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I totally agree with you, igotchu. It is time that we take action against Japan. I am an American Navy Veteran and it has been 3 years since I have seen my little girl. My ex-wife is holding her in Japan like a prisoner. What really gets me about the entire thing is that the Japanese parents believe that they are the best providers for "their" children. Excuse me? Haha. Japanese parents, are you serious? You are as equally the best provider as the foreign Dad or Mom is! Our kids needs both of us! Not just one because the child was born with two parents. Am I right? Now, I am not a dead beat Dad, and there is not a day that goes by that I personally don't worry about my daughter and her well being. I have made every single attempt to contact my daughter alongside with the help of my mother as well, yet our effort are thwarted by them simply ignoring us as if we don't exist at all. What's more ruthless about my particular situation pertaining to this matter is that my ex-wife never would allow me to even have my daughter registered with the American Embassy. Like I stated earlier, I am an American Navy Veteran and served for 5 years in Yokosuka, JP. My government better very well hear my plea and take action as I served my country without question and in the highest military fashion that could be expected. I have a record that verifies my actions as well! I am even going to go as far to state on here that after living closely with Japanese citizen and being the observationist that I am, that their government is going to do to our government as they do to foreign citizens that live in Japan. They are a two-faced race and nation. They will tell us what we want to hear, yet do another behind our backs. By the way, I am not afraid to state who I am. My name is David Farmer and I live in Mississippi. You can take my word for what I have stated here. Quite frankly, I am fed up with trying to use some type of personal diplomacy to work out a reasonable situation with my ex-wife! As I imagine, every caring and loving father of their son(s) or daughter(s) in Japan are! I even have a friend, who has a cousin that had a kid in Japan and his child died. The Japanese family did not even let him know that at all! I believe his story is more heartbreaking than any. Which raised a lot of worry in my own mind. What if that happens to my daughter? I will not even know nor be given the chance to be at her funeral!! How insane is that? Seriously, Japan, your in a major violation of human rights and need to get the led out of your royal bottoms and sign the Hague Convention Treaty already! After all, isn't America and Japan allies and does not our military provide protection to your borders because you all fear North Korea and China? Think about it!

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