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zichi; I do not contradict myself as children who stay at home perform better at school, have less behaviour problems and are less likely to be involved in crime when older. They are also more healthy, fitter and less likely to be obese.

tmarie; More rubbish spouted by working mothers. When we became richer and more civilised we realised that mothers staying at home benefited the child and society. In the US and UK where this was most encouraged, crime has rocketted, education standards have fallen, child abuse has risen as have crimes by youths. The social experiment has failed. A child has a right to being cared for by a family member in the first few years of life not being shipped out to paid care where care is often self regulated and poor.

Small children need a parents or close family memebers love in the formative years. Not everyone who goes to day care will do badly or turn to crime but on average it is a handicap and should not be encouraged. We wsnt the best for our children and our future, mothers love is free, daycare is not.

I would really like to know where you get all these "undisputed facts" from. High crime and bad education in the US has nothing to do with women working. In fact I have read studies stating just the opposite of your "facts." This NPR story addresses tactics to raise employment in the US, but the data is quite relevant. There is a link to the paper in the story linked below.


The experiment was started in the 60's on poor children ages 3-4 and followed up on the kids when they were in their late twenties. The kids were put into two groups, no preschool and preschool. Preschool kids as adults earned more money, were healthier, were unemployed less, and went to jail less than the no preschool kids.

The soft skills children learn in preschools are very important to their social behavior and research shows that the age range of 3-6 is crucial in learning these skills. I'm not trying to say that preschool is better than staying at home with a loving family, but it is certainly a far cry from the negativity that you are spouting off about it.

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