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And once again, Abe&Co. sell off Japans independence and J-realestate for Americas biding. I wonder how many 100s of millions of yen made their way into Abes off shore accounts this time? Not that the Japanese people would object! Youre average salaryman takes a lot of pride in his governments effort to **one-up** the ever growing threat, from the "evil, vengeful China." What else would the Chinese love more to do than "get revenge of Japan?!" China used to be poor you Im told. This radar is multi-functional, but its primary functions have very little to do with protecting Japan from N.Korea. This machine PRIMARY function is to serve as the eastern flank to Americas global, real-time balistic-missile monitoring system. This system which stretches from the western border of Russia...all the way to Japan. North Korea? Thats nothing any American should have to concern themselves with - it would take several minuets, if not a half hour for an inter-continental ballistic missile to make its way across the Pacific to even the remotest corners of Alaska... The "North Korea threat" is a selling point.

What the US is worried about is a colossal military alliance that could hypothetically stretch all the way from Finland to Taiwan. The US military-industrial complex is taking its sweet time dotting the globe with several dozen of the X-band radars.

Were China and Russia to send troops to Syria - this would give a good indication of just how capable to Russians and Chinese are at co-operating with one another.

I guess well have to wait and see...

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