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Posted in: Japan to face 36% truck driver shortfall in FY2030: study See in context

And you know what they will do in the end instead of pay raises and constructive ways of getting more drivers? They'll end the curbs on overwork, or introduce something like "a limit on overwork to 200 hours a month".

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Posted in: Japan seeks more visitors despite overtourism problems See in context

"Please come and experience the kindness and beauty of Japan, where we treat all visitors like the honorable guests they are. Oh, and we are taxing you for arriving, increasing taxes on buses and train tickets for you, we've made hotel taxes in bigger cities, are planning to quadruple fees for places like Himeji Castle if you are a foreigner, have banned you from several tourist sights, have put up nets so you can't take photos of places we wish you to praise us for (like Mt. Fuji, which we created and are incredibly proud of!), and are heretofore going to impose many more restrictions, laws against you, fees, and hope that you will soon leave after dropping off your money. But yes, please come. Pretty please? And when done, please conduct one of our many surveys about how much you loved Japan."

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for leaving newborn baby girl to die in car in Gifu Prefecture See in context

"Yamaguchi's mother was quoted by NHK as saying that none of the family knew she was pregnant."

Because you chose to ignore it. Period. This excuse is almost as tired as the "I was drunk and don't recall" excuse.

dev/random: "Shaming the mother is exactly what drives them to hide their pregnancies, give births in hiding, and hiding the newborn, with these ugly consequences."

You're right, we should be singing this woman's praises for murdering a helpless infant. Or, maybe it's not what you said and it's a lack of support and things like baby hatches which led to this infant's death at the hands of her piece of trash mother? She should get life in prison, but likely she won't see a prison cell at all given the system here.

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Posted in: Poster pranks cause chaos in Tokyo gubernatorial election campaign See in context

"Some candidates in Tokyo's upcoming gubernatorial race have been criticized for making a mockery of the electoral process by posting sexually explicit posters or covering large parts of official campaigning boards with their materials."

I think it's great! The election campaign boards are a thing of the past, as with election cars and people driving around and waving at empty rice-fields, blaring loudspeakers all day. They are also an eye-sore, so if people jazz them up and have fun with them, others will ACTUALLY pay attention. And I absolutely LOVE the complaints -- "You can't just BUY a space and put whatever want... on the spaces our taxes buy and politicians... ummm... put whatever they want," or, "How dare they infringe on our activities," which they actually say while shouting it through loudspeakers while others are working in the same space and can't hear or work as a result! The Japanese system is so rigid, out of date, and out of touch, they can't deal with people taking advantage of and clowning it.

And why didn't JT post a photo of the sexually explicit poster? Oh well.

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Posted in: If Japan is to stay prosperous and stable, we need foreign nationals to work and live with us, and we have no alternative other than to make an inclusive society. For Japanese politics this is a distant goal and a challenging task. See in context

Good on this guy for saying it, but it's been known for decades, and yet things have only gotten tighter for the most part, not more open. And with all the money drying up at a rate it cannot be replaced, the government has started to deny life-long foreign residents the pension they paid into for years upon years. Finally, young Japanese are leaving in droves as the economy crashes, cost of living increases exponentially, wages never increase, and life is so demanding they have no time to enjoy it, let alone make a family. Why on earth would anyone the government wants (they don't want blue collar, they want white collar) come here now that the situation is so desperate?

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Posted in: Oppenheimer reportedly apologized, cried in 1964 meeting with A-bomb victim See in context

TokyoLiving: "The worst war crime in history."

By what measure? Japan kills millions upon millions more, often bayonetting pregnant women they had raped repeatedly at "comfort stations", and they were innocents as well. I agree it was a heinous crime, dropping the bombs, but to say it's the worst thing ever in war is very debatable. And even worse still, while Oppenheimer, who didn't actually drop the bombs and was conflicted about them to begin with, cried and apologized, many Japanese deny the wrongdoings of the IJA entirely. THAT is far more heinous, sorry.

And finally, lest we forget, no Pearl Harbor, no Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

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Posted in: Man’s body found in apartment; skeletal remains found on balcony See in context

Wonder how long he was collecting his mother's pension after her death.

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Posted in: Kyoto hotel's refusal to accommodate Israeli man illegal: city See in context

So... a verbal reprimand. I notice there was no talk of any punishment besides. Why not threaten at least to revoke their hotel business license if they do not heretofore allow the man accommodation (or any other person)? I guess that might set a dangerous precedent especially for Kyoto -- which seems to want to ban foreigners from all sorts of places, or just tax them more.

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Posted in: Kishida vows to focus on issues that cannot be postponed See in context

Ah, the empty suit making more and more vows on things that have been perfectly alright to postpone until now, and talk about problems that he will acknowledge exist but won't act on.

