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Okinawa is better off to spin off from Japan and go independent as a separate country. It will have a freedom to build political tie with China to develop tourism and better economy. Okinawa is not in Japan's high economic strategies other than as a military base to Japan and to US. It will stand to be a war zone if there will be a war between Japan and China. US military presence in Okinawa is nothing but bringing more business to red light district.

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Abe and his top cabinet officers should follow other Ex-prime ministers to visit China's Nanjing "Japan Invasion" Memorial Museum to show their new apology gesture. This might start to build a warm relationship with China. Then, Japan can donate money to build memorial museums to Korean and other Japan invasion victim countries. Then, Japan can negotiate with these countries to develop "Japan Towns" to send some old folks to retire in those foreign countries to save health care cost for their seniors. 40% of population in Japan are over age 60 now. Low birth rates and high population of seniors are killing Japanese economy and are signs of a dim future for Japan.

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Abe is not a smart politican. He is patriotic to Japan but he needs more study on history between Japan and China. He also needs to learn from Japanese business leaders on how to bring long term benefits and recovery to Japan's economy. China has a huge potential market as big as USA. Losing this Chinese market will mean another 10-20 years of recession to Japan.

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