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I have been following Tiger's golf swing his entire career. All the changes. All the swing coaches from Butch Harman and many others come and gone. Have enjoyed watching him win major after major then the slam. This was just amazing news to see pop up in feeds everywhere. I have said all along that he would win Majors again and he will surpass Jack for the best to ever hold a gold club. Well T.W. Never had a doubt. the 28 months you have really returned to pro gold form.

You have come along way since this day.

Wat to go Tiger! The greatest comeback for for all time.

Earl would be proud!

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@Brian Wheway.

Yes, for most def. I bet he has those golden slippers in his house here in Izuka.

This guy once said in 2001, as Economics Minister,

"he wanted to make Japan a country where "rich Jews" would like to live."

But my all time favroite was this blunder.

While speaking at a meeting of the National Council on Social Security Reform, in 2013, Asō referred to patients suffering from serious illness as "tube persons" and remarked that they should be "allowed to die quickly" if they desired it. "Heaven forbid I should be kept alive if I want to die", he is quoted as saying. "You cannot sleep well when you think it's all paid by the government. This won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die."

He really said that. "Hurry up and die." Mr. Golden slippers. Evil little man.

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Time to be put out to pasture Aso san.

We do not want nor need you kind here in Fukuoka any longer. You are starting to lose it buddy!

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Good God.

Horrific. I do not not what to think or say after reading this. I am enraged to no degree.

That poor child.

Mia was taken into protective custody for seven weeks at a child welfare center but after this period, no visits were paid by officials of either the center or school to her home to check on her safety.

What the (beep)? Are you serious?

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Actual fans of hip hop culture know there is plethora of great, intelligent, witty, and creative rappers still releasing fun and inspiring hip hop music.

Yes, for sure here are few I like.

Clean when kids are in the car.

Nick Cannon, Common, Will Smith, Chamillionaire, Lupe Fiasco Lil, Mama, A tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Mase, K-Naan, Talib Kweli, Run DMC,

For the not so clean and in the car alone.

Cypress Hill. RBX, Method Man, Red Man, Obtrice, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, I could go on.

All time favorite right here.

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Come on in. Welcome.

No not all attempts end in failure. And this is just the aid part.

The USA cannot force countries to become democracies. Who's forcing? Not the U.S.A.

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We are spending a fortune in deploying and maintaining our troops in Syria, not to mention endangering the lives of our soldiers.

endangering the lives of our soldiers.-When I lifted my right hand and took an oath to protect and uphold the constitution of United States. I knew the risks in a war time situation. I knew when I awoke on the battlefield every morning (various locations) or awoke by the sound of gunfire. I knew my life could end at any moment. But I also knew. I was right where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be with. I have known war and I have known peace. I knew if I fell. I would not be left behind. Every soldier’s life is endangered in the Middle East. Trust me. They know the risks. It's what they do.

As far as the economics of war. Yes, war is costly. I wish they would spend more and getting our soldiers better and modern body armor.

Here is a question Serrano.

Name me one single conflict the United States was in that presented an exit plan like Trump is proposing in American history? Honesty. I do not think there is anything we can look at. We cannot leave Syria in the hands of the Russians and Assad. Assad should have already been taken out. The man uses chemical weapons on woman and children. There will be always someone to fight. I know. But the Syrian people deserve an opportunity to live in a Democracy. We are the great ambassadors for Democracy.

Nope, it's not childish, Trump has made the right decision.

If it was a sound and moral decision made by this President to pull us out in this manner. So quickly. The government would not have overturned it overriding his authority. But they did. It was obviously the wrong decision and @Crazy Joe explains why in his comment.

is repeatedly at odds with his intel chiefs, something is dangerously wrong.

Trump is compromised. Or Mattis would not have quit on him. From what? I do not know. Russian influence? Maybe. I cannot say. But he has time after time exercised poor judgment and poor decision-making skills.

Why? Because he is not a politician. He is to emotional and we see that on Twitter every god damn day!

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But Trump has to go - send him back to his boring reality TV show...

I honestly feel the same way. He needs to just step down. Please simply step down. No shame.

He is the President and I was raised to never disrespect elected officials. You can disagree, vote against for sure. Yes. Democracy. Purity!

This is why I have not fell into insulting the man. Or become consumed with the hostility and the fever of today’s political situation and hoopla. I am hoping for and praying for miracle or a messiah to raise up with in my party to bring us back to the fundamentals of what it meant to be Republican. I know in Texas so many think as I do. And I am from Massachusetts which makes no sense. 

