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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 paratriathlon test shortened due to bad water quality See in context

"Bad water" is putting it mildly. Some people were commenting it actually smelled like a toilet...

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Posted in: Japan OKs first S Korea high-tech export since curbs, but with a warning See in context

Yeah, kicking the Japanese flag could be seen as over the line by some people. That Korean boy should have just done what Japanese protesters do to Korean flags --drawing cockroaches on it and walking all over it.

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Posted in: Japan says S Korea export curb not retaliation for court rulings See in context

The J government can insist all it wants that this economic Pearl Harbor has nothing at all to do with retaliating, but of course nobody outside of Japan believes that - except perhaps for the "rabid pro-Japan crowd". In fact, I doubt many Japanese believe it, either. Mr. Abe and his cronies have done serious and permanent damage to Japan's image on the international stage.

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Posted in: Kang, Kono trade barbs at ASEAN after Japan's decision to revoke S Korea's preferential trade status See in context

With this move, Japan has not just shot itself in the foot -- Japan has dug its own grave and is about to jump in, thanks to Mr. Abe. The Japanese like to claim that Koreans are far too emotional in everything; in the end this idiotic trade war is going to prove that all along, it was Japan's leaders and their slavish followers that were led by their emotions, not Korea. They have no idea how the world has changed around them.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten export rules for high-tech materials to S Korea See in context

Mr. Abe trying desperately to appeal to his remaining support base, by making-believe Japan still controls Korea. Wake up, Shinzo, you're decades out of date.

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Posted in: Lawmaker expelled from party over remarks about possible war with Russia See in context

I’m sure many on both sides have said the same for Takeshima.

Nope, only on Japan's side. Korea has no need to "reclaim" Dokdo/Takeshima :)

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Posted in: Tokyo, Seoul clash over S Korean warship's fire-control radar lock-on See in context

Samit Basu, so far yours is about the only reasonable conclusion here. The following is an excerpt from an article in SK's JoongAng Daily, pointing out Japanese hypocrisy - Res Ipsa Loquitur:

"Tokyo’s forceful protests against Seoul over the incident are in stark contrast to its subdued reaction towards Beijing in a similar incident.

In February 2013, a Chinese vessel aimed its fire control radar [although of course SK denies its own weapons system was turned on] at a Japanese ship near a disputed set of islets on the East China Sea. Abe reportedly told then-Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera to respond calmly and “not meet provocation with provocation,” according to the Kyodo news agency. 

Analysts say Tokyo’s condemnations reflect its growing discontent of Seoul over a variety of issues afflicting the two countries’ relationships. Korea recently decided to shut down a Japanese-funded foundation for the victims of Japan’s wartime sex slavery, and a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of South Korea ordered Japanese companies to compensate Korean victims of forced labor during colonial rule.

Before departing on a trip abroad on Sunday, Japanese Foreign Minister Kono Taro told local reporters that he would demand that Seoul take appropriate measures over the radar issue and a visit to the Dokdo islets by a Korean lawmaker “amid a series of difficult issues.” 

Observers in South Korea say repeated Seoul-bashing from Tokyo may be aimed to rally the Japanese public to the Abe administration’s side as its support dips due to unpopular labor policies."

Mr. Abe and his cohorts just got their own Divine Wind, it seems.

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse; Abe vows never to repeat horrors of war See in context

OssanAmerica: "Apologies are meaningless if they are not accepted. Those not willing to accept them shouldn't be demanding them" -- You fail to understand what apology is. An offender who is truly repentant apologizes until the victim says "Enough, thank you". A perp who mouths the words of an apology but when the victim does not find it sufficient, pouts and acts the victim, was never really apologetic in the first place. Clearly, as has been so abundantly demonstrated by sorry corporate executives in recent years, in Japan a ritual show of "regret" is the same as the real thing, and expected to be responded to just as ritually.

Geeliez: "Very classy by Abe for being so selfless and mindful of Japan's immature neighbours" -- Thanks for the first really funny joke in days.

