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Posted in: U.S. may review plan to relocate forces in Okinawa to Guam See in context

Maybe if they weren't spending so much time and effort blocking relocation if might have happened to a greater extent already and some of these marines be in different places. Now some in Okinawa will get what it probably TRULY wants -- a reason to complain for longer while demanding handouts. And if those people are actually concerned about the environment, as they say they are despite not caring about the new Ishigaki Airport being built, they'll agree that the troops should not be relocated to Guam if it means damage to the environment, right?

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Posted in: 2 Chiba teachers fired for filming up girls' skirts and kissing students See in context

Ah, but these louts probably did very well on their rote memory teacher testing to get in.

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Posted in: 2 yakuza members arrested for stealing food See in context

Uh-oh! After these guys are let go with no punishment, they might have a stern talking to and have to apologize to police at the next Yakuza party the police chief attends.

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Posted in: Ex-mayor gets 4 1/2 years for car crash that killed 3 See in context

TIJ. I was rather impressed with the man yesterday getting life for murder, but today we're back to the irrational, but typical, sentences.

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Posted in: Fox removes report from website about murdered DNC staffer See in context

Blacklabel: "Yes, and I will own that basket of eggs once the truth comes out."

Hahaha... which it never will because "alternative facts" and conspiracies are just those. And I like how you'll only "own the fact once the truth comes out", meaning until then you won't own up to what you said. Sorry, my friend, but you not only own the basket, the egg's dripping down your face.

bass4funk: You're stats only prove exactly what I say -- people tune in because it is laughable and entertainment. It's not actual news, and that's been proven. Anyone who actually works in the media knows that, unless they are lying to themselves.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murder of 17-year-old girl See in context

The guy murdered another human being because he "wanted to die", so giving him what he wants would be too good for him. Let him suffer, for life, in prison from now, and please let him do it in the general population. I really don't understand these people who think that they "have it tough" so commit an act that no only injures or destroys others, but is going to make it a HELL of a lot tougher. I guess some people just have to learn the hard way.

I'm glad at the very least he got life.

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Posted in: Nishikori eases into Geneva Open quarterfinals See in context

Besides Nishikori, I haven't heard of any of these players. Is this another tournament he joined just to try and keep his rank up?

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Posted in: Trump calls N Korea's Kim Jong-Un 'madman with nuclear weapons' See in context

Takes one to know what, except that Trump is far madder -- in both senses of the word. And anyway, "(he's) a madman with nuclear weapons... who's a gentleman I'd like to meet"?

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Posted in: Man spends wife’s inheritance from her mother on mobile games See in context

Sweet lord! I've paid the odd sum on a mobile game... like 100 yen here or there if I had an inkling, but that's it. The woman should DEFINITELY file for divorce ASAP, and make sure the man pays alimony or goes to prison. Beyond that, there's not much she can do besides regret certain choices and lack of knowledge.

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Posted in: Fox removes report from website about murdered DNC staffer See in context

bass4funk: "Dying? On the contrary, ratings are still up"

I think it's funny that I literally said "dying breed of people" but you then said it's still going up -- proof that despite the firing (and death) of Ailes, who was a scum bag and sexual predator, and that of wife beater and fellow predator O'Reilly, FOX still has a LONG way to go to clean house. Well done, on both the misreading and Freudian slip that followed.

"...and the man made a mistake, in media, it happens at times where people have to retract stories, they don't have as many as others otherwise it would have been pointed out. Retract, apologize and move on."

The man not only ONLY makes mistakes, he blatently lies and creates conspiracies. And it's not me you need to tell to move on, since he himself insists he will continue with the story, and even Blacklabel above says there's no proof the proofless conspiracy is not true (and there are still WMDs in Iraq!!).

Classic post, bass. I will admit I enjoy the new "Tuck Face" -- the term for Tucker's deer in headlights look for EVERYTHING he hears. It is hilarious!

Face it... no one tunes in to FOX for actual news because there is none at FOX. They are either forced to, like with Trump, who can't handle the truth, or else they tune in for the unintentional entertainment FOX provides.

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Posted in: Fox removes report from website about murdered DNC staffer See in context

"was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting."