I know I am diffrent.

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I guess that would make me right of center. I am not sure. I just dislike Trump and always have.

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 I've gotta believe that even with the divisions we have, no one here wants to see this country attacked again.

The best thing ever said in long time.

Absolutely! I am an American regardless of party! I will stand and fight for my country with any Democrat willing to fight with me against any threat and aggressors wanting to inflict damage or death upon America or Americans or any other nationality. We all bleed red!

I do not want to see another 911. If we leave the Middle East to prematurely, we will leave a vacuum so large and a burning hatred so strong towards America. That the next attack could come with devastating consequences that could ignite a war so massive and destructive. 

We need to do the right thig in the Middle East. And we need the worlds help to do it.

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I am really all alone here on J.T. -2 :-(

Are there no other Republicans here that dislike our P.O.T.U.S.?

A Republican not backing his Republican P.O.T.U.S. I know. I have heard it all from those in my party.

Shameful Slick, shameful. I know I should be supportive, but I just can’t!

 I am sorry. I just cannot do it.


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Democrats I'd like for you to really read this.

deep discontent caused by the policies within his own Republican ranks.

Deep is putting it midley for this Republican!


It passed by a majority of 70 to 26 -- opposed by only three of the 53 Senate Republicans.

 This is huge! I think readers here that are staunch Trump supporters do not understand the impact of this revolt against the President of the United States on the withdrawal of the troops in the Middle East.

Let me put it in words you Trump supporters can fathom.

ISIS is not defeated!

Leaving hastily is totally irresponsible!

That my fellow Republicans just sent this President a very strong message.

It was.

With all due respect Mr. President. We do not trust your judgement with the current sit rep in the Middle East. Better to let us take this one sir.

This is what I have been waiting for. I am so ecstatic and over come with great joy that my party is starting wake up and think DUMP TRUMP!

Oh goodie! What's next? *-)

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So SOTU is upon us. Finally going to happen. I do not have much to say on it really other than. I hope the politicians can start to work together and that Trump can speak without repeating himself and has a decent speech ready to go. The first time I hear talk of a wall and how great the wall is going to be. I am done.

How the Democrats react inside the chamber to Trump's address will be watched closely. Leaders are advising a respectful approach, for reasons of decorum but also strategy. Pelosi has in the past cautioned Democrats to stay out of the way of Trump's "slobbering self."

This is slightly disturbing. Did she actually say “slobbering self?” God I really despise Nancy even more if she said this.

I could say Democrats please behave yourselves. But the same rings true for Republicans and guests attending. Well, hopefully we will get a chance to see some sort functioning progress coming together here with both parties starting some dialog. But let's face it. Someone is going to lose it and yell out something. Then everything will just go south. Just my feeling.

Could be the biggest flop and embarrassment ever in the history of the State of the Union addressees. Cause the current state of the union is, there is nothing in unison or any unification what so ever.

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It's Okay if you do not like the Patriots.

What’s really cool is there are some NFL football fans here. So when next season comes around we can talk football.

@kohakuebisu Is talking about play selections of the Rams. That’s cool. I think Rams had some chances to capitalize and score but just did not execute well. Even Brady today. He seemed a bit off. His passes just seemed a fraction ahead of receivers today. From what I saw in some replays. However, I was at work today with ESPN game cast open. But caught some replays on the app.

@Crazy Joe is talking about defense. I agree. In Superbowl’s I think defense is what is going to win the game for the team. But I am seeing allot of comments that watching the game was a bit of a snooze fest. However a clean kitchen is always cool too.

@Dadude is Rams fan. First off. Your boys played a hell of game and had a stellar season. All season long I was saying the Saints and the Rams really looked the best all year long. Your young coach has a bright future. McVay is going to be a legend, I think. Young bright and driven. It's only a matter of time before his fundamentals bring you and the Rams a Superbowl title for sure. 

 @JJ Jetplane is talking about Tom Brady and greatness. I could not agree with you more. I do not think people give Tom Brady enough credit. His preparation and his diet with his work ethic are the roots of his greatness that drives him to stay healthy and just be able to keep playing at his age at this level of play. We all know Tom is not that quarter back he once was. But still, he can play at an NFL grade foot ball level still and win. At 41 years of age! Unheard of really. Tom says he wants to play until he is 45. I think that is the ultimate trophy for him at this point.

