is willing to deal with Russia with substantive diplomacy. We do not need these two superpowers racing in the arms war again. There is a enough atomic weaponry on the planet already. Russia builds a missile that’s faster and more powerful. We respond with something else. Then Russia responds and here we go again with the back and forth.      

If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.- Albert Einstein.

If this is allowed to happen and the cold war is re-started. How stupid we humans are. Have we not learned? As each day passes my distain for this administration grows like a cancer.

I had a long discussion last night with a real good friend on the parties.She is Democrat. After listening to her.

I am giving some serious thought of defecting. For the first time in my life I am looking over the line at blue.

What say you readers? Has anyone switched parties because they lost all faith? This is not the Republican party that I grew up with. This is not what it means to be a Republican. Trump is ruining more than the country. He is ruining the party that I love. I loved Regan. He inspired me serve and become a decent human being and Republican. I remember standing in the cold in Manchester N.H. as boy with my Mother carrying that pine mounted election sign. Pine sap and my mittens sticking to hunk of pine pole. Moon boots and the cold war were the thing. Sub zeros temps. Make my day! Regan for the 80's. Mother and I v.s the world.     

I have always given to my party and supported it. Always.

I am really frustrated. I want my child to live in a world that is safe and free of such weapons. I remember all to well the Nuclear fall out drills in school we used have. If Russia wants to make more nukes and faster missles. Let them. The world will not favor it and history will be cruel. NO MORE NUKES PERIOD! I don't know. The older I get. The more I think about making the world a better place for my child.

I guess I am dreamer. I am going soft.

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Okay whats the hockey stick graph? I missed out on that.

How anybody with a brain can still believe in "global warming" after the whole hockey-stick graph affair is beyond me. People don't like to look at evidence.

I just said a major Mcintosh apple farm in Massachusttets apples yields are down due to global warming.

Need proof? Read this study by one the nations leading experts.

Emily A. Thurston of Clarkson University, Potsdam NY. Really smart and awesome woman!

Sorry, but I know Emily. I am going to take her word that Global Warming is a becoming a serious issue.

I have plans for my apple farming when I retire here in Japan. Whats happening in the study in N.Y. is also happning in Massachusetts as we have the same climate changes.


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The priority of the planet is far more serious than politics.

I am as well from New England. Right outside of Boston. My Mom called from our farmhouse in Groton M.A. 3 am this morning. She was cold. I could hear it in her voice and scared. So cold in fact she found two frozen Cedar Waxwings in the front yard that may have dropped out of the sky frozen solid.  That her heated pipes in that old Farm house of ours had frozen in the basement. The piping we have is a heated element PVC piping system supposedly that will never freeze. We changed all the piping in 2016. We put that company’s product to the test! -(fail)- She has two massive jet turbo prop heaters working full time off Kerosene in the barn to keep live stock and horses from freezing to death. As well the feed. I have seen direct effects on our family farm from Global Warming/Freezing. I can say with 100% certainty this farm has been affected by it. It's a real thing. Especially in the Macintosh apple orchards. The apple yields are way down over the last 5 years. This polar vortex is a rare phenomenon. A bit of a one off. But still -30 -40 -50 F' with the windchill is deadly to anything breathing. Please keep your pets inside. And throw in another log into the woodstove before bed with every blanket you have on the bed.  I highly doubt anyone from Massachusetts is reading here, but I am praying for those affected. My Mom reads here. Take care Mum.

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Apology absolutely fully accepted and thank you. For the record I have served as well in the USMC. I may not have dealt in intel. I ran an aviation re-supply chain for aviation and armament at the commissioned level. But that is for another day.

Putting politics aside for a moment. Has anyone thanked you for keeping us safe in our beds at night in Japan? Well I am now. We may disagree on may issues and stories here. But I will not insult you or your intelligence. You have every right to view your opinions to us readers. And I will read all. And I will scoff. I will laugh. I will get angry. I will agree and disagree. But I try to keep it professional. All commenting here come from different and diverse backgrounds and that’s what makes Democracy and freedom of speech so great! One thing the USMC instilled in me. It was always be faithful. Always have an open mind and over come and adapt. Always listen to others.

I wake up everyday with that mind set still.

Semper Fi.

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"ISIS and al-Qaida have yet to be defeated," McConnell said." 

Stay-Go. What’s the difference I ask? We are not prepared to fight at a level to insure a victory.

