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plasticmonkeySep. 15, 2015 - 07:50PM JST

The central question for the future is whether humans, globally, embrace an ethic of empathy and inclusivity, or one of fear and exclusivity. I understand that this is an enormous issue with lots of practical implications, lots of details to work out. But an attitude where one diminishes the life of another because of the that person's origin, race, ethnicity, or other uncontrollable circumstances is simply not constructive.

And compassion does not necessarily mean naivety.

If Japan is 'global' enough to host the Olympics, it should be capable of taking in more than 11 refugees in a year.

I totally concur with plasticmonkey's comments here. Well heart aches for Japan sometimes......Japan just doesn't know what it doesn't know........ Fear of the sad....Japan is capable of doing so much better globally in so many areas .......

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One comment. Japan needs to be more immigration friendly. Keep it moving Japan........

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Sasuga Japan: Day late = dollar short. So sad...when will Japan ever become a "proactive society" rather than a "reactive" one ???? I really feel bad for all the families, around the world, that have been affected by the lack of critical thinking skills, problem solving skills...... the "avoidance attitude" & poor judgement from this company. Sorry Japan......this time 'I'm Deeply Sorry' just doesn't CUT it !!!! Time to GO HOME..... "Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda".....he should be bowing SUPER low. BTW...who was their PR/communications advisor on this one any way? He needs fired as well.

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