Well all in all. I am glad JT put the story up so we can see some football fans here with some insightful comments.  


Really? Can we leave politics out it on this one time? Also Trump does not claim any team. Here is why. But he should be a Giants fan or a Jets fan.

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JJ Jetplane.

Even though I am not a Patriots fan, it is amazing to have made it to 9 Super Bowls. Winning 6 is even more amazing. Countless great players have never even made it to a Super Bowl or won a Super Bowl.

I think you said your from NewYork in a previous post but I could be wrong! So the above is a huge compliment coming from you. It really is amazing.

From my house as kid in New England watching my team just suck was the worst. The the loss to the Bears so heart breaking. We just got gone blown away. The Bears defeated the Patriots by the score of 46–10. Seeing the Patriots just domniate is just the sweetest thing ever. Great year for Boston teams. World Series and now Super Bowl. Really have to hand it to our defense. They won it for us today! Brady can not be denied GOAT status any longer.

Great day to be from New England today! I love it!

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I never had a doubt! #6 Baby! Jules MVP! Just the best ever! #12 G.O.A.T.

Patriots nation!

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6. 12 G.O.A.T.

Edleman MVP!

I love it!

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Go Pats! I want to see what the haters gonna say after your win #6!

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Left overs from the war. Brings new meaning to the term (leftovers). Spuds anyone?

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@Will Goode.

My child is not eating whale meat period. As long as he is living under my roof. The days the school puts it on the menu. Which they do not. He will bring a lunch I or his Mother make for him. Or some other viable option. If I have to, I will keep him out that day. I will. I respect Japanese culture and understand whaling is part of the culture here for centuries. But centuries of whaling? Over centuries?

All that speaks to me is. Centuries of totally getting it wrong Japan!

I love Japan and I love the Japanese. But on whale hunting and whale consumption. Very bitter pill for me to swallow coming from Massachusetts where whales are vehemently protected and almost worshipped.  


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Is this the most twisted con thing I have ever seen or what?

Imagine the time and energy needed to run a con like this? This is right out of Blacklist I tell ya.

You can not make this stuff up.

 Head shaking in disbelief honto.

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I do not give one iota what species of whale it is.

It's aware it's being hunted down.

It's wrong to hunt down these gorgeous majestic animals down and consume them. Period.


Baird's beaked whales are an extremely long-lived species with males living longer than females. They are known to form close groups of between 5 and 20 individuals but at times have been seen in groups of up to 50 animals. Seen swimming in tight formation, surfacing, breathing and occasionally even breaching in unison, these animals are (((highly social))).

-Seems intelligent and aware to me.-

If Japan can simulate crab meat and other forms of seafood. Well then.

Whip up something for whale Jerky and whale meat for the Japanese that will not give up this nonsense.

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Yeah, I got real problem with this INF treaty back turning. (red face emoji)

I am no fan of Hilliary Clinton. But I trusted her when she said this about Comrad Vlad.

She has his number.

“I understand why he has to do this — to prove he’s a man. He’s afraid of his own weakness,” she said. “Russia has nothing, no successful politics or economy. All they have is this.”


As a former KGB spy, [Putin] is quite adept at reading people and understands how to manipulate them,” she said, accusing him of violence, assassination, poisoning, bribes, extortion, blackmail, “the whole, what’s called ‘active measures’ toolkit.”

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"We will respond quid pro quo," Putin said. "Our American partners have announced they were suspending their participation in the treaty and will do the same. They have announced they will conduct research and development, and we will act accordingly."

Welome to the birth of the new Cold War and the new world order!

Off to racses these two Super powers once again. Or now publicly!

Putin emphasized that such new weapons won't be deployed unless the U.S. does so.

Like we are going to trust Putin the EX KGB officer on his word? Please do not make me laugh.

He noted Shoigu's report that a key stage in testing of the Poseidon was completed several days ago.

Translation. The city buster is almost ready to go online Comrad Putin.

( final end game killer weapon of the ages)

I can hear them now talking in like some cheesy made for Hollywood movie with bad Russian accsents.

Comarad Putin to Comrad Shoigu-

"Very well done Comrad Shoigu." Well done indeed on our a land-based version of the Kalibr ship-based cruise missile and our new hypersonic intermediate-range ballistic missile project. Under water drones and hyper glides. Oh my! We will beat those cocky pesky Americans once and for all. Lenin would be proud Comrad.

