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Where are the 400.000 deaths supposed to be in Japan if there's no lockdown as some news media reported in the past?

South Korea is a good example about how to do things without lockdown and Japan at the moment there're around 624

@gogogo Compare USA with Japan must be a complete joke...

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Posted in: Gov't waiting for Golden Week to decide on extending state of emergency See in context

Spain with a complete lockdown we have more than 20.000 deaths and 200.000 cases, the lockdown will be active until 10 May in a country with 48 million people, around 300 and 600 people are dying every single day

Japan with 11.000 cases and 281 confirmed deaths for 128 million people and no lockdown... explain it to me how that's possible, where're the 400.000 deaths that some media like this put here? And South Korea is the real example about how to do things, no other country did better that them...

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