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Posted in: Car owned by Finance Ministry involved in suspected hit-and-run death See in context

I got bumped into just today at a T-intersection. Old guy in his 70s was staring to his right to check oncoming traffic while I walked across in front of him from his left. He was stopped, well past the white stop line, so I was a bit wary of him, and then he started accelerating when I was just in front of the car. Hit my leg above the knee but he quickly stopped when I began pounding on the hood. Hurt my hand a lot more than my leg, and while the former is bruised I feel fine. Walked over to the old guy's window and he gave me a smile and wave and then sped off before I could tap on it. I'm going to guess in this case he legitimately did not see me (because he didn't bother to check) and it wasn't an attempt to beat me through the intersection, since I had plenty of room to walk in front of him until he accelerated. But there are plenty of drivers who think the car has priority and won't stop even if they know you are coming. YOU have to stop, in their minds.

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Posted in: Car owned by Finance Ministry involved in suspected hit-and-run death See in context

Pukey2: "That's what happens when drivers think they don't need to stop for pedestrians at a pedestrian crossing. I sometimes wonder why they bother painting pedestrian crossings in Japan. Most drivers ignore them."

Even signal lights are completely ignored. This is what happens indeed, and especially when people here are taught that the yellow light doesn't mean "caution" and to slow down, it means to speed up so you can make the red light just after it turns.

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Posted in: U.S. puts Japan back on currency manipulator watch list after 1 year See in context

Of course they manipulate the currency -- they do it all the time. But please manipulate it much more and get the yen back up!

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Posted in: I’ve already lost my husband, so why do I have to endure such ongoing misery. See in context

How do you still have to deal with it?? Johnny's had to go out of there way and change their name! Surely that is enough for molesting young children for years upon years, covering it up, and resulting in suicides and more.

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Posted in: Japan-born judoka chases gold for South Korea in memory of grandma See in context

Nibek32: "The tone of this article seems to be trying to stoke South Korea Japan tension."

No it's not. People will just see what is not there. Rivalry, maybe, but beyond that it simply talks about the facts, and another fact is that will create tension for some regardless. I agree with Fighto, though, who simply wishes her the best. I do as well, regardless of where she was born and whom she has chosen to represent.

OssanAmerica: "But I agree that the article seeks to stoke SKorean nationalism and SK-JPN tensions."

How? Again, I think it promotes rivalry, for sure, but the tensions are only what people read into it. I mean, it does talk about An facing racism growing up as a Korean in Japan, but that happens, and nowhere does it say they are competing to bring light to the issue and against Japan (in any other way than competitively). Also talked about how Huh's grandmother fought against and died after being imprisoned by the Japanese occupiers. It mentions that in reference to Huh wishing to honor her.

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Posted in: Psychiatric exam finds Abe's accused killer mentally fit See in context

Of course they did, because they want to make an example of this guy. If he had just killed his family there is a higher likelihood they'd have found him unfit. I'll also bet a million bucks he'll receive a MUCH severer penalty than he would have if he had killed pretty much anyone else.

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Posted in: Top Japanese skateboarders took part in 'underage drinking' See in context

uaintseeme: "Soooo, Japan wants it’s citizens to follow Japanese laws while traveling abroad. Nice."

Well, if they got caught WHILE abroad, yes. Once the "heroes" at back home they just deny it, like with the Olympic swimmer caught on video stealing camera equipment from another person's bag.

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Posted in: Top Japanese skateboarders took part in 'underage drinking' See in context

Ah, big deal. A bit of underage drinking won't hurt them much as long as it's not during actual competition and/or they are out in public (or riding bikes, scooters, etc.).

As for the Olympics, skateboarding is a joke, and all the pros like Tony Hawk have said how disappointed they were with it.

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Posted in: Highly-touted MLB prospect Roki Sasaki to miss 2nd straight start in Japan due to right arm issue See in context

Usually they wait until AFTER they sign an MLB contract to go almost permanently on the DL.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor race begins with 56 candidates running See in context

Wow... 56 candidates! I can just imagine the nightmare of the loudspeakers at intersections and election cars driving around screaming. While I am sure they won't tolerate ANY interference in their stump speeches or other political meetings, they sure as heck won't hesitate to interfere with our work and create a whole lot of noise.

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Posted in: Zheng overpowers Osaka on grass with salvo of aces See in context

Ouch. Looks like China's going to wipe the floor with Japan in the Olympics again.

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Posted in: It is not good to ignore students’ feelings and unilaterally impose teachers’ values on them. See in context

BertieWooster: "You don't need to use hip hop or rap in classrooms."

The school of thought here is that you should BE ABLE TO if you choose, and that it not be banned. It's not a suggestion that it be imposed on them. It's also pointed out that they are forbidden to use hip-hop even in extra-curricular dance performance, which is ludicrous. If it were up to the powers that be the kids would have to do creative dance to pre-WWII Imperial praise songs, like those idiots in the black trucks blare while driving down Tokyo and other city streets.

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Posted in: New report warns of heat danger at Paris Olympics; could be worse than Tokyo See in context

Joseph Zammit: "They are called summer Olympics so why move them to any other season. If you cannot deal with the heat don't go or don't compete its just as simple as that."

Summer now is not what it was when the Olympics began, my friend. In the modern era you get summer temperatures even in February sometimes. There's nothing wrong with thinking of safety while still enjoying the Games. You don't need to cheer on people's deaths.