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Posted in: Japanese supporters' habit of cleaning up at World Cup spreads to other countries See in context

Good lord, you'd think the Japanese invented cleanliness. Japan is the only country where people... you know the rest. It's just this kind of false pride and arrogance that led to the idiotic episode of the trash-ridden post-Halloween Shibuya being photoshopped to look like a different country altogether. Photos:

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Posted in: Fido funeral: In Japan, a send-off for robot dogs See in context

Seeing such frivolity actually makes me sad for Japan. It is just another sign of the decadence and senescence of Japanese society.

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Posted in: Japan expects constructive discussions at inter-Korean summit See in context

"The fact that Japan was excluded by these talks, it's only a sign that they are more a facade than something concrete" -- [sarcasm]Yeah, without Japan, the most important entity in the Solar System, it can't possibly be genuine or relevant. [/sarcasm]

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Posted in: Unjust dessert? Japan demands Koreans wipe map off summit dinner mousse See in context

Sigh... Japan, just man up, suck it in and accept reality. You lost Dokdo, and you lost this PR war. At least try not to make yourself look unnecessarily ridiculous by acting petty and childish -- yet again.

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Posted in: Human rights concerns bind U.S., S Korea with Japan over abductions See in context

Smithinjapan is absolutely on the mark. Abe & Co. are transparently trying to piggyback on the proposed US-NK summit so as not to be left out in the cold. Plus Mr. Abe badly needs a distraction from the Moritomo scandal. Plus it reinforces the traditional Japanese view of themselves as victims. Plus it's all good for him if somehow the abduction issue muddies the waters and the main parties leave the talks dissatisfied. It's as cynical as it is hypocritical.

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Posted in: Japan protests unified Korea Olympic flag with disputed isles See in context

Japan held back not to start a new war. Nevertheless the claim persists. If they don't renew this claim regularly, they could lose it... To my knowledge, Japan agreed on respecting an ICJ rule, so it's up to South Korea to finally finish this blame game: Accept Japan's offer to settle this by the ICJ. But do you want to?

But Japan already doesn't have it! w And bringing up the ICJ is just more transparently hypocritical silliness, since Japan refuses to refer the matter of the Diaoyu Islands to that vaunted body.

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Posted in: Museum opens in Tokyo, displaying documents to defend claims to disputed isles See in context

"Japan has asked South Korea THREE times to settle this dispute at the ICJ. All three times South Korea has refused. So just exactly what part of "international law" are they citing that supports their position?"

This might not sound so hypocritical and self-serving if Japan were to volunteer to take the matter of the Senkakus and the Kuriles to the ICJ. But don't hold your breath, www

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Posted in: Japanese woman publishes book about being groped on trains for six years, from age 12 to 18 See in context

"The way in which chikan incidents are treated trivially in Japan"

One of the many effective ways to keep crime statistics down in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe on fire See in context

"Whey they do the same against Mao, I may start paying attention to what they say."

That's a strange thing to say. You seem to be implying that it is hypocritical for the Chinese to take Japan to task when their own tyrants have also committed brutal acts, but what do Mao's, or any other Chinese despot's, crimes against the Chinese people have to do with JAPAN's crimes against China? One does not cancel out the other. If you want the Chinese to ignore Japan's crimes against China until after all those internal issues have been resolved, you are essentially asking them to never bring them up at all. So does this "logic" also work in reverse when the Japanese complain about foreign governments?

"those ridiculous comfort women statues that seem to be creeping up all over the world"

Do you ever wonder why it seems to be the world vs. Japan on this issue?

"Red sun with beams is such a beautiful traditional Japanese art"

The Nazi swastika flag is also a very attractive and eye-catching design. It's a damn shame they can't use it any more, eh?

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Posted in: Kobe Steel reports wider fudging of metals data since 2011 See in context

*These casks are used for shipping and storing spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants. Kobe Steel was the first Japanese manufacturer, in 1981, to begin manufacturing large-sized forged casks.*

"Forged" is right.