The Russians could not win in the Middle Eastern region. We certainly cannot win there with all regulations and rules of engagement. The only way to eradicate terrorism is to do the unspeakable. That type of war cannot take place in these modern times. The fact of the matter is fighting terrorism is profitable for some. To totally defeat terrorism and this ideology they vehemently spew and worship. That type of war would create so much collateral damage. The world does not want to see that type of war.

No country wants to shoulder the blame and responsibility for going all out.

Might as well just come home if you’re not going to fight for victory and total annihilation of these terrorist groups.

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I see incorrect Kanji tattoos on many military personnel.

Hey, it happens. When you go cheap on ink. It's to be expected.

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Thanks man!

Good on you! You may get what you want. Trump is wreaking havoc on my party’s identity and what we stand

for. At the end of the day. My vote will be casted for what I feel is the good of the country.

Not voting is the real crime.

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Or is he getting intel from somebody else that we don't know about and not sharing that with the

American government? 

I think the brunt of the intel on Iran is coming from Israel. But I could be wrong. But at the end of day all the data being shared and studied must be evaluated properly. This is where Mattis was so key and McMaster excelled. So, whoever he is listing to now? I really think he better get a second and third fourth fifth opinion. But volleying insults at these people like some lacking division in a company as a hawkish CEO. Not cool. So not cool.

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Sadly so right you are man. /woman?

Stalemate on going. Hate and divide ongoing. Readers here angry, ongoing. The wall ongoing.


Really over it.

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Well this is great question.

This is the type of question elected officials should be asking.

Out of curiosity, who do you guys believe and why? National Intelligence/CIA or Trump?

Honestly, without being in the loop. I do not know. I do not know if I am even qualified if given an opportunity to see what this president is seeing. To determine who is right and who is wrong? Man honestly that is a tough one. Thats is a matter of good and solid judgement. But judging from Iran’s past. I think the President may have a valid point. Intel may need to take another look at Iran. Trump saw something he did not like from someone in his staff.

But I despise his drama and antics. Getting so old. Go back to school. Come on seriously? Ugh. My neck cringes hearing him speak. It is not easy for some us Pubs ya know.

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I think people are commenting on Trump's lack of intelligence because he has demonstrated it numerous times.

Couldn’t agree with you more. If you have followed my comments in the past. You will see that this President was not my Republican choice and I find him brash and borderline unstable. As well a down right poor public speaker.

But the fact is. I want my party to work with Democrats. LET ME REPEATE. I AM NO TRUMPSTER or what ever your calling them. I am Republican sitting this one out waiting for a viable candidate that I can trust and put my heart into.

I am not going to get into insulting others either.  I do not do that.

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For the record. I firmly think Stone is guilty.

I think the whole lot of them are. There are some bad apples in the party for sure.

It is a well-known fact Obama at times was unhappy with Clappers performance. Obama blamed the intel community for underestimating and dropping the ball on ISIS.

How can this not be disputed? Those working in intel are human. Sometimes the mass amount of information coming in can get confusing. Mistakes will be made.

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Clearly readers here commented that the current President had no right to be critical of the intel community. That he lacks in the ability to surmise the current situation. That he is a stupid man. One even called him a drunkard.

Here are few that caught my eye.

self-centered arrogance of this man is astounding.

Trump is an ignoramus, a moron, and a liar. 

Trump is nearly void of any intelligence.

if he is not the anti-christ then he is taking orders from him

And my all-time favorite from our most fierce critic of this President.

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through a Presidency, Cadet Bonespurs.

However, Deadforgood. I will give you this. Obama would never use such colorful language and demeaning language like Trump did. Which goes to show you he is so unqualified to be President. My point was to bring to light. That a Democratic President as well had been critical about the intel community in the past. The same could have been said about Obama in the above comments I pasted and copied. Is it right to say such things about any President? No. In -(my)- opinion- which does not matter much anyways. I am but one vote in the great scheme of things. Just one reader here. One voice.

Obama was always being critical about the intel community during his tenure as President. If we are to justify the billions spent on hi-tech satellites an operatives working in this intelligence field that are clearly drawing criticisms from two different Presidents. Then how do we fix it? If Democarts are going to knock Republicans. And go on with the shredding a Republican President and the bashing becuase he is being critical of the intel agencies and community for getting it wrong. I am going to remind Democrats.

Remember when?