Hahaha... this comment made me laugh. FOX is definitely scrutinized, and rightly so, but the last thing they do is scrutanize the paranoia and hate they spew. And Hannity is the biggest quack of the bunch. The guy is a raging lunatic, and the last bastion of a (thankfully) dying breed of insane people at FOX.

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Posted in: Man facing eviction for not paying rent tries to rob two convenience stores See in context

And in a predictable twist of irony in being caught he gets rent for free.

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Posted in: 'Saint,' 007 star Roger Moore dies at 89 See in context

RIP, Sir Moore. I actually preferred him to Connery as Bond, a long time ago, but while I appreciate the latter a little more these days as the character, I still think I liked Moore better. And yes, he was a good man besides.

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Posted in: Honda confirms AC Milan exit after difficult campaign See in context

Who's going to keep the benches warm?

Somewhat more seriously, though... I have to admit his farewell words to Milan seem quite humble and genuine, and my hats off for that at least.

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Posted in: At least 19 dead, 50 injured by blast at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester See in context

My heart goes out to all those who have lost people and/or been injured in this horrible act. All these people wanted to do was go out and have fun.

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Posted in: Japan protests against U.N. privacy expert's queries on conspiracy bill See in context

"The content of the May 18 letter from Cannataci was "clearly inappropriate and we strongly protested," Suga said."

Sorry, Suga, but the "shoganai" attitude to suppression doesn't extend overseas, nor does the desire to silence criticism.

The best part is how much more attention these clowns draw to themselves -- the opposite of what they want -- when they try to protest the reaction by protestors who KNOW the bill and things like it are wrong.

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Posted in: Gov't considers splitting school holidays to ease travel congestion See in context

Yeah, and school club will of course be mandatory on said "vacations", since you can't get free babysitting elsewhere.

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Posted in: 'They’re full': Restaurant worker arrested for obstructing competing businesses See in context

I've seen this before... not that original. He seems to have gone a little bit more over the top, though.

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Posted in: Ex-ASDF chief Tamogami found guilty over illegal payments to campaign staff See in context

Educator60: "i don't want to bet anything at all. The answer is in the first sentence of the article."

Good point, although I swear that wasn't there when I posted (maybe it was and I missed it. I do recall checking for it, though, before posting!). In any case, you can save that bet remark for the next Japanese politician/exec, because none are ever punished... ever.

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Posted in: Chocolate to Put on Rice – The crazy condiment for when white rice is just too plain See in context

Ah, "simple is best"... except with all the overkill. Why not add triple corn while they're at it.

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Posted in: Sweden win ice hockey world title after penalty shoot-out See in context

Now hockey... THAT is an exciting sport! just reading about how many close calls there were and how it had to end... wow.

Sweden's always done well, and congrats to them. As to Canada, who often dominate, tough luck, but good chance to look to improve. Heartbreaking way to lose, for sure.

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Posted in: Ex-ASDF chief Tamogami found guilty over illegal payments to campaign staff See in context

How much do you guys want to bet that despite pleading not guilty and being found guilty on top of everything else this disgusting excuse for a human has done, he'll get a suspended sentence?

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Posted in: Japan sees record employment for university graduates amid labor shortage See in context

Well, I guess that's the one up-side if a shortage.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten crackdown on coercion in porn video business See in context

Yeah, and how many times have we heard this now?

More lip-service laws.

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Posted in: Female stork shot mistakenly by hunter in Shimane See in context

So, he didn't shoot it by accident, he shot it on purpose -- he just thought it was something else. Don't mince words. They'll give these clowns licenses to hunt without any apparent common sense or ability to distinguish between A and B. That's why you get stories like this and the old codgers who shoot into people's houses while firing at crows or what have you.

Give the guy a MASSIVE fine, and shut down the group. Herons don't present any danger that I can think of, so no reason to be hunting them anyway.

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Posted in: Amid tumult, Trump leaves on first presidential foreign trip See in context

Jimizo: "I wonder if the lunatic fringe will start speculating that Trump may be Muslim if he says anything positive about Islam."

Jimizo, the guy is a rich old white man. No one would even try to throw them in the same group. Just look at Bass' response to doing so.