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Posted in: Spent fuel cooling halts for 10 hours at wrecked Fukushima plant See in context

Not to worry, TEPCO, we trust and believe you!

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Posted in: Do they think we’ll go back to the high-growth era if we just keep repeating the cycle of Tokyo Olympics, Osaka Expo and Sapporo Olympics? It’s pathetic that their mindset is stuck in the Showa Era (1926-1989). See in context

I remember a former friend of mine become ecstatic when it was announced Osaka would hold Expo. That quickly turned to rage when I did not share that enthusiasm. I'm not joking. RAGE. She said I should go back to my home country, simply because I did not share her sentiment. I listed umpteen reasons why Osaka would be better spending its money on education, social welfare systems, and more, but she would have none of it. A third person we were with, who has a child with severe autism and has always needed help, agreed with me and said more money should be put into the system instead of a big show no one really wants, and I swear she almost told her to "go home", except that she was also Japanese. Haven't talked to her since, but I have no doubt that is in part because she is avoiding having to hear the truth and see the scandals and costs involved, how it has sky-rocketed (because of the war in Ukraine and Covid, of course! Not because of construction bid-rigging and the lack of interest), and more. It'll be a MASSIVE boondoggle and the mayor will say he could never have seen that coming... then he and the governor will switch jobs again and push for something equally as stupid.

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Posted in: Do you think political correctness will be the death of comedy? See in context

It'll be the death of comedy that wasn't going to succeed anyway, but it won't be the death of good comedy. There is a place for a certain amount of political correctness, but the extremes it has taken on, and the forced hirings of trans actors and ridiculous story lines to fit in all sorts of lifestyles has destroyed a lot of shows already. Ted Lasso season three was so awful that I caught myself wondering if I ever liked any of it at all. Shows like "Loot" or the third season of "Sex Education", or season 5 of Discovery (which did it a LITTLE better, but still) were practically unwatchable. You have actors like Tom Hanks saying he should never have played a gay man in a movie. But I ask, if people want honest representation and political correctness in the extreme, what are LGBTQ actors going to do when it's not an LGBTQ role? Should he/she/they be barred?

Anyway, the best comedians, and comedies, and ones that will thrive and continue on, are the ones who don't back down and don't care. They rightfully do not survive if racist/sexist or anti LGBTQ, but they also don't have to bow down to the opposite extreme. I remember last time I went home and I gave the OK sign when posing for a photo (or was it a thumbs up?) and someone I don't know said to me, "How dare you make the sign for white supremacy! That is a symbol of HATE!" I told her I had never heard of that and was just giving the okay sign. If she wanted to surrender to supremacists she could go right ahead. I don't give up my signs for them. If she hadn't been so self-righteous she might have thought about it a bit but she just grunted and stormed off.

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Posted in: Mayor considering increasing Himeji Castle entry fees for overseas visitors See in context

Another city taking a poop where it eats. NO ONE visits Himeji for anything but the castle, so here's hoping if they make this move people stop visiting, and they realize what they've lost. I used to recommend Himeji to all visitors using a rail pass and moving from Osaka/Kyoto to Hiroshima or what have you, but no more. I also don't recommend the JR rail pass anymore, either.

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Posted in: Koike, rival Renho clash over child policies in Tokyo governor race See in context

""I would like to create a Tokyo where child-rearing and education are less costly,"

So... why didn't you do that over the last eight years? Too busy with the Olympics no one wanted and making signs to hold up of what you are saying?

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Posted in: Tragic story of young nurses' fate in Battle of Okinawa goes overseas See in context

JBoneintheZone: "I just looked through all of these anrticles and not a single one substantiates your claim that “historians all agree there were thousands of rapes in the invasion of Okinawa”. If you can’t prove your claim it’s fine, it’s okay to be wrong."

I wouldn't bother... he has been saying for years things that he has yet to ever back up, or else he "backs them up" with the Daily Yomiuri articles. He won't give any proof of his comments or said "historians".

"Wait, do you think comfort women weren’t raped?"

He won't even call them what they were -- sex slaves! He has LITERALLY said in the past they were "Well paid prostitutes" that were happy to have gainful employment, and if forced to admit some were sex slaves he would say it was South Korea that forced them into it and essentially Japan should be thanked for taking them on. It's no surprise he's pushing the unproven notion that these young women were raped en masse by US soldiers.

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Posted in: Osaka, Nishikori given green light to play for Japan at Paris Olympics See in context

"Nishikori, who has seen his world ranking slip to 286 after a series of injuries, was also given a special ranking that allows him to compete at the Olympics."

Ouch! 286?? Well, partly explains why we never hear from his "fans" anymore. And Osaka as well... the bandwagon has come to a complete halt. Once they lose out in the first round no one will ever mention them again. Well, come of her "fans" might go back to saying Naomi's not Japanese again.

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Posted in: Bloc backing Okinawa's anti-U.S. base governor fails to win majority See in context

Because ONCE AGAIN, they are not in the majority in terms of opinion, so why would they win as such? Denny wants the government handouts to host the bases, but doesn't want to host the bases.

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