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

"South Korea and Japan have signed an agreement ending this Comfort Women issue permanently in 2015. Japan has fulfilled it's end of the bargain. Either South Korea stands by it's international agreements or it has zero credibility as a nation."

These statues are not put up by the SK government. What people do with private donations in other countries is not the SK government's concern. On the contrary, it's Osaka and by extension, Japan, that's losing face -- big time -- in the international arena by making this petty, small-minded behavior.

In the US new books and documentaries are continually produced to make certain no one forgets the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII ; you don't see Americans getting up in in arms to protest this "deliberate prolonging" of a shameful episode.

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Posted in: Woman’s body found on terminal building roof at Narita airport See in context

"Fallen or jumped" over a four-meter fence? Japanese police doing a fine job.

Keeping the stats low, that is.

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Posted in: Ishikawa governor retracts call to drive N. Koreans to starve See in context

"Then how come the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are justifiable when only a few of the Japanese top brass started WWII?"

We'll get back to you when a few of the North Korean top brass start the next WW.

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon asks for Japan's patience in resolving 'past history' See in context

Schopenhauer: "Isn't this an embarrassing matter to bring it up for Koreans themselves?"

Nope. Do you think the Armenians and the Jews should be embarrassed to talk about the genocidal massacres perpetrated against them by the Turks and the Germans? Japan is the perpetrator of this crime, and the shame rightly belongs to Japan. Stop trying to shame the victims into silence.

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Posted in: Moon tells Abe history must not hamper co-operation See in context

"Korea, stop playing the victim card! It's starting to make you look pathetic"

Sorry, but these days it's looking more and more like it's Japan that's trying to play the victim. Of Korea's alleged lies and distortions of history, that is. And of course, the supposed innate criminality of Zainichi Koreans. Pathetic? Yeah, I'd say so.

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Posted in: Petition to boycott Netflix adaptation of 'Death Note' reaches Japan See in context

So for the Japanese, a foreign actor playing a Japanese characters is not an issue if the actor is white, but it is a problem if the actor is black (or Chinese/Korean)? Reminds me of how Japanese characters in manga are so often -- usually -- outfitted with incongruous caucasian features while Korean characters -- even within the same panels -- have been drawn with exaggerated Asian features, yet it's always rationalized away in ways that don't involve racism, prejudice, and delusion.

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Posted in: Park employee didn’t collect admission fees from 160,000 foreigners over 2 1/2 years because one scared him See in context

Blame the foreigner. Yup, everything's normal in the land of Nichimoto.

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Posted in: APA hotel chain under fire over book denying Rape of Nanking See in context

And, the saddest thing is, in his mind, this is the truth.

Well, perhaps not. It could be that he knows he is propagating a lie, but continues to do it on the theory that "A lie repeated endlessly becomes..." -- you know the rest. In fact, I suspect this is probably not a rare thing in Japan, where beautiful packaging is what REALLY matters.

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Posted in: Japanese kindergarten teaches students pre-war ideals See in context

"It is none of the world's business what Japan teaches Japanese children in Japan"

Because this stuff worked out so well before, right.

And by the same token, I guess it's none of Japan's business what other countries teach their children... so let's hear no more stupid complaints about how other countries are brainwashing their kids to hate Japan in history classes, hmm?

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Posted in: Abe going to Pearl Harbor for remembrance, not for apology: gov't See in context

Why would Mr. Abe need to apologize? It was the US that forced Japan into defending herself with proactive, preemptive self-defense, everybody knows that. Everybody in Japan, at least.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

Whom he does not think were criminals

Just a user: mind reading again?

What, it isn't obvious to you? Then you're one of a TINY, willfully blind minority. Or one of the bigger weeaboo minority that will excuse anything Japan does, just because it's Japan.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

So it was all extra service in consideration of foreigners' tastes? -- What a load of BS. They did it without being asked, and never gave patrons a choice by simply putting extra wasabi on the side instead of hiding it in the sushi. It shouldn't even be necessary to refute this transparent lie, but I guess some people are bound and determined to see this in a positive light / defend Japan.

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