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I find it sweeter than a watermelon Jolly Rancher out of the wrapper that all the Dems in here are criticizing the President for criticizing the current intel community. How dare he do such thing?

Meanwhile back in February 2011.

U.S. intelligence agencies drew firce criticism from the Oval Office and President Obama that they failed to warn of revolts in Egypt and the downfall of an American ally in Tunisia.

President Obama sent word to National Intelligence Director James Clapper that he was "disappointed with the intelligence community"

Note: Continued to do so through is entire Presidency and Iran was in the conversation many times.

I can here Obama now. Are we up to speed on Iran Mr. Clapper?

Do we hypocrite much?

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I understand that. I understand what you’re saying. I can see it angers you.

I have also been in Japan long enough to understand the full brunt and history between Japan and China and the bad blood unfortunately as a top car executive in Japan.  

But have a look here and take some satisfaction in it. Because the Chinese envy everyone else’s stuff.

This is GWM.

Proudly named. Great Wall Motors? Look familiar? Based after the Toyota business model. Look at the logo.

It was ripped off and copied from Toyota.

 It is because Chinese ingenuity has no originality.


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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands of fish dead in drought-stricken Australia See in context

Sounds fishy. Smells fishy!

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When you're at the extreme right, everyone else is 'The Left'.

So sad but true. I really cannot wait for both parties start working together in a functioning capacity. I just do not see it happening under Trump. No one likes him in the Democratic party. He is like that kid at your first (friends over) Birthday party you hate. That one kid. That mean kid. But your Mom made you invite him for equality and fairness reason's. But when party is over. He still can't ride Big Wheels with us the next day.

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Yes, Read the transcripts here.

It was comparison in the extreme for sure. Seeking parallels that any person with a brain could sort through. ICE-KKK Come on. Prosecutors pitch! When Trump ran and he compared many people and groups in the same fashion. This is just a byproduct of today’s hostile political theater. That Clinton and Trump set forth.

 But she did make the comparison and that is going to resonate with some and cost her votes ultimately. More knowledge for me is still to be gained. I like to hear everyone’s message. But Trump will NOT get my vote ever. I have always felt and still feel the same I did the day he announced his Presidential bid. UNQUALIFIED and LACKING in MORALS.

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I knew I would get -'s right away for trying to be honest about my fellings on a Democratic candidate I know nothing about. I am actually wondering how many -'s I will get before comments are turned off.

God forbid. A Republican or a Democrat wanting to work together or hear each other’s message and try to be open minded.

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In the last two photos. Seems like allot of people attended. Look closer. Mostly kids in that one photo. Last time I checked. Children cannot vote. Just an observation. I do not know enough about this Democratic candidate to form an opinion yet. But I despise California politics. To wrapped up in Hollywood and getting that celebrity base and money going. Maybe she is different? I do not mind she has a mixed ethnicity either. Nothing wrong with it at all. Never was on that Obama rubbish either that he was not a naturalized citizen.

I will say this. I like the sound of this.

"We are here because the American Dream and our American democracy are under attack and on the line like never before. Okay. Interested. Would like to hear more.

We are better than this. Yes, we are.

 I am Republican for the record.

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She deserves to be champion. She put the work in and the better player one. That’s it. As far the American crowds sneering and unhappy. Well get over it. And I am an American. I agree with JJ Jetplane and zones2surf. The Williams sisters Federer, Nadal, have had their day. I have enjoyed watching Rodger be so dominate in the sport. He is the GOAT in men's Tennis in my opinion. Both Williams sisters over came so much as well coming up in the sport. Due to their ethnicity. I must agree. Osaka is so exciting to watch and if she stays healthy and driven for Tennis. She is going to win her fair share of titles.

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Everytime I read a write up about SK and this comfort woman issue. I can not get all the way through the read.

The only thing that comes to mind is that beating a dead horse meme. Move on already.

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Another Father killing his kin. While the Mother stands idly by doing nothing?


Throw the book at them both. Shameful. Some Japanese should not have children.

What type of attitude towards life is ten year old expected to have in an abusive home?

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then cried to your daddy.

I see. More insults. Great. Go ahead. I have very thick skin.

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Posted in: Trump agrees to end government shutdown without border wall money See in context


Well the Dems have a great opportunity to see what they are going to do.

We shall see. 2/15 deadline was it?

Hopefully the cream will rise to the top.

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