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Posted in: Amid tumult, Trump leaves on first presidential foreign trip See in context

PTownsend: "Now that Trump'ss appointed people from big banking, big energy, big war industry to his administration, I wonder if they're starting to question his veracity."

Are you kidding? The same people chanting "Drain the swamp" (and most hilariously are still) are the ones saying, "It makes sense to have a swamp and hire these people. Why wouldn't you want people with experience?" despite the fact Trump has none, and it is why this presidency is a complete disaster, with his staffers either hiding "among" bushes or else running from town hall meetings.

Here's hoping he doesn't come back.

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Posted in: Conspiracy bill rammed through lower house panel amid protests See in context

"We've explained the necessity and significance of the bill in a polite manner to gain broad support,"

Hahaha... yeah, "broad support"... with the majority of the people against it. Just goes to show you what the priorities of this government are, and that they're even worse than Trump when it comes to ramming through what they want. At least Trump doesn't pretend the majority don't want it, and when such things are passed the Congressmen and women face angry town halls. Here they just do it and tell you you supported them, then watch you shrug and say "shouganai". But touch on something they hold dear -- like allowed a woman to ascend to the Chrystanthemum Throne, and they can't even BEGIN to talk about it, let alone ram it through despite majority disapproval.

That this country pretends it's a democracy is crazy. This is yet another step back towards being dictatorship. With this and the secrets law I hope people realize that the government can now technically quash any opposition as a 'national threat'.

Speed: "What gets me is that although Komeito is the LDP's sidekick which allows the LDP to get what they want through parliament, most of Komeito's own followers don't support this bill."

Yes, a lot of people feel that way. Yours truly included. I think it's pretty clear they allowed this one because they know the ruling party is very close to dumping them in favor of a more right-leaning Isshin no Kai, so maybe they figure this will help keep them in power for a little more balance. THe problem is, when they lean right to do so there is no balance. Agree with them on more than i don't, but this is a big one.

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Posted in: Nearly 32 million Americans engage in extreme binge-drinking: study See in context

Reading these kind of things is like looking up diseases on the internet -- suddenly you are or have everything you check. There is no real objective way to measure what is "binge drinking" because it differs from person to person, and the margin for error is too large to call it an accurate indicator. Now, I binge drank, without a doubt. I used to do the century club no problem in residence, and I was 5'8" and 125 lbs going up against football players. I barely batted an eye. I also double fisted drinks on the dance floor after drinking two pitchers by myself at the table. This very often led to me waking up in some strange places, and some of them not so good, and it was stupid. But I don't think 8-10 drinks is binge drinking unless that single sitting is 30 minutes and people are chugging.

When I came to Japan I didn't change much -- drank a lot of izakays or dance bars and on the way home bought two six-packs of 500 ml cans of Asahi, and in most cases would drink them all. If I didn't, I would drink the rest when I woke up. Mind you, I only did this on weekends.

I was definitely in the extreme, and having quit drinking altogether (I CAN drink, my liver function and health results from checks are all completely normal, but I have chosen not too, even if my partner does and those around me to), and since doing so I can easily see who is binging and who is not if I attend parties and/or go to bars. The drinking culture in the US and other nations -- Japan included with all the enkais, after parties, all-you-can-drink establishments, etc. -- needs to change, with emphasis not on pressure to do it because it's fun, but pressure not to do it so much because it's harmful.

Not drinking at first made enkais suck, but I still go to them. What we also need, desperately in Japan, are alterantives that encourage people to cut back or quit. They have non-alcohol beer that is good now, but they charge more than for regular beer, and quite a lot more than happoshu. So, it's almost a punishment to buy it. All-you-can-drink places should be optionable for people not drinking and/or being designated drivers. Having "all-you-can-drink" oolong tea is silly. Give some better options or let those people opt out instead of charging the whole group for one service.

Disseminate information better about the harmful effects of drinking too much, including on alcoholism, and make people aware of where they can get help from peer pressure or said alcoholism, as well as perhaps limiting access to alcohol (introduce sales time windows).

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Posted in: Nadal, Djokovic advance; Nishikori ousted at Italian Open See in context

Fxgai: no congrats to Potro? Very little detail on his victory of Nishikori.

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