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SloanAkira comments

Posted in: Angelina Jolie's aunt dies of breast cancer See in context

Molenir, her mother died of ovarian cancer. Get your facts straight please.

All the sudden, her aunt had breast cancers. How come she never mentioned her? How convenient, right after her spam was exposed! It was all lie! A scam!

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Posted in: 2 U.S. sailors get 9-10 years for raping woman in Okinawa See in context


FIne by me, however I would prefer to see more balanced sentencing than basing the sentence upon public sentiment.

There's something wrong with how your brain is wired. There were more attention and reactions from the public because they were AMERICANS. And do you think they'd get a fair trial?

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Posted in: Couple who claimed welfare for dead baby rented apartment to store body See in context

cramp, probably because then they wouldn't have to 'search' for her body. but i agree, i think renting makes no sense to me. but seriously, only plastic and bag? wouldn't that give off horrible odor and bugs to alert other residents? poor girl.

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Posted in: Gun tourism See in context

I've never fired a gun. What kind of thrill is it? I'm not being facetious, I'm genuinely interested in the reasons why firing a gun is thrilling.

Guns kill people. The power to take someone's life is in your hand. Don't you have someone in your head you hate maybe you'd like to kill? That's poison. People constantly blame shooting video games these days because kids find video games to be a way to vent their anger. Apparently 'killing' is one way to curb anger but of course, that never solve any problems. And whose responsibility is this? People go to shooting range because they know the pleasure is very temporary. Punishment and guilt is eternal. People these days get excited by guns... when they just don't know how to deal with their anger.. Gunowners tell me that it's not the anger issue, then tell me why this hobby has fascinated you so much? Gun = Power Sure it may be thrilling to fire a gun, but point it at a person? Why, never! That is not the last I'd do. This is what I'd NEVER do. No matter how angry I get. Or Is this for defensive purposes? Choose love instead, not fear!

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Posted in: In mice, gene therapy boosts hope for the deaf See in context

They have been doing this for years. But... this is not just limited to ones with Usher Syndrome, right? I mean, majority of deaf people had suddenly lost their hearing shortly after being born or later youth. Aren't they the most-likely candidates? Not only babies are the candidates?

That is why I encourage them to only accept Cochlear Implants in ONE of their ears where their vestibulocochlear nerves is being cut because otherwise, they will have to skip this grand experiment sadly. I hope they will continue to do this. I feel bad for the mice but I am very grateful for these little creatures. And you should not take them for granted.

The deaf world and the hearing world need to meet in the heart of the bridge they are both crossing and throw away all the fear of miscommunication and barriers. The deprivation of it all makes them lost their place in society, because hearing people either are ignorant or do not want to deal with them. They both, deaf and hearing man, need to meet in the middle, not one going all the way across and vice versa. I thank for all the scientists and researchers here.

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Posted in: 4 Chinese ships spotted again in disputed waters See in context

Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said on Fuji TV on Sunday that Tokyo was carefully studying whether or how to disclose military data as evidence.

Why? Just do it while our popcorn is still warm.

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Posted in: LAPD offers $1 mil reward for fugitive ex-cop See in context

Why is there NO dash cam footage when Dorner came out shooting at them? Huh?? There were more than one camera on that intersection and no footage. Hmm...

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Posted in: Japan suggests hotline to Beijing over island dispute See in context

wow globalwatcher...

That article was almost painful to read because of underlying biased tone that is plain obvious! They emphasises the word 'should' without even explaining why! Also it is unprofessional for the writer to express her/his own opinions by throwing some thrashy adjectives to personally attack Japan. WTF? It's pretty sad to compare this article and theirs. But I guess China wants hatred to breed hatred, nothing else.

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