At the same time, the Russian leader said he would like to review the progress on building other prospective weapons that don't fall under the INF treaty, including the intercontinental Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle and the Poseidon underwater nuclear drone.

Nuclear drones and underwater vehicles. (Making submarines obsolete.)

Hypersonic wepons. Yeah here we go.

Nuclear underwater drones are made for one thing and one thing only.

The Poseidon's true power has never been revealed, but rumors of its existence have swirled among defense circles for years. In September 2015, The Washington Free Beaconcited Pentagon sources as saying Russia was developing submarines armed with "Kanyon" nuclear-capable drones dubbed "city busters," with "tens" of megaton explosive power and capable of traveling long distances at high speeds. ( game over )

Can you hear those Russian's laughing now?

Just wait one year after the death of the INF treaty. Trump's Space Force will launch some super weapon claiming to render Russian weapons obsolete. The U.S. better step up it's game and defense contracts up and running. We have weapons to build! Game on again with the Ruskies!

Hello. I am Joshua, Shall we play a game?

Stop playing with the foot ball Mr. President! NORAD will not be happy!

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While demanding denuclearization of North Korea, the United States itself is going against the move toward nuclear disarmament. It lacks coherence,"

Yes, Maki san. I can not comprehend it. It's a grave mistake pulling out of this treaty.

There are other options.

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Well Shin Yamaguchi station is no where near Shimonoseki station.

Shimonoseki station to Kokura futsu densha- Then yes, a Shink to Hakata. Then a the Nishitetsu 100-yen bus to Nakasu.

But I guess it's doable. I mean she worked from Sept to Nov and made a total 80.000 man. 20,000 man per week. I would say she was hostess and nothing more than that. She most likely gave up her career in law enforcement due to the fact had she stayed on. Imagine the hazing she would of had to endure from other officers? They can be brutal in that world I am sure. If she was just a hostess trying to make an extra income. Why snitch? Who cares?

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I am living in Fukuoka and she was most likey working in Nakasu (our red light area). It is long way to travel from Shimonoseki to Nakasu. She most likey thought that the distance would insulate her from blow back.

Someone snitched for sure.

However 80,000 yen? Hardly worth the risk or the time invloved in coming here all the way from Yamaguchi. Maybe she was just lonely and needed more than money.

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Unleashing any countries nuclear arsenal is so not good.

Whether it be from a submarine, ship, bomber or from space, launch pad and lastly secret silo's.

There is no need for this type of weaponry on this planet.

Although September 11 was horrible, it didn't threaten the survival of the human race, like nuclear weapons do.

Stephen Hawking

I call upon the scientific community in our country, those who gave us nuclear weapons, to turn their great talents now to the cause of mankind and world peace: to give us the means of rendering these nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete.

Ronald Reagan

You probably don't need more weapons than what's required to destroy every city on earth. There's only 2,300 cities. So, the United States, by that criteria, only needs 2,300 nuclear weapons - well, we've got more than 25,000!

Carl Sagan

We have a chance to wind down and expedite the removal of 96 percent of the world's nuclear weapons. What an achievement it would be, if at the end of the next administration, we could say that the nuclear arsenals of both Russia and the United States had been reduced to the barest minimums.

Dianne Feinstein

The human and environmental devastation caused by nuclear weapons - whether by testing, mistake or malice - is the very reason we need to eliminate them altogether.

Valerie Plame

I still believe that any country understands that if they use nuclear weapons, they will be wiped out of existence. They could be irrational in many ways, but I don't think they're irrational to the point that they're ready to annihilate their own country.

Mohamed ElBaradei

With possibility of eliminating this treaty. We take a step in the direction of annihilating our very own existence.

It is a step backwards. I see not outcome that bodes well for any country.

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Russia has a new range of hypersonic weapons that the US cannot counter.

But what if I told you there was an effective deterrent and it's not a missile at all.

Then what direction does “ he has no choice” go into?

There is always a choice. Always!

I guess when Trump said "Make America Great Again". He also meant. Make America silent deadly and quick again. On the nuclear front.

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Wow very rare find indeed. I bet the full autos found are from like WW I I or some very old guns.

And a very interesting point that was brought up in a comment. Sorry for not looking up in the thread. Ammo. I would really like to know more about this story. They have to be much older firearms from a different time in Japan when things were more laxed or leftovers from the war. I am talking specifically about the automatic weapons directly here. I just do not see modern weapons getting in. The airsoft. Meh, no big deal. I love the airsoft stuff. Hand guns are every where here in